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Headlines this time:    Latest News about The Program
                        Monster Island in the UK
                        Monster Island in Germany
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Howdy, and welcome to the first long-delayed issue of eMonster News!

I have been busy ever since last February, but I do beg your forgiveness.
Things have settled down a bit here, and I will try to keep up the pace.

I sent out a few messages back in March, intending to focus this next issue
on the UK and German Monster Island games, and I received many letters and
helpful comments from the European players, which I faithfully reproduce
here.  Monster Island notes from x countries.  Isn't it amazing?


For Starters, News on The Program

[If you recall, the official MI programmers is now Steve from KJC Games in
 the UK.  Back in January he started work fixing bugs and adding new things
 to the Monster Island Program.  No actual updates have been seen in the
 US or German games, but he seems to be testing things in the UK game...]

From: (Brian Derks)
Date: Fri,  3 Mar 95 16:59:23 PST
Subject: new news

   I talked to Keith and Steve's name [the UK programmer] popped up. He 
has sent a list that keith is planning to send out by e-mail. It's a
list of things that are going to be done and in that order. He read 
them to me, demi-gods and new section were the top two in this order.
It sounded like he was working on them but he was still trying to fix
the bugs, Keith had said that there were more bugs than add ins.
   One thing that caught my attention was the words rivers, under
water combat (something like that), monster wrestling, and

From: jlhvhti@MO.NET (jerry hagedorn)
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 1995 22:46:51 -0500
Subject: Monster Island

I talked with Keith today, and he told me that Steve has finished a dose of
bug fixes and and upgrades to the game.  This update is suppose to take effect
[in the US game] in about two weeks.  Keith also said he would inform us when
the changes took effect.

From: (Chris Trobridge)
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 95 22:48 BST-1
Subject: EMonster etc

The web site doesn't appear to be being updated anymore.  The last mail I 
received from Aaron suggeted that the keepers of lists were else where.  
Do you have any addresses where I can find out more info about the 
island, eg blurb lists/temple site lists (maps?).

[The new web site is xxx]

Now that the programming has moved over here we may have some more up to 
date info on the new stuff than you.  A few weeks back KJC had a pub meet 
in London and I had a good chat with Steve, _the_ programmer.  Of course 
this also means that we get to play test all the bugs...

As it was a pub meet I got completely drunk and ended up on my own in the 
east end of London at 1:30AM in the drizzle in just t-shirt/jeans.  I 
walked the 20 odd miles back to my station and caught the first train 
home.  In spite of this I can still remember a lot of what Steve told me. 
Some of this related to groups and is of no interest, the rest should be 
treated as rumour as we were all the worse for wear and some of it may be 
politically sensitive:

You probably heard about group leaders (ie where group monsters vote for a 
'leader' who gets a list of the groups members).  We've already suffered 
an attempted coup under the new scheme.  Tainted Hollows aren't ready 
yet, but the end is in sight - you will require an item that you must 
make, but isn't in the game yet.  I don't think anything else new is in yet.  
Someone was complaining yesterday about not being able to rid items and 
believes that the group cache code is being tinkered with.  I know that 
Steve wants to put in a multiple item rid order because he's frustrated 
having to rid items one at a time.  Over the crystal hills - not for a 
long time, according to Steve it's not at all coded.  Stone Crypts/Tombs 
of Mumundus- there will be some new super tough guardians for these (I 
think that Tombs Of Mumundus were temporarily Tombs Of Mumi over here).

Enough rumours for the moment,

Chris (Trobridge)

PS Don't quote me directly!

[Oops.  Forget you heard that, everyone!]


Monster Island - UK

From: "Mike Poidinger" 
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 95 17:35:26 +1000
Subject: Re: MI/help!

