June 30, 2008

Movies: In Bruges and Persepolis

Both of these were very good. In Bruges ***1/2 and recommended if you don't mind some blood and violence.

Persepolis was really good, but I did wish I spoke French in watching it. Having to deal with the subtitles was much more annoying than usual, for two reasons. First, they weren't up that long and they were B&W on a B&W movie with no background box so very difficult to read. Secondly, the visual style is so cool and well done that not being able to fully appreciate it as I was constantly struggling to read the subtitles and so not able to fully appreciate the rest of the picture was annoying. ****

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June 24, 2008

Dancing the World

Tons of people (I saw it from Toonhead first) are linking this but it deserves it. Almost bound to bring a smile to your face. Simple but wonderful idea.

Matt Harding dancing in tons of locations all over the world and getting the locals to join in.

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June 19, 2008

Movies: Forgetting Sarah Marshall & There Will Be Blood

I went to Forgetting Sarah Marshall a couple of weeks ago with friends but forgot to mention it ;) Anyway, movie was great - smart, funny, gorgeous Hawaii scenery making me want to go. The characters, although pretty bizarre actually felt very believable and honest. Mila Kunis (of That 70's Show) is much better than I expected but all the actors are great. My favorite Apatow movie since The 40 Year Old Virgin. ****

There Will Be Blood, on the other hand, is a very different story. I just couldn't get into this at all and basically found whatever other people and critics liked about it completely missing the target with me. Didn't like any of the characters and couldn't really figure out what the movie was trying to say. I barely even managed to get through it. ** Punch-Drunk Love is the only PTA movie I've ever really gotten into.

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June 18, 2008

Celtics in six! Congratulations

Well, the game wasn't at all close and the Celtics completely outplayed the Lakers the whole way, even in the first quarter where they were missing good shots, they were playing a ton better. Despite this, had a great time watching the game, greatly added to by being with a bunch of friends and watching on a nice HD set. I agree with Pierce as MVP of the series and even more of the playoffs as a whole (game 7 vs Cleveland - wow!) but for the game I would have chosen Ray Allen (7 for 9 for Threes - incredible), Posey, Rondo, Garnett, and Pierce in that order but really every single player on the Celtics had an excellent game for the first time. Just a dominating performance.

Was so nice to see Doc and the big Three have like 20 minutes after they were all taken out to just bask in the moment, almost certainly some of the best minutes of their entire lives. All four have worked for so long at it and are incredibly deserving. Really wonderful scene.

I watched every Celtics game of the playoffs and had a great time with it - thanks guys!

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