March 02, 2010

Winter Olympics

Really enjoyed the Winter Olympics. Hard to see how Hockey could have gone any better than the US winning the early game and then Canada taking both Golds. Was also really happy to see the Canada men win in curling, and the Norwegian pants winning silver was a fine thing too. Lots of amazing performances (Ammann's amazing ski jumping, Sean White's two amazing snowboard runs, the Norwegian comeback for silver in the cross country relay, and many others).

The Sven Kramer thing was pretty amazing. Understandable for an athlete to make a mistake like this with all the pressure and everything but for a coach to demand his athlete, doing the right thing, switch to the wrong lane is just incredible - he just doesn't have that much to do out there and this is so basic and he is overriding what Kramer was doing so he needs to be damn certain he is right and Kramer is wrong to do this - wow!

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