Subj: !!! Please Read!!! --Keith
Date: 96-08-27 08:45:17 EDT
From: ABMBob

Ok, here it is..the fax from KJC games asking for your help. For those that do not know, KJC needs your help in designing the next update. Rather than wasting your reading time with me babbling, i'll get right to their fax. Here goes:

Here are the main bits we'd like ideas on. The players who subscribe to our first class magazine have recieved these 3 prompts for ideas, plus a create a creature for the new area competition. however, your players have already provided a dozen or so creatures for the new area, s it's not worth telling them about the competition.


These cannot yet be fully rebuilt. I would like your ideas on what you think you would like to be able to do with one, once rebuilt. A spell, or the use of a flying mount will be added to enable completion of the rebuilding.


The original method of becoming a priest, i.e. killing a certain number of followers of another religion, has proved to be both unworkable and undesirable. i'm looking at ways to change this, suggestions are welcome, but bear in mind that it must involve someone or something in the new area.


Now fuvah worshippers will have no need to kill a follower of one, there is no urgent reason for adding them. i will still be including them, but they will not be accepting worship from monsters, there would be no point in programming a whole range of different abilities for each demigod's followers, as the fraction of monsters worshipping each one would be tiny. it's better to include improvements that everyone can appreciate.

Other Bits:

Mantles- Why should every religion have the same sort of items? our players reckon the balance of religious powers is about right/tending to favor Fuvah.

Resurrection- Is the stat loss too high or just totally undesirable? we could still have the "3 strikes" and you're out in though?

King Ock Mushroom Grove- What use?

Saddlebags- Definately a good idea! I'd suggest two orders which put in and remove items from it. Items in it can't be used. --Steve

Ok, here's another Fax..This one was resulted from Erik's Fax to me of item blurb #'s not in the game. Here's Kevin @ KJC's response:

A quick reply to your fax, The items listed are mostly weapons which Jack wrote blurbs for but never added to the game. If you have a look at them, you will see why-they are too powerful for this stage of the game. Some of the other items are now in use.

For the other things which are supposed to have changed, the only one is the Blinding Light which now has a chance to fail, as per the blurb. With the stat loss, they may not have known that for a second death they may take much more severe damage. you can tell them that this is one of the things which will be changed as it is just too big a disadvantage, as we talked about in the last set of faxes. i would also expect deaths to become more common as higher monster strengths and tougher equipment are added. The fuvites not sensing religious ranks of other monsters anymore? If this happens again, perhaps you better get the player to send a copy of their turn so we can check it. it could be a bug.

---Ok, this is the deal. please look this stuff over and decide for yourselves if there is anything you can or would like to volunteer to KJC games. Don't for a minute think any of this stuff is written in stone. None of this is final..not by a longshot...We have many talented, creative players here. i've told KJC games this many times. Let's show them what we can come up with. This is what i would like from you. Ideas. Comments. suggestions. plus, anything else you'd like to add. Please fax it to me@ (518)237-6245 or email it to me @ or
Thanks Guys!