April 24, 2009

Bought a House Today!

Well, put in an offer and had it accepted on a house in Framingham today. At the maximum of my price range unfortunately but really loved the place, even though a bit small (but also has a very nice unfinished basement so the potential for a bunch more space if I need it in the future). All in all, saw 11 places and this place was BY FAR the nicest one, in nearly every respect other than location and that just because a bit long of a commute but in a really nice spot in Framingham - and in Framingham the commuter rail is a completely reasonable option if I find the drive too painful.

Hopefully the inspection and the rest of the process goes well as I really don't want to end up back out looking and comparing other places to this one, as they just aren't going to stand up to it.

I am really excited and not having or expecting to have the slightest bit of buyer's remorse.

Btw, the place only has two bedrooms but both of them are effectively masters and will be very happy to have guests if people are in town once I am there and settled in - closing at the end of June. Also, will plan to definitely have a housewarming party.

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April 01, 2009

Knockabout Tournament

Close to exactly 3 years ago, Tom Vasel wrote a negative review of one of my favorite two-player games, Greg Lam's Knockabout. Tom basically claimed the game was all luck, a not that surprising (albeit not accurate) claim of an abstract game that involves rolling dice much of the time. I strongly disagreed with him.

Well, recently David Dyer implemented an online version of Knockabout at www.boardspace.net and decided to run a tournament of the game. The tournament was 16 players in a single elimination format but playing best of 5, 5, 7 and 9 games in the four rounds to even out the luck elements there are in the game. Well, the tournament ended last night and I won with an overall record of 16 wins and 4 losses (played 1 extra fun game with one opponent which is why it is 16 and not 15), and that against some quite good opponents. Now, I think this 80% win rate was definitely lucky and all and wouldn't have expected to do nearly that well but still, I really do think this tournament pretty much proves my point in regard to the disagreement above.

Thanks to Greg Lam for designing the game (and providing prizes for the tournament), David Dyer for implementing it and running the tournament, and Doug Orleans for pointing out the tournament to me. Also, of course thanks to all my opponents for some very fun plays of this great game.

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