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Subject: Fort Fax

Version 1.0 (October 1995)



 MONSTER ISLAND FAQ: Maintained by Sol-Rac Orim, Fuvite Warrior
   The Shadow Guardians, Fuvite Group 721,

Q:  What is the Fort Ruins blurb?

    - FORT RUINS: In front of you lie the scattered ruins of
what must have been a small fort. There is no sign of who or
what last occupied it. You speculate that some awfully big
creature or unusually powerful Monster ripped the place to
pieces. One wall is punctured with a large set of teeth marks.
With a lot of effort, the Fort can be rebuilt. It would make a
nice place to camp and/or reside, provided whatever wrecked the
place didn't come back! To effect repairs, issue the REBUILD
order: Z (Action Pts). Each time you do this you will be told
the state of repairs. The job consists of repositioning the
stones, and cutting and tying bamboo into place. If members of
your group are in the square, and/or you have a Mount (and
Rope), you'll make quicker progress on repairs.

    - REBUILDING FORT RUINS: The Innkeeper would like to see the
Forts rebuilt. They are a particularly good place for a Group to
operate out of. These  Forts  once  housed  up to two dozen
people and their Mounts. Nowadays, a Fort would be a very secure
place to rest/sleep/recover from injuries.

Q:  What is the approximate number of Action Pts necessary to
rebuild a Fort Ruins?

    - Around 2000.

Q:  Can ungrouped Monsters rebuild a Fort Ruins?

    - Although the blurbs imply that only group members can
rebuild a fort, it seems that ungrouped monsters can also issue
Z orders and consequently anyone may rebuild a fort.

Q:  When rebuilding a Fort Ruins, is the multiplier effect that
comes into play when a Monster has a Mount (and a Rope) and/or
one or more group members are present in the square the same as
when rebuilding a temple?

    - 1.25 for a mount; 1.20 for one player; 1.35 for two
monsters of a group camped in the square; 1.45 for three
monsters of a group; and 1.50 for 4 monsters of a group.

Q:  When the rebuilding effort is accomplished, what blurbs are

    - FORT: A newly rebuilt fort consists of a semi-secure wall
and a building in its center. The largest room is the stable
where two dozen mounts can be stabled. The next largest room is
the bunk room which has a dozen bunk beds. There is also a
storage room, an outhouse (without water), and a double-room
consisting of living quarters and a workroom suitable for a
single permanent resident. A fort is owned/controlled by whoever
occupies it. When occupied, other monsters have to force their
way in. They'll be subjected to the fort's traps (if any) and
have to fight the occupants of the fort--except for your own
group's members.

    - FORT ORDERS: To camp in a fort, issue the Fort Stay order:
FS. This is excellent for recovering health. To guard/camp in
the fort, issue the Guard Fort order: GF. This has you camp in
the fort, but you'll be on guard for intruders and consequently,
recovering less health. To make some sort of physical
improvement to the fort, issue the Enhance Fort order: EF. This
requires 16 Action Pts and may result in taking one or more of
your possessions and making it a permanent part of the fort. To
place items in the store room, issue the Place order: P (item #)
(qty). To remove items, issue the Bring order: B (item #) (qty).
NOTE: Food cannot be placed in the store room. If the square
already has your group's totem markings, you can issue the TM
order to mark the fort.

Q:  The fort's stable can house 24 mounts, but there are only a
dozen beds in the bunk room. What is the upper limit of monsters
that can occupy a fort at a given time?

    - Unknown.

Q:  Can captured mounts be released into the fort and retained
in the stable?

    - Unknown.

Q:  Is there a limit to the number of different items that can
be placed in the Fort's store room, and to the quantity of each

    - The fort store room can hold an unlimited quantity (?) of
50 different items.

Q:  How much health is recovered using the Fort Stay order
versus using the Guard Fort order?

    - Using the FS order, a monster recovers a level of health
equal to that if he had stayed in a Far Inn. Using the GF order,
a monster recovers health as if he or she had merely camped out
in the open.

Q:  When opponents attempt to storm the fort, do all occupants
fight the intruders, or only those that have set the Guard Fort

    - Those that have issued the GF order will fight; those that
have issued the FS order will run away unless their settings are
at a level that would ensure hostilities.

Q:  What enhancements can be made to a fort?

    - Knives (you can add 2 with on EF order, to a max of 4)
    - Tusker Tusks (maximum of 4) [Tuskers (#180) are Fuvite
    - Spyglass (maximum of 4)
    - Pressure Trap (2 carrion talons, 1 spider spring; max of
    - Snake Trap (max of 8 or 12?)

Q:  Could a source of water be established inside a fort by
digging deep enough to strike water, or by filling a deep pit
with water in order to create a waterhole?

    - Unknown.

Q:  Can Monsters destroy a rebuilt Fort, so that it would become
once again a Fort Ruins?

    - Unknown.

 Many thanks to Jerry Hagedorn (jlhvhti@MO.NET), who provided
 much of the information. Please send any additions, corrections
 or new questions to Chuck Miro ( Thanks! :)