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From: (Brian Derks)

Here is a list of Races, Gods, and Groups. I have listed the battle 
crys of them and for the Groups I listed the numbers, totems,
battle cries, and Leader contacts that I have. If anyone whats to
give the name and addresses of the people in charge of the groups
or an address of a player so I can write to them to get info please
send it. Thanks.
   This way if someone runs across the totems, hasn't joined a
group and wants to, can contact the leader. The Group leaders can
scan the people with their own discretion.
  If any of the info isn't right, please let me know. I would like 
to thank the people that have sent in info and the ones that corrected
me on my mistakes. Thanks!
   Bifs Monster Resort: (just need a computer with a modem) Additional
contacts & MI Forum (BBS#): 1-317-962-2437. 

  The * by the Leader's name is just saying that i'm writing them
to verify that this is right. No conformation on these yet.
  The @ means that there was a correction or something new.
  The # means that this address, etc. could be wrong.
   You can reach me at: (e-mail)
   or Bifs Monster Resort (BBS) 1-317-962-2437 (mail to Brian Derks)
       or  by  surface:  Brian J. Derks, 929 Silver Lake Dr.#12,
                         Portage, WI 53901

                 ***  UPDATED 5/23/94  ***

             ##############  RACES  ############

     Bignoses   : "I Smell Victory!"
     Fatblobs   : "I will Squish You Flat!"
     Furrcats   : "Hasten To Your Death!"
     Mongers    : "Your Life Is Mine Now!"
     Mudwalkers : "I'm Your Angel Of Doom!"
     Normans    : "Dream on, Sloth Breath!"
     Vipers     : "Goodbye Insect!"
     Boddens    : "Look! Behind You!"
     Loggerheads: "Your In Double Trouble!"

           #############  Gods  ############

Shroud: "The Dark Takes You!"
Kabuki: "The Light Blinds You!"
Fuvah : "Glory is Mine!"

          #############  Groups  #############
   #704  Island Geographic Society (mixed)
   Area: Jagged Mor North and Midlands
   (thermadon rex, smite, shifting wraith)
   Battle Cry: none yet
   Leader:  Melvin Krehbiel
   Surface: 7582 SW Hunziker #29, Tigard, OR 97223-2308
   Voice phone: (503) 684-7239
   Additional Contact: Patrick Provant
   Surface: 1700 14th St., Oregon City, OR 97045

   #705  Mystic Monsters (Light)
   Area: Jagged Mor South
   (great trap snake, scatamunga beast, Beerauk)
   A MM monster: Ron Lucas (a.k.a. King Cobra)(not sure if active)
                  10 Bell Ave., Fords, NJ 08863
                 (908) 634-8342

   #708  Fire Riders Of Kafu Zush Ma (mixed)(120+)
   Area: N. Kunbar, Upper Starth, Jagged Mor Midlands and North
   (beerauk, great trap snake, landshark)
   BATTLE CRY: "Hey Dude, Your Shoelace Is Untied!"
     Agent of Fuvah:  James McClure
   Surface: 434 Mill St.,Williamsville, NY 14221
   Voice Phone: (716) 631-9580
     Dark Ambassador: Jeff Ross
   Surface: 2300 Clinch Ave., Knoxville, TN 37926
   Voice Phone: (615) 546-2504
     Delegate for the Light: Ted Szymaszek
   Surface: 45 Sirrett St., Buffalo, NY 14094
   Voice Phone: (716) 827-8761
     Group to Group Diplos: Kim Swatsworth
   Surface: 794 Ransom Rd., Lancaster, NY 14086
   Voice Phone: (716) 685-3781
     E-mail Contact: Aaron Fuegi

   #714  Cult of Nine Lives  (multi racial)(multi deity)(no dark) (8+)
   Area: Jagged Mor North
   (gator, tholomite, funnel snake)
   Battle Cry:
   Leader:  Russell Calkins
   Surface: Att: Silk, 2611 Park Dr., Parma, OH 44134
      Coordinator of Demigod Affairs: Terry Hanna
   Surface: 5037 San Julio Ave., Santa Barbara, CA 93111

   #727  The Black Death (Dark)(7)
   Area: Jagged Mor North
   (ghoul buzzard, great trap snake, mummy)
   BATTLE CRY: "I Fart In Your General Direction!"
   Leader:  Scott Micheel
   Surface: 1241 Glorieta St. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112-5231
   Voice Phone: (505) 296-4454

   #728  Order of the White Rose (multi deity) (30+)
   Area: Jagged Mor South, Southern Kunbar
   (six-headed adder, jagwere, demon condor)
   Battle Cry: "There can only be one!"
   Leader:  Robert James
   Surface: 3646 Vinton Ave. #4, Los Angeles, CA 90034
   Voice phone: (310) 839-6965