I run 2 monsters with KJC, Nick Caveat a norman disciple of shroud, in turn 
140. Stats are T:208, M:258, B:142, S:136, 347 kills, 77 battles. AC 28, 
wr off 22, def 16, b 33, t 4, Missile, bashing, pole 5, edged 4, rest 3

Tuppence the Fatblob, a disciple of Shroud in turn 129. Stats are T:210, M:
249, B:157, S:78, 337 Kills, 31 battles. AC 26, wr off 21, def 11, b 32, t 
3.  Missile, Bashing, edged 5, rest 3

Main dark groups are the Hand Of Shroud (both of my monsters are founding 
members, 1st and largest dark group), and Eternal Void.  I have thrown away 
the latest newsletter or I could tell you all the other groups, sorry :)

There are at least 2 active groups for each religion and a couple non-
religious, and there has been a fair amount of fighting amongst light and 
dark with deaths on both sides. Dark seems to have the upper hand at the 
moment although I personally (Tuppence) recently met Armaggedon the Bignose 
kabuki with a Greatsword and he smacked me for 120 points of damage.  2 
more dark temples are currently under construction.

Shroud temples...0,0 -33,-4  -16,34 9,27 56,31

fort...36, 30

refernce for coords Claw and tooth -4, 6  Spear and Club -18, 31, Korn 
Hammer 116, 80

From: Joshua Singer 
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 12:12:14 GMT
Subject: Re: MI/help!

        OK Here's a quick note about my 2 monsters

Names :         Gorth Doomdabbler       Sukkrass Od
Races :         Viper                   Fatblob
Religion :      Shroud                  Shroud
Rank :          Disciple Lev 3          Disciple Lev 3
Turns :         ~130                    ~120

My history of the UK game

        I joined the UK (KJC) game in April/May '91 so I've more or
less seen it from the beginning. About a year after this, me, Mike
Poidinger and another guy who's dropped out started to put a group
together. Mike wanted it to be a Dark group and neither me nor the
other guy minded, so we joined up with Shroud. I volunteered as
leader. This was the second group on the island to go official (as far
as I know) after Kabuki's Legion of the North. We now have 30-35
active members making us the largest official group in the UK game. I
had to hand the co-ordination of the group over to another player some
time ago, though.

        My two monsters have not really been played too well over the
years, mainly because of the lack of decent _maps_ in our group.
[Scott - any help here would be _really_ appreciated]. They have
acquired all the basic equipment, and one has a Dark Sword, but they
really want to find a Great Cave or two to get some of those really
nice items. There are enough Shroud Temples in the UK game which are
close enough together to reach level 6 disciplehood, so that's what
they'll be doing in the near future.

        Recently I have played very slowly because I'm waiting for the
new programs to be added, especially the implementation of the new
regions. I am interested in MI mostly for the cool exploration you can
do - not really for the religious jihad which the design of the game
encourages. At the moment there isn't that much to play for until the
new regions are finished.

        I don't think most players in the UK game are as committed as
those in the US. This could be because it is slightly cheaper here
i.e. 2 quid as opposed to $4.

        We have our own equivalent to Morgan and Shroud's Own ... it
is a Fuvah group called Bad Company. They have played very well, but
the leader [Titus Groan] has got himself a reputation.

        We have alot of players in this game from Scandinavian
countries, presumably because it is cheap for them because of the
exchange rates. I must also say that KJC provide an almost impeccable
service. They rarely confuse things and have been very responsive with
queries I have had. I imagine a lot of players are waiting for the new
regions though - they'd better be good when they come out!

        Hope all this malarky helps...

From: "T.J. Sharrock"  
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 1995 10:06:10 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Re: MI/help!

I used to lead KLN (Kabuki's Legion of the North), but have recently
given up running (but not playing) due to pressures of work and babies.

