March 20, 2009

Humorous story in the NYT - "My Life With Cables"

Very amusing story and great illustrations - My Life With Cables.

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March 04, 2009

Tichu Game - kind of amazing

Played a Tichu game over the weekend that had a pretty amazing first 6 hands. In ALL of these hands, our opponents had the Dragon AND Phoenix (a less than 1 in 4000 chance). In addition they always had at least 1 ace and as many as all four (wrote it down but now misplaced but think their ace count was something like 4,3,1,2,1,2). What was the score after these 6 hands of them having all the cards (and by the way, there were not bombs or crazy good combinations on our side)? 500-500 Sadly, we ended up losing this game after this (and we definitely had the skill advantage in the game) but crazy first set of hands.

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March 03, 2009

Looking for a House (and Realtor)

Well, although I had expected this, turns out I definitely have to move (and hopefully buy a house) by early July. I actually don't think this is a bad thing but definitely a lot of work ahead.

If anyone knows of a realtor (or a house) they would highly recommend, please let me know their name and contact info. I am looking for a house (single family, detached) and fairly flexible about where although based on my searches now and when I was looking a couple of years ago, the two towns that seemed to provide the most hits on my criteria were Waltham (preferred) and Framingham but lots of other places (Watertown, Natick, Somerville, Cambridge, Arlington, etc...) are not out of the picture either. Would probably prefer to be West than North or South.

Will be first time buying assuming I find something too so any other tips or whatever welcome as well.

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