New Voices and New Visions  

Workshop: New Voices and New Visions for Engaging Native Americans in Computer Science

August 20-21, 2008

Wednesday, August 20

Please note: All times listed are Mountain Daylight Time (UTC-6)

If you plan to attend in person at University of New Mexico, please RSVP to

Sessions listed in bold type are available over the Access Grid. If you plan to attend over the Access Grid, please send mail to for Venue location and other technical details.

  1. 10:30am: Introduction: Glenn Bresnahan, Maria Williams
    A brief overview of the workshop, to welcome and introduce all who will participate.
  2. 11:00am: VR World demonstrations and informal discussions An opportunity for all to explore the virtual reality worlds created during the project, displayed on the tiled projection Deep Vision Display Wall.
  3. 12:00 noon: Lunch

    The Wednesday afternoon sessions below will be available over the Access Grid.

  4. 1:00pm MDT: Overview: Glenn Bresnahan, Maria Williams (slides)
    An overview of the history, goals, and basic design principles of our collaborative, interdisciplinary work to engage Native American students in computing through undergraduate and high school curriculum that integrates computing concepts with Native American arts and culture.
  5. 1:35pm Curriculum: Glenn Bresnahan (slides), Maria Williams, Erik Brisson (slides), Laura Giannitrapani (slides), Manny Retinger
    Presentation and explanation of class modules, available for free download and distribution from .
  6. 2:20pm MDT: Questions and Break
  7. 2:35 MDT: Evaluation: Tiffany Lee (slides)
    A description of the evaluation process, and summary of students' responses to the course.
  8. 3:00pm MDT: Building a Cyberclassroom: Jennifer Teig von Hoffman (slides)
    A brief description of the Access Grid videoconferencing software used to create our cyberclassroom, as well as for our regular planning meetings. Presentation and discussion of the challenges of creating this cyberclassroom, and some tools and techniques to minimize disruption and promote clear communication.
  9. 3:30pm MDT: Panel: Moderated by Glenn Bresnahan
    Participants in the University of New Mexico and Walatowa High Charter School courses will share their experiences of the project, and share about their work.
  10. 4:15pm MDT: Wrap-up and Futures: Moderated by Glenn Bresnahan
    A discussion of future ideas for related work.

Thursday, August 21

  1. 10:00am: Technology overview: Erik Brisson (slides)
    A brief introduction to the technology used for the students' virtual environments.
  2. 10:30am: UNM student panel: Moderated by Maria Williams (slides)
    Students from University of New Mexico discuss their work and share their perspectives of the course taught at UNM in 2006-2007.
  3. 11:15am: Building VR Worlds: Erik Brisson (slides), Laura Giannitrapani (slides), Robert Putnam (slides)
    Representatives from Boston University discuss behind-the-scenes technical aspects of building a virtual world, as well as conceptual and artistic planning.
  4. 11:50am: UNM Interdisciplinary Film & Digital Media program: Jim Linnell
  5. 12:15 noon MDT: Lunch
  6. 1:30pm: Using VR and multimedia in Native American arts: Patrick Willink (slides)
  7. 2:00pm: Integrating with a high school curriculum: Kevin Shendo, Arlan Sando, Brian Appell
    Representatives of the Pueblo of Jemez Department of Education and Walatowa High Charter School discuss the course taught in 2007-2008, which incorporated curriculum developed in the University of New Mexico undergraduate course.
  8. 2:45pm Walatowa student panel: Moderated by Kevin Shendo
    Students from Walatowa High Charter School discuss their work and