KLN is one of the oldest groups on the KJC island, and was founded near the
Odd Terapus. We now have 3.5 temples nearby, and we have killed several
shroudians, mostly, I suspect, strays from Hulk Hogan's Group. I enquired
of the members whether there would be support for a Kabukade against the
Hand of Shroud (the Northernmost Shroudian Group) but this did not find
favour - partly because some players have monsters in both! I am not sure
what long term plans will be. I am tempted to send my monsters on a
pilgrimage down to the temples of the White Knights of Kabuki and Blinding
Dawn (the other two old Kabuki Groups), but I may yet decide to stay in the
North, and expore up the Crystal Hills

Tim  (Min Taka, Al Nitak, and Bella Trix)

From: (Andrew M Simpson)
Date: Thu, 09 Mar 95 11:30:15  GMT
Subject: Re: MI/help!

        Sorry, I've given up playing.  I'd played roughly 100 turns
and nothing new was happening.  I got fed up.  My character was called
URRACHT! - a female viper.  She had a baby, was on her way to her 5th
temple (Shroud) and belonged to the Hand of Shroud Group.
I decided to play an extra position in the Middle Earth PBM instead.

From: (Karel Driesen)
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 09:29:34 +0800
Subject: Re: MI/help!

I was until recently with KJC. After I moved to the USA (for 1 year only),
they stopped sending me turns. I call this bad customer service. They didn't
even ask to raise their price, something I was willing to pay for, since they
would have larger postage costs.

Silence from their side, thus silence from mine. Thier loss, not mine.

My monster was a 15-turn newbie, to which so little happened that I was
losing interest in the game anyway (I was staying because of some

From: zcapj56 
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 95 15:45:12 +0000
Subject: Re: MI/help! 

Hello, I have a monster in the English version of MI, which is run by KJC
games. I belong to a fuvite group called Bad Company.

From: Thomas Magle Brodersen 
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 1995 12:44:00 +0100
Subject: Re: Monster Island

I am playing Monster Island at KJC Games. My monster is GUYBRUSH THREEPWOOD, a
Viper, member of the Dark group ETERNAL VOID. We have a group newsletter and a
mapping program, and I would be happy to answer any specific qustions that you
might have.

From: Darren Jackson 
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 1995 21:27:06 +0000
Subject: MI UK

I am playing thr UK/European Monster Island run by KJC. You asked for 
players to send some info about monsters they run etc., so this is 
my, albeit small, contribution.

I run a Monger called Dornobus. At and age of 60 turns, life is 
pretty steady on the Island. Stats have increased steadily, if not 
quicky, and has pretty much kept out of trouble. Infact, he has not 
had any battles with any monsters yet, which is a shame because i 
would like to know how he does against an Shroud follower (since 
Dornobus worships Kabuki). 

I have just recently formed a group, though I am not the official 
leader. There are 3 of us that mainly run the various areas, these 
are Whuckle Tremblebelly, Ztanzi the Oriblist and me. We were (i 
think) the first group that consists of a single race (Mongers of 
course!) to be formed on the island, and i only know of one other 
that has formed since that consosts of Fuurcats. The name of our 
group is 'Utterly Grotesque Legion Incorporated' or UGLI for short 
(no-one said Monsters were literate!). However, since formation we 
have grown to about 10 members but we are expecting that to increse 
as we have a lot of interest from Mongers who wish to share out dream 
of a Monger controlled Island (well, i did say dream). We have no 
structures built yet, but one is planned. We are currently a bit 
spread out but generally we are near the Dark Eagle's Nest Farr Inn.

My monsters stats are as follows :

Toughness - 180
Muscle - 203
Stealth - 20 (a bit low since i dont know how to increase properly :( 
Monsterliness - 993

Well, if you want anymore info, i will organise it a bit better and 
send you it, hope this is useful

From: Andre' Just Simonsen 
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 15:39:05 +0100 (MET)
Subject: eMonster submission

Finally I have the list of facts about the European Monster Island Game I
promised you last week. Due to problems with my original text (it had
soft Macintosh line-breaks - they don't look particularily nice in Unix) I had
to take it home for a re-format and hard-wrap to 80 characters per line.

