December 19, 2007

The Kick Is Up and It’s ... A Career Killer

The Kick Is Up and It’s ... A Career Killer is a great article from October about field goal kicking/kickers in the NFL, written by Michael Lewis.

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December 03, 2007

Got my Luggage Back

Well, I don't know how it happened but I got my luggage back.

American Airlines (which I did fly and which also has its hub in Dallas) baggage service at Logan called my work number on Saturday and left a message (which had so much static to it I had to listen to it like 5 times and call like 7 different variations on the number) saying they had my bag and had had it for a long time and I had better come get it. Well, I listed to the message this morning and on the seventh number I called managed to reach them and yes, they did have my bag so I just went to Logan and got it and seems fine.

Still, I have no real idea how it got to them - I certainly didn't check it on any plane. I think the most likely thing is the hotel found it and someone sent it to me in this strange way. However, the hotel never contacted me to let me know this. I'll try calling them later and see if I can figure out the real story but am happy to get the bag back regardless. Only other possibility is the bag did have a card in a little pocket for such things with my old address, phone number and email address but they called my work number and don't think it had that on it although could be wrong. Anyway, bizarre situation all around but with a happy ending.

On the games front, Race for the Galaxy is being a very addictive game for some people, not really for me although I am very happy to play. I shouldn't be surprised at this given the tales of number of games played by some people of the prototype but somehow I am. We'll see if it keeps up. Could it actually contend with Tichu's perennial status? I really enjoy the game but feel too much of my fate is in the draws.

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