   #734   THE SIX HUNDRED  (Light) (10)
   Area: Jagged Mor North, Upper Starth
   (Myrrh Dove, Six Headed Adder, Yogorilla)
   BATTLE CRY: In development
   Leader: Andy Holmes
   Surface: 233 E. 2nd St. Apartment #2 Frederick, MD., 21701.
   E-Mail Liason: (Erik Seilnacht)
   Offensive Coordinator: Erik Seilnacht
   Surface: 10296 Alpine Dr. #B, Cupertino, CA 95014-0911
   Voice Phone: (408)732-3075
   Embassador: Alan Hutton
   Surface: same as above.
   Voice Phone: same as above

   #739  The AntiKabukilear Forces (dark)(8+)
   Area: Middle Kunbar, Central Starth
   (ghoul buzzard, forked-tailed scorpion, zombie)
   BATTLE CRY: "Hail The Reign of Darkness!"
   Leader:  Peter Lambeck
   Surface: 6712 Mockingbird Woods Ct., Lorton, VA 22079
   Voice Phone: (703) 339-0848

   #744  The Cadets of Gascoyne  (non-religious)(11)
   Area: Lower Gwardon
   (swampus, stark sourpuss, great white stork)
   Battle Cry: none yet
   Leader:  Micheal MacKinnon
   Surface: 337 Oxford St., Winnipeg, MB, R3M 3H9, Canada
   Voice phone: (204) 488-1267
       Genie (checked biweekly): m.mackinnon
   Bifs Monster Resort: Enter message to Michael Mackinnon

   #745  The Knights of the Iron Fist (mostly fuvite, Mixed)(8+)
   Area: Jagged Mor North, N Kunbar
   (gator, gnitgnat, great trap snake)
   BATTLE CRY: "Feel Now, the Wraith of the Fist!"
   Leader:  Jerry Hagedorn
   Surface: 204 B N Olive St, Rolla, MO 65401
   Voice phone: (314) 368-4896

   #752  The Guardians of Fuvah (8+)
   Area: Jagged Mor Midlands, Southern Kunbar, Lower Starth
   (king stag, terapus, landshark)
   Leader:  Robert Vulgamore  (a.k.a. Skorge)
   Surface: 10300 Arrow Route, #901, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91720
   Home phone: (909) 481-0319
   Work & Fax #: (909) 481-0509
   Bifs Monster Resort: Enter letter to Robert Vulgamore if GOF to get
                        onto GOF

   #754  The Fuzzy Fist of Fuvah (Fuvite) (8)
   Area: Jagged Mor South
   (McMacaw, reptron bird, great white stork)
   Leader:  Bill Elmer
   Surface: 2801 Rolido #89, Houston, TX 77063

 @ #758  The Stark Fist of Fuvah (fuvite)(40+)
   Area: Jagged Mor South, Southern Kunbar
   (tusker, gator, terapus)
   BATTLE CRY; "Fear Fuvah's Fury!"
   Leader:  Josh Bieber

   #760  The Disciples of the Light (light) (50+)
   Area: Middle Kunbar, Central and Lower Gwardon, Jagged Mor
         Midlands, Lower Starth
   (myrrh dove, scatamungabeast, great trap snake)
   BATTLE CRY: "I'm Crushing Your Head!"
   Leader:  Chris Meyer
   Surface: 805 S. King St., Robinson, IL 62454
   Voice phone: (618) 544-3627
   Bifs Monster Resort: Enter message to Chris Meyer if dol to get
                        onto DOL
   E-mail Recruiter's Address: (Chris Meyer)
   Group Relations Director: (John Pyrich)

   #771  Shrouds Own (Dark)(35+)
   Area: Upper Gwardon, Jagged Mor North, Northern Kunbar
   (flesh eater, ghoul buzzard, zombie)
   BATTLE CRY: "For Shroud's Own Glory"
   Leader: Morgan Hatrick
   Surface: 34931 Woodham Ave., Barstow, CA 92311
   Voice phone: (619) 255-2820
     Minister of Policy/recruiter: Glenn Fuller
   Surface: 24701 Via Pradera, Calabasas, CA 91302
     Executive Officer: Jeff Taylor
   Surface: 126 32nd St. NE #16, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

   #778  Dark Knights of the Kunbar (dark)(50+)
   Area: Jagged Mor South, Jagged Mor Midlands, Southern Kunbar, and
         Lower Starth
   (wolfcur, blood mummy, grizzly hedgehog)
   BATTLE CRY: "Dark Knights to Battle!"
   Leader:  Michael D. Kerr
   Surface: 331 Clarendon Ave., NW Canton, OH 44708-4567
   Voice phone: (216) 455-9658
   E-mail Recruiter's Address: (Sean Upchurch)
   Group Coordinator: Dave DeWitt
   Surface: 4943 Anderson Rd., Lyndhurst, OH 44124
   Voice Phone: (216) 382-6255

   #780  The Scarlet Templars (fuvite) (8+)
   Area: Jagged Mor Midlands, Middle Kunbar
   (blood mummy, thermadon rex, blood mite)
   BATTLE CRY: none yet
 # Leader:  Scott McCaig
   Surface: 502 Gladstone #1, Ottawa, Canada K1R 5P1
   Voice Phone: (613) 236-0626

   #785  White Tiger Clan (light) (21)
   Area: Jagged Mor North, Northern Kunbar, Upper Starth
   (white tiger, double-pawed cougar, jagwere)
   BATTLE CRY: "Meet the Jaws of Death, Island Scum!"
   Leader:  Brian Stivers
   Surface: 52489 Butternut, Shelby Twp., MI 48316
   Voice phone: (313) 739-1725
   E-mail Recruiter's Address:
                               (Brian Derks)

 @ #788  Fuvah's Fearless Fighters (fuvite) (8+)
   Area:  Middle Kunbar
   (king stag, tusker, thermadon rex)
   BATTLE CRY: "Hasta la Vista, Baby!"
   Group Leader: Jeff Leggett & Monica Leggett
   Surface: 2102-b Wexford Dr., Norcross, GA 30071
   Voice phone: (404) 448-8272  (7-11 EST)
   E-mail:  or
   E-mail Emergencies:
     (checks AOL every 3 or 4 days while internet daily)

 @ #791  The Knights of Sylvester (multi-deity)(still out there/some
                                                merged into DOL)
   Area: Lower Starth
   (myrrh dove, scatamungabeast, killer koala bear)

   #793  Darklings of Shroud (dark)(8)
   Area: Jagged Mor Midlands
   (flesh eater, shifting wraith, wolfcur)
   Battle Cry: "Spoon!!!!"
   Leader & Group Diplos: Joe Robins
   Surface: 33H Heritage Dr., New City, NY 10956-5344
   Voice: (914) 634-1748
   Membership Contact:  Jeremy Davies
   Surface: 7 E. Stemmer Lane, Suffern, NY 10901
   Voice: (914) 369-7105

   #798  Suns of the Rose (nice) (Light) (8)
   Area: Jagged Mor North
   (sunbasker, thermadon rex, land shark)
   Leader:  Joel M Halpern
   Surface: 8009 Orchard Avenue North, Brooklyn Park, MN 55443
   Voice Phone: (home) 612-560-0214
 @ E-mail address:
 @   Recruiter: Carl Glazik
   Surface: 803 Jackson, Monticello, IL 61856
   Voice: (217) 762-7597

   #799  The Shriners (fuvite)(8+)
   Area: Jagged Mor North, Northern Kunbar
   (tusker, horned marsh goat, blood mummy)
   BATTLE CRY: "Your Mother Mates With Knolltirs!"
   Leader:  Jay Tumelson
   Surface: c/o Kemper Service Co., 811 Main, Kansas City, MO 64105
   Voice Phone: (home) (913) 268-0013
                (day)  (312) 845-1232

 @ #721  The Shadow Guardians  (Fuvite) (12+)
   Area: Northern Jagged Mor
   (pummel Bear, xanxu cave spider, blood mummy)
   Battle Cry: "Beware the Shadows of Fuvah!"
   Group Leader: Larry Barrows (aka Bear)
   Surface: Quarters 78, San Bernadino, CA 92409
     Ambassador: Chuck Miro (aka Sol-Rac Orim)
   Surface: 6507 Queens Chapel Rd., University Park, MD 20782-2135
   Voice: 202/833-1830 (weekdays), 301/277-2495 (home)
   Fax: 202/833-0118
     Newsletter Editor: Ron Roff
   Surface: 2124-B Cherrywood Dr., Melbourne, FL 32935
   Voice: 407/255-2713; E-mail:
     Mapping Coordinator: Erik Gunderson
   Surface: 13333 W. Campbell, #120, Richardson, TX 75080
   Voice: 214/669-2669.

 @ Nomads of the Red Hand (Fuvite)
   Area: Jagged Mor Midlands, Central Gwardon
   (thermadon rex, landshark, barkbrute)

              ********   FORMING GROUPS   ********

   The Earth Elementals (mudwalkers)
   Leader:  Tim Bernik
   Surface: NAVSCOLEOD  40-B-92, Indian Head, MD 20640

   The Imperial League of Normans (Norman)
   Leader:  Mark Nyman
   Surface: 309 Sassafras St. #103, Erie PA 16507-1383

   Fuv Mong Chew (monger ?)
   Area: Jagged Mor North
   Group contacts: Wally Wilkins, Rt.2 Box 192, Cobbtown, Ga 30420.
                       Voice weekends: (912) 684-2620
                   Mick Wilkins, 3 Carr Lane, Palm Coast, FL 32137
                       Voice: (904) 445-3374

   Hulk of Paladins of the Island Guild
   Area: South Starth
   Contact: Harry Durnan, 14 Kingston St., Somerville, MA 02144-2714
      or    Jimmy Powers, 23 Kingston St., Somerville, MA 02144-2722

 @ Sons of the Dawn (Kabukian and fuvite)(name might change)
   Area: mid jagged mor
   Leader:  Jones Tyler
   Surface: 11400 Goose Pond Ln, Charles City, VA 23030