April 15, 2005

Gaming interview of me

Tom Vasel, prolific game reviewer and interviewer, interviewed me by email a couple of weeks ago and posted the result this week. He interviewed me mainly because of my efforst on the Internet Top 100 Games List and we talked about that but also about a number of other things, some of them expected by me and others surprising but led to by his questions. Pretty interesting experience and I'm happy with the result.

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Elektra'fyingly Bad

Man, this movie was terrible and I really liked Daredevil and thought this was a character they would have a hard time going too wrong with. Wow, was I mistaken. This movie had absolutely nothing going for it. Idiotic plot, annoying kid, lame and stupid action, horrible dialogue, it had it all. In much of the dialogue, one could predict the next response by just thinking 'What is the lamest cliche response he could say to that last lame comment?' Oh, thats it. *

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April 13, 2005

Paddling in the Southwest

I went out last week to visit my brother and his family in New Mexico and then go out paddling with my brother and a friend of his in one-person raft/kayaks for five days. We had incredible weather and the river was gorgeous and so isolated that we did not see a single other person from the moment we put in on Monday till we took the boats out of the water Friday night. We carried coolers, tents, sleeping bags, etc... for the week. Overall, I'm not sure what my reaction is to the adventure. The scenery was beautiful and some parts of the trip were really fun but parts were also flat out dangerous and a ton of backbreaking work at times to drag the boats around particularly dangerous strainers and overly shallow parts of the river which we couldn't float past. My natural schedule when out camping was also a bit incompatible with my brother's which caused me some annoyance as I sat around waiting for him to get moving in the mornings. I really enjoyed the kayaking but would need somewhere a bit safer to go again. Still, I was really happy with how well I held up physically to the whole trip, only crashing after we finally got back (more than a day after we had planned and just in time to make my flight home) late Friday night.

Unfortunately, we took almost no photos and the few we did take aren't developed yet. I avoided taking my camera due to the very real chance of it getting dunked in the water (as I did like 6 times or so) and lost or destroyed.

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