Pure Content Pages at the Last Homely House

This page gives a brief description of all the non-link pages available at the Last Homely House, all written by me, Aaron. All of this material can be accessed from elsewhere in the house but for those non-surfers this list should make things easier. Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions (aarondf@bu.edu).

Aaron's Personal Page will give you an excellent idea of my interests and activities.

I have also just recently started a weblog named Musings on the Hearth and invite you to check it out. (created on 4/1/03)

My (un)Intelligent Agent script generates a daily newspaper, in a Unique way on the WWW.

I have a serious interest in quotations and have this set of Collected Quotations.

For more quotes, I have a set of Collected Fortunes from the 'fortune' program, somewhat organized. There are also this set of Secondary Quotations, quotes from Babylon 5 and quotes related to playing games.

For listings of my favorite authors, books, movies, games, music, etc... see my list of Favorites.

Try cooking/baking one of my favorite and highly recommended Recipes.

My Resume is also available but now I have a job so it's not quite so importnat.

I really like puzzles of various sorts, particularly the 'treasure hunt' type, and have collected a bunch of information on and resources for solving them.

I am collecting a large quantity of information and variants on the game Cosmic Encounter, now being produced by Mayfair Games.

Rules, strategy article and other information on the wonderful card game Tichu.

I have started learning Java and writing some applets. See my Java page for more details and links to my applets. (added 2/3/96)
Applets include 9 Piece Puzzle (2/3/96), JavaSweeper (2/15/96), ARMADA (5/1/96) and
Triple Quintzee (8/15/97).

Freedom Page dedicated to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all living things. (first created July 4, 1995)

The World of Earthsea, information on this world, created by Ursula K. Le Guin.

A friend of mine and I hiked the 93 mile Wonderland Trail in Mount Rainier National Park and I put together this description of the trip.

I for a number of years ran a service letting people vote for the top board, card and war games ever.

I have also added a page listing some of the Game Variants (rule tweaks really) which I usually play with. Some of these significantly improve the games they are for.

Finally I used to play and maintain a large set of pages for a play-by-mail(pbm) game known as Monster Island and still keep around for historical reference.

MAILBOX Please send Aaron EMAIL if you have any comments on or suggestions for these pages or if you just want to say hi.

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