July 30, 2008

New Cell Number

Bought an iPhone and am loving it (although have really not used it as a phone almost at all). Along with it comes a new cell phone number. Doing some minor obfuscation to avoid spam calls my new number is six uno seven 417 - 930 cinco.

Any apps you'd particularly recommend? One thing I'd really like to do but don't know if there is yet a Windows app that allows it is to put (and at least read if possible) text files on it.

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July 09, 2008

Race for the Galaxy Night

Games last night for me turned into 7 games of 2 player Race for the Galaxy with Melissa which was quite fun and I won 4-3. Think I am getting better at the 2p game lately and in several of the games did manage a full-on produce-consume strategy which I am generally not good at.

Anyway, what caused me to mention the games was one amazing game where Melissa beat me 63-62 (and I would have had the tiebreaker). Huge scores and massively different strategies. Melissa had all the VP chits plus a bunch more (like 31 total) and two excellent 6s including the one with a bonus on VP chits. I had a Military/Trade League strategy with 4 6s, 3 of them scoring 10+ points (Military one, Rebel Military one, 6s one). I had absolutely no consume ability (if I had I would have won by consuming my 1 Alien production world good) but huge points for the Rebel worlds and 6 developments and lots of cards from the Trade League and Alien world. Melissa was also getting lots of cards during the Produce phase so both of us were just cruising on the points. So, anyway, 125 vps combined in a 2p game I thought pretty impressive.

ps. I know some of the names for the 6s but not all of them so not bothering to use the names - think they are clearer anyway with the functionality description than the names.

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July 08, 2008

The Web Site is Down

Very funny video - may not be immediately obvious but this is a video and you need to hit the little play button. The video is generally pretty funny but the last minute or so is hilarious so if you aren't into the beginning, skip ahead.

Kind of a modern BOFH.

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Time's Up Question - Board2Pieces

I really like Ted Alspach's Board2Pieces strip but the one this week brought up an interesting question. Leo is trying to clue "Jean-luc Picard"'s name to his partner but when he doesn't know it he tries to get him to get the name "Gene". This is such a mispronunciation of the actual name that I am not sure I would accept it. On the other hand, the game is meant to be playable by people who don't know the names and if Leo doesn't know his name either (although in the strip he does know of the person) it would be a completely reasonable mistake so I guess one would have to take it. Still I would never think to clue Picard's name using "Gene" at all.

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July 02, 2008

Wall-E Was Wonderful

Went to see Wall-E last night at Fresh Pond (although right by my house, this theater is just a dump, screen actually had a several square inch hole in it and tiny 100 person theater) and I thought it was really wonderful, probably my favorite Pixar film yet, and that is an accomplishment! Particularly adored the space-dance sequence and the wonderful art history closing credits sequence. I can't say I would seriously think this a very good film for kids, but for adults hugely recommended and the themes I found very powerful and affecting. *****

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