February 16, 2010

Movies: The Hurt Locker and Avatar

Well, over the weekend probably watched the two best movies of last year. Saw The Hurt Locker on DVD and then Avatar at the 3D IMAX theater where it was still like completely sold out on a Sunday afternoon, with me arriving twenty minutes early and still only getting a mediocre seat. Thought both movies just excellent and would have a hard time choosing between two such different films for Best Picture.

Don't have a lot to say about Avatar beyond the obvious; story and acting mediocre but the visuals just SO amazing and technically SO well done that just an incredible experience and well worth waiting for the 3D IMAX experience.

The Hurt Locker was pretty much a perfect movie, with excellent acting, plot and great script. The scenes which most strongly affected me were at the end, with James at home in the supermarket and then at home with his son, after experiencing just unbelievable risk and stress and pain and yet I had no trouble at all understanding why he signed up to go back, to do a job which was meaningful, exiting beyond all bounds, and which he is really good at. Ebert's review really worth reading too.

Is a GREAT small movie better than a movie that has flaws but also advances the movie epic a huge leap forward in various ways. Not clear.

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