The list is a combined submission from me (Andre Just Simonsen,
Thomas Magle Brodersen, and Rasmus Roland Jensen

My monster is a Male Viper aged 99 turns (with 10 make-up turns to go due to
a lazy autumn a year ago) based in the Eastern part of central Monster Island.
The oldest monster I know of is about 160 turns old but this is hardly any
guarantee agains elder monsters...


There are a number of groups in the European Game:

First we have "our" group: Eternal Void. We are based in the central part of
Monster Island (Jagged Mor Midlands) and accept any follower of Shroud. We
currently have about 32 active members. Our goals are to:

- Rebuild temples: We are currently working on our fourth and fifth temple in
cooperation with Hand of Shroud et al.

- Explore the island: Our map contains approximately 12,000 squares. We are
using a PC-program developed and maintained by Rasmus Roland Jensen
( The program is freeware and can for each square register
terrain, trail, far structure, named temple, other structures, creatures and
remarks (i.e. plants and non-structure data). Maps can be printed to ASCII- and
PostScript-printers (the latter is recommended).

- Engage in Holy War: We are at war with The White Knights of Kabuki and
Blinding Dawn. And (it seems) from time to time with Bad Company. Let's put it
this way: We currently have a state of ceasefire but since Bad Company change
their minds from time to time this may have changed by the time you read this.
So far we have killed at least two Kabuki Neophytes and a Kabuki Disciple.
Losses: One acolyte from an allied group.

Then there are the other groups:

Hand of Shroud.

SSS: A new group composed of mainly Danish players. Their sole purpose seems to
be not letting anybody know what their name means. They are about 20 members
and are based in the Eastern part of the island.

Bad Company: Supposed to be the toughest Fuvite group on Monster Island. The
reality is, however, somewhat different. But their leader T. Groan is great at
writing paranoid letters to the amusement of everbody else...

Fuvah Furrcats: New group formed in the Jagged Mor North region accepting only
Furrcat followers of Fuvah (hence the name). Allied with Bad Company (q.v.).

Black Knights of Shroud: Allied with Hand of Shroud and Eternal Void.

Blinding Dawn [Blinking Yawn]: Light group accepting any Kabukians and friendly
towards Fuvah-followers.

Kabuki's Legion of the North: Name says it all.

Lords of Chaos: Fuvite group.

Monster Libertation Front: Racist anti-fatblob Fuvite group based in the
Southern part of the island.

White Knights of Kabuki: Based in the Southern part of Monster Island and
accepting any Kabuki-followers.

Island Rangers: Multi-religious group.

Utterly Grotesque Legion, Inc. (UGLI): Mulit-religious group.

Hulk Hogan's Company: Plagued by internal disagreement - maybe no longer

W.I.T.C.H.: Run by the leader of MLF. 


The game is run by KJC Games in England. Turns are GBP 2 (2 turn-credits) and
turn-rate is 8 days. Currently no e-mail but they are working on it.
KJC Games, Clevleys, Blackpool, Lancs. FY5 3LJ, UK

KJC Games only run one Monster Island game attracting players from all over
Europe (a great deal from UK but also a lot of Danes - and one from
Australia... )

Yoy may wonder how long it takes for the turns to get out. Experience shows
that if e.g. a turn is printed and sent out on a Monday it will be received in
Denmark two days later (i.e. Wednesday). Turns are usually processed on the day


Far structures and temple ruins seem to match those of the American Monster
Island. Other structures may also match - we haven't checked.


KJC Games publishes its own magazine "First Class" covering all their games
(It's A Crime, Warlord, Quest, Beyond the Stellar Empire and a few more). After
almost a years break a new issue came this month. It had no info about Monster
Island but a lot about Quest.

There is an official player-run Monster Island newsletter named "Message In A
Bottle". It is issued kind-of montly and editors change quite often (every four
issues it seems). The newsletter has 2/3 devoted to (loony) messages and 1/3 of
useful stuff.

The different groups have their own newsletters. Our group (Eternal Void) has
one group-newsletter and various troop-newsletters for the various troops of
the group (the group became to big to manage as a whole).

From: Craig Lindsay 
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 1995 17:08:41 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Emonster

Having recently seen mention of Emonster, Monster Island Email, in KJC's 
1st Class, I was wondering if you could please add my name to its mailing 

From: Jens Henrik Kruuse 
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 95 12:44:39 METDST
Subject: eMonster Subscription

I am a European Monster Island player, and I spotted your e-mail address in the
KJC Games magazine, First Class. I have previously seen several copies of
eMonster but I've only been on the net for a month or so, so I've been unable
to subscribe so far.

OK, put semi-formally, I would like to be put on the mailing-list asap. I've
enjoyed the issues I've seen though they date back more than a year. (As far as
I can recall).

Furthermore, I would love to get my hands on the old issues. Can you send them 
to me or do you know someone who can? I would really appreciate your help here,
as the rest of my MI group, the SSS, are counting on me to procure the files in

Thanking you in advance, I remain yours

From: "Sjaak Zomer" 
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 95 19:10:32 +0100
Subject: Emonster

According to the latest 1st Class issue 16, KJC Games,UK there seems to be 
a Monster Island newsletter. I would like to receive a copy of it.

Date:          Mon, 22 May 1995 12:23:21 MET
Subject:       Monster_Island_Mailing_List

I read about your mailing list in the 16th issue of 1st class, and 
since I have an Email-account on the university of Groningen, 
Holland, I like to be on your list. I controll three monsters, which 
are all three under 30 turns old. I have very little information about 
the island and I would like to gain more knowledge. In 1st class they 
write that subscribers receive Emonster. I would very much like to 
be on your mailing list and to receive Emonster.

From: Christopher Carter 
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 95 07:45:31 GMT
Subject: Emonster

I would like to subscribe to the Emonster mailing list.

From: (Timo Kokkonen)
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 1995 15:15:26 +0300 (EET DST)
Subject: Emonster

Now I finally managed to mail you a joining request to Emonster.
So, err, could I join? Like Emonster U


Monster Island - Germany

From: Jens Scharnbacher 
Date: Wed, 08 Mar 1995 17:23:44 MEZ
Subject: Re: MI/help!

I will try to help you any way I can, because I like Monster Island very much.
The only problem is that I play the German version of MI, which is run by
Daydream Productions in Munich. And, of course, I think it might be difficult
for the average English reader of the eMonster Newsletter to understand the
German language. So I think I start with a short dictionary MonsterGerman-

Rassen          Races

Dicknaser       Bignoses   
Fettkloesse     Fatblobs   
Purrkatzen      Furrcats   
Groblinge       Mongers    
Schlammtreter   Mudwalkers 
Nordmaenner     Normans    
Vipern          Vipers     
Knoddel         Knolltirs
Klotzkoepfe     Loggerheads
Bodden          Boddens

Goetter         Gods

Schatten        Shroud
Kabuki          Kabuki
Fuwah           Fuvah


Westlande       Westlands
Gwardon         Gwardon
Blaumor         Jagged Mor
Kunbar          Kunbar
Sart            Starth

This is (hopefully) enough for the beginning. I use double vowels like 'oe'
and 'ae' to represent 'o' resp. 'a' with two dots above, due to limitations
of my editor. 

Actually, I play three monsters. One of them is a Fettkloss named Kalorix.
He is an acolyte of Fuwah, and actually waits near Drokorns Ruh (=Drokorns
Stead) for some other Fuvite monsters with whom he wishes to found the group
'Nachtvolk' (translated maybe 'nightfolk'). He is a friendly monster:
he fought only one other monster in 43 weeks. He would have fought more 
monsters if he had discovered one non-empty hillock among the seven he entered
so far.

My other two monsters are both Schlammtreter. They are mother and daughter, and
they are named Lady Blackmud and Mudonna. Lady B. is for 40 weeks on the island
and famous for her relative great knowledge: she has got 180 Infos (=blurbs)
so far, which is sufficient for the first position in the German Hall of Fame
in the blurb category. She is member of the group 'Glorreiche Horde'(and I do
not have the slightest idea how to translate that, maybe Jens Krumm knows),
which is also a fuvite group in Suedblaumor (=Southern Jagged Mor). Little
Mudonna is on the way back to Gwardon; she has to hunt a few alligators to 
improve her armour. The 'Glorreiche Horde' has rebuilt a temple in the jungle
west of Fistans Kontor(=Far Post). 

There are more mostly fuvite groups in Suedblaumor/kunbar: the 'Drachentoeter'
(=dragons slayers) are a Fuwah/Kabuki group, and the 'Ritter der Kokosnuss'
(=knights of the coconut) consist of 90% Fuvites. I know one Schatten group
in the South, the 'Dreckratten'(=dirt rats).

From: "Jens Boelscher (CIP)" 
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 10:02:11 CET (UTC+0100)
Subject: Re: MI/test

B.T.W. our German Game Master now starts doing business with trading 
cards too... I hope that won't bother the German MI-Game.

From: a2739194@athena.rrz.Uni-Koeln.DE (Carsten Roth)
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 1995 15:06:40 +0100 (MEZ)
Subject: Monster Island Europe

During my Internet tours around the world I have found your request for 
informations about Europe Monster Island games.
I read your Emonstermail in Aaron Fuegis WWW-Homepage and think it is 
time to support your work with a little article:

Monster Island (german version) is run by Daydream Productions (DDP) in 

Each turn costs `6` Deutschmark including mailing costs for Europe. 
Every 8 week-days a turn can be printed (I think it is the same in the US).
DDP ->HAD<- to make the effort to change parts of the program because of the 
difficulties with the german translation; anybody who knows German 
can imagine what I mean.

Ferdinand (Ferdi) who owns and runs DDP alone always reacts to problems and 

I refer to problems which had occured (and occur I must commit) because 
the program changes. This was very disturbing for the monsters that
were the first in doing something new, like rebuilding temples, becomming 
disciples, learning spells e.g. (especially for me and my group).
But that was all negative I can say about DDP. Their service is O.K. and 
Ferdi has made/makes his best to correct the problems as fast as possible.
If you want to get more information on Monster Island or DDP's other PBM 
games please contact DDP:
                         Daydream Productions
                         Wintergasse 5 
                         86150 Augsburg

You can call Ferdi from Tuesday to 
Thursday between 1630 and 2100 CET: 'Germany' / 0821 / 15 88 82

And now to something more personal. I want to introduce my group:
We are the `Kabukis Junger` (Kabuki's disciples) and we have no racial 
restrictions. We have already rebuilded a temple ruin in the northern 
part of the Island which is our main area of activity. 
I am the group's organisator not their leader becuase there exist no strict 
rules. My job is to gather information, distribute it in our group 
newspaper `Kabuki News`, offering the next targets (temple ruins/Far Inns/
caves) and helping members with problems. Any player may decide to do
what he wants.

Anybody who is interested in joining our group should contact me:
Carsten Roth
50939 Cologne

My phone number is: `Germany` / 0221 / 44 44 18 (only in the evenings)

From: Jens Boelscher 
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 1995 13:17:02 CET (UTC+0100)
Subject: German MI-Game

So I can give you a bfief description of the German Game.
The Game Master is Daydream Productions and he holds the German 
license for the Game. The Game is translated into German.
Of course we have a couple of groups. I am a member of DIE RITTER DER 
KOKOSNUSS (that is THE KNIGHTS OF THE COCONUT, a film by Monthy 
Python). Our group has 25 mebers at the moment and I have a lot of 
fun in playing Monster Island.
Furthermore the Game has it's own monthly Newspaper that is called DIE

From: Mischa Hagmaier 
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 1995 21:34:26 +0200 (MSZ)

Please help!!(subscribe)