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I have developed these pages as an aid to the Players of the Play-By-Mail game Monster Island. For a long time, many of us monsters on the net have been corresponding regarding the game and a large amount of useful information has been compiled, primarily thanks to Jonesy, Cheryl Frech and Scott Micheel as newsletter editors as well as all the many list maintainers and article contributors.

Disclaimer: All of this material was mailed to me without limits on reposting. Therefore, unless an author objects to his material being here(in which case I will try to remove it) this material is freely available for your use. NO guarantees are made to the accuracy of any of this material and in fact, especially in the older stuff, there are known errors and I have Not corrected them. The only editing I have done to any of this material is to remove Blurbs(at ABM's wishes) and old Lists that are large and totally out of date.

Aaron's Requests

Special News Section

  • Notes from MI forum chat on AOL on 9/16/96.
  • Request for Comments from England via Keith. Send in your suggestions on additions to the island.
  • Transcript of Monster Island forum on AOL with Keith. Some new information on the new part of the island. (3/9/95)
  • Transcript of Monster Island forum on AOL with Keith. Lots of hints and new information. (11/8/95)
  • Keith speaks on AOL on 10/6/95 about significant MI updates. READ THIS MESSAGE!
  • Players of Monster Island in the United Kingdom should also look at the Monster Island - UK Game page, maintained by Chris Trobridge (formerly by Paul Mazumdar). This page includes contact information for KJC Games in England and a list of the Groups active in the UK Game.

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