Internet Top 100 Games List

This list is intended to serve as a guide to the best games around. It is compiled from ratings sent in by email. Anyone is eligible to participate but the majority of people are readers of the newsgroup

The latest edition of the Top 100 is available. Those interested can also see the List of Contributors.

For a complete list including additional information on the games, visit the Full List (I hope you like your scroll bars ;) ).

For information on how to participate and details about the list, read the FAQ.

For ease of participating for those rating lots of games, I have created two simple lists of game names. One is ordered by name and the other by ranking (ranks may not be up to date). The idea is that you download the list and go through it and rank all the games you have played (and delete the others from the list, please).

Knut-Michael Wolf of KMW Spielplatz converted the complete Edition #247 into the PalmPilot PDB format (viewabled using JFile software) in case anyone is interested in having it that way.

For more information on a particular game or reviews and such, look through the links in my Games Room for an appropriate place to go to (such as Grognards for war games or Luding for German games).

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