August 24, 2009

Party Wrapup

So my house warming party went well and my current count is that 46 people came. Spread out over enough time that despite the terrible heat/humidity outside things never seemed cramped though - wow was good that the A/C was working however - thanks Gary! Was sorry that some people couldn't make it but that is inevitable although a number of the people who I am the most in party-karma debt to couldn't make it which was too bad. Had tons of left-over beer as very little was drunk and my brother sent extras. A fair amount of wine was drunk but I still ended with more than I started due to how much people brought. Also tons of left-over grill food.

Huge thanks to my mom for cooking, buying, bringing tons of stuff and thanks to those who brought gifts, a totally unnecessary thing but those that did made great choices.

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August 13, 2009

WoW - Guild ending

Well, my guild in World of Warcraft is done as a raiding entity. One thing led to another causing us to not raid a fair number of nights and pretty quickly turned into a death-spiral. Not sure whether I'll switch guilds (and possibly servers) and keep raiding or quit the game/turn very casual. We had existed since MC days so a pretty long and successful run.

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