April 04, 2008

Movies: Into the Wild

I was really impressed with this film, in a lot of different respects. The acting and cinematography are all great but I was also very impressed with some other small aspects, like surprised at how well the text across the screen letters worked. I for some reason had thought I had read the book but, after seeing the movie, I obviously hadn't. If the movie is an accurate representation of his time, it is an incredibly impressive set of adventures and relationships to build over two years, all while sticking to his decision to not communicate at all with his family - a pretty incredible story. ****1/2

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April 01, 2008

Biofuels Unintended Consequences Article

Worth reading this article in Time magazine on the broader impact of using farmland for biofuels. Not that this really surprises me - everything serious I have heard, not that I really know that much about the issue, says that Ethanol (at least corn-based) is a basically bad idea.

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