October 25, 2005

October 14, 2005

Gladwell in the New Yorker on Ivy League school admissions policies

Fascinating artilce by Malcolm Gladwell on the admissions policies of Ivy League schools and particularly Harvard.

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October 11, 2005

Wallace & Gromit and Serenity

Went to see both of these over the weekend and thought both were excellent. I had incredibly high expectations for W&G and it surpassed them. Was worried prior to the movie as went to a midday showing on a very rainy Saturday and there were a ton of loud kids in a totally full theatre but once the movie started things were fine. I loved all the details, like little stories shown on the newspapers and great horror movie references, many of which I'm sure I missed since its not a genre I know much about at all. Absolutely brilliant and massively recommended for all ****1/2 Nick Park is a genius and I was sorry to hear yesterday about the Aardman studio fire destroying a ton of their old work but Park seemed to be taking it amazingly well based on a quote I read.

After seeing W&G I watched the Ebert and Roeper review and was quite shocked (along with Ebert) to find Roeper giving it thumbs down. He must just not get the British humor I guess but amazing to me.

I didn't think Serenity was quite as good but still excellent. It was definitely far darker than the show was, which kind of talked a dark storyline but didn't actually show it. For the most part I thought it worked really well except I didn't buy the one character's reform at the end at all. ****

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