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From: ABMBob

Ok..Here goes...everyone try to follow and keep up with me. "There is a new Group Leader (GL) order and a blurb explaining it. all group members will get: BLURB# 563"

CHANGES- Stone Crypts and Tainted Hollows are now accessable. These include new creatures, numbered: ###, ###, and ### (you didn't think i would accually tell you did you)!! There are now revised blurbs for: Small Lockpick,Large Lockpick,Stone Crypt,Tainted Hollow and Lockpicking. Many advanced features for older players are NOW IN THE GAME. If this applies to you then you will recieve one or more of the 5 blurbs above. There is a new PR order which takes the form: PR-Item# - quantity. This allows a monster to get rid of a number of the same unwanted item in one order without creating yet another cache nobody'd want to glean. The combat routines have been changed to take better account of armor above a value of 18 (players with silver or better armor). Various minor and major bugs have been exterminated! This note came directly from KJC games by fax friday morning: "The changes which you now have for MI are for the experienced players and they should see the difference immediately. At the moment, we are adding new spells,again for the experienced players as some of our players have almost all of the current spells. We will try to send you regular update disks for Monster Island so that your players will see things being added continually and keep you informed as to what we are doing so you can tell your players". --Kevin J Cropper
Well....this is it everyone. As of: 10:00 AM this morning, Don and i took Monster Island into its next stage! The game is now updated. We tested for about an hour and used one actual player as a guinea pig and all things tested FINE! I need some help from all of you..This is serious. I need all of you to tell your friends, current, future, but most importantly, PAST. I want to bring back all of the older players and make the Island full again. I know a lot of players were just waiting to see if we made the changes we promised, and we have. It may have taken us two years, but we did it. Secondly, We need all of you to try things. Bring out any missing bugs they didn't catch at KJC. As i mentioned before, Don and i only tested 1 player. We have no real idea what's going to happen when we process 40 players at a time!!! Pretend it's an actual playtest. I have only had one or two problems reported to me from KJC, so don't be too concerned about "crashing the program" it won't happen. Just keep a mental or written list of new things you encounter or how different things work. We will need this for issue #2 of the MI newsletter which Erik Gunderson is working on. Issue#1 should be going out to everyone this coming week. Please report all new things found to him. Ok, that's about it for the debriefing. Thanks to all of you who so patiently waited for this UPDATE. I hope the wait is worth it for all of you. Again, call or write those old group members that dropped and get them back in. We need to establish real-time group leaders for every group created.
Thanks again,have fun and KEEP ME POSTED! your loyal gamemaster, --Keith +-----------------------------+

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