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The following is a list of known Voodoo concoctions and the requirements
for making them:

Item                      AP to  No.
No.   Voodoo Concoction   make   Made  Ingredients
19  White Lotus Elixir     9     1    2 White Lotus Leaves, Oil.
20  Purple Lotus Elixir   15     7    21 Purple Lotus Leaves,
White Lotus Leaf, 3 Oil.
35  Yellow Lotus Elixir    7     1    Yellow Lotus Leaf, Oil, and
be in Sand & Palms terrain.
56  Reptron Salve         12     1    7 Purple Lotus Leaves, Blood Mite
Eye, a live Reptron Bird, and be
in square with Waterhole or Pond.
*Note: Using requires 45 Act Pts
and a square with a Geyser.
62  Shingle Poison        16     2    2 Acorn Hearts, 2 Oil.
*Note: To use, equip it: E 62.
64  Lime Elixir            9     1    4 Limes, Coconut, 2 Oil, and
a Filled Waterskin.
66  Brawn Elixir           8     1    Lime, Bolotomus Muscle, 2 Oil.
67  Zombie Juice           8     1    Dust of the Entombed, White Lotus 
Leaf, Tholomite Heart, 4 Oil.
*Note: Using requires a digging
implement, 4 AP, and a square
with an Ancient Graveyard
85  Thermaway Elixir      12     1    Stench Gland, 2 Purple Lotus
Leaves, 3 Oil
98  Gnitgnoff              4     1    Guano Plasm, Purple Lotus Leaf, Oil  

Note:  There is also Scatamunga Horn voodoo, but I have no info on it.

This information is distributed compliments of the Disciples of Light. 
Monster island players are free to copy each list in whole or in part as 
long as this note remains attached.  Everyone is requested to contact the
DOL with any updates/corrections. 

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