October 23, 2007

Information Revolution

This YouTube video is very nicely done and worth watching I think. It is on the digital/web information revolution, similar ideas to Clay Shirky's "Ontology is Overrated" talk if you have seen that.

Link from NPL mailing list.

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October 22, 2007

World Series bound

Well, the Sox did it, although made it more difficult than I was hoping for. Still, even down 3-1 I actually thought they had a pretty good chance of winning. Beckett has been the best pitcher in baseball this year and even better in the playoffs and the two Cleveland aces hadn't pitched that well in games 1 and 2 even though they won G2. So as long as they won the Beckett game they would be back in Boston and have to be favored in Game 7 if they got to it (despite Dice-K's unreliability lately) so Game 6 was the only one I was really worried about.

Anyway, got to hope that the long layoff dulls the hot streak Colorado has been on. Sweeping both series and winning the last 21 of 22 is a pretty amazing streak.

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BGG.con next month

Anyone going to BoardgameGeek.Con next month? Also, if you are going and don't happen to have a roommate set (and don't smoke/snore), want to share a room? I have a room reserved for Thurs-Sat nights at the con rate. I'll find someone on the site if nobody reading here is applicable but figured might as well mention it here first and also curious if anyone reading this is going.

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October 15, 2007

Monster Mini-golf/Red Sox

Went Saturday to a birthday party for Matt, Kim and Brian where about 30 people (of which I knew all but 3 or 4 so too many names to list) played mini-golf inside on a monster-themed course under blacklight and with fun music playing. I lost in our foursome by one stroke but think I had the overall like 3rd best score which was nice given it has been a very long time since I played. Given how many people were on the course and how oddly organized the course was (each hole went straight into the next with no barriers between them at all), I was surprised how little waiting there was. We almost never had to wait for the group in front of us and also almost never delayed the group behind which was great. Had a really good time at golf and afterwards at dinner for 20 at The Chateau, where the food was only ok but for the size of the group the service was very good which is unusual. I also did the for me very unusual thing of bringing my camera and taking a bunch of pictures.

Had to carefully avoid the tvs playing at the bar in the restaurant and beg people to not give me Red Sox scores as was TiVoing it at home. Well, the game started at a little after 8 and I got home a bit before 11. Was an excellent and very close game so I watched it a bit slower than I normally do but still caught up to the live game at around 12:15 but amazingly the game still had another 1:15 to go as the Indians broke things open against the dregs of the Sox bullpen in the 11th. I still have a fair amount of confidence in the Sox winning the series but we'll see. Figure they just need to win one of the next two to stay even, win the Beckett game and go home up 3-2 but we'll see how it goes.

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Joyeux Noel

Really enjoyed this movie about fraternization between German, French, and Scottish troops in the front-line trenches of WWI at Christmas. Feel-good movie with interesting things to say and think about at the same time in terms of war, death, religion, music, etc...

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