July 21, 2009

First Games session at House

Jeff was in town from LA prior to the Bridge Nationals and so I at kind of the last minute invited him to stay at my place Sunday night and invited a bunch of people over for gaming during the day. Was fun and despite almost everyone being a 'maybe' we always had enough to play and about a dozen people stopped by, although a few just to get the house tour while nearby. I'm not currently well set up for having too many people at once (not enough chairs main issue) but for small groups works nicely.

Also think my decision to have one bookcase of A+ games downstairs in the main space was the right call. Not overwhelming as the shelves of games have been in my prior places but also not hiding all the games away in the upstairs walk-in closet room. Will also I think get those games played a bunch as they are the most in view which is great since they are mostly chosen to be there because are my favorite games - a few are there for somewhat different reasons like Carcassonne (gateway/popularity), Shear Panic (the bits!), and Elfenroads (grail type of game).

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July 20, 2009

Apollo 11/Cronkite

Find myself pretty powerfully affected by the combination of the 40th anniversary and Cronkite's death, which go pretty well together given Cronkite's interest in space and his coverage of the landing being one of his iconic moments. Interesting emotional mix from the two. Although his most important moments were from before I was born, I definitely do remember his amazing voice and delivery from when I was a kid. He, Murrow, and Ted Koppel are the three tv journalists I have always been most impressed by.

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