February 17, 2009

Moneyball Michael Lewis on Basketball's Shane Battier

Really good article on the Houston Rockets' Shane Battier by Michael "Moneyball" Lewis.

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February 13, 2009

BrettSpielWelt - Dominion

Have been playing on BSW a fair bit this week. Dominion really is the perfect game for BSW, really short, lots of players so easy to find/start a game fast, and tons of time savings from shuffling. I do have a couple of minor quibbles with the interface. First, I'd really like a 'Virtual Provinces'/Even number of turns option. Second, they shouldn't always put the little green arrow move on button in the one place. I played a Throne Room'd Adventurer in one game in a deck where I had very little money, so was just blasting through the 'next' button and ended up ending my turn without buying anything when I think I had enough for a Province and a Duchy.

Last night I had a pretty amazing 2-player game. The deck was a great one with no attack cards but Bureaucrat and with Chapel, Village, Throne Room, Market, Council Room all included. I had an early lucky turn where I got 13 money and had 4 buys and used it to buy 3 Villages and a Throne Room rather than a Province/Duchy. These purchases ended up sending my deck into overdrive, and I later had turns with 22 Money and then 25 Money, all with multiple buys. On the last, I bought 3 Provinces in a single turn, which is definitely a first for me. We both Chapeled all of our Estates and the scored ended up being 36-12, entirely on Provinces.

Got in one fun Tichu game with Brian too, which we won pretty easily despite some fairly major booboos. He passed me an Ace on a hand where I gave him a King so I confidently led the 1 and called an Ace. Well, turns out he passed me an Ace from a great hand so not surprisingly was hit by it. Then, in a later hand, on a bad timing issue, my right-hand opponent led pair of Kings and I was last to play and played pair of Aces. Brian ended up bombing my Aces, as he didn't see in time I had played and didn't want the Kings to win. BTW, my login is AaronDF so feel free to add me to your watchlist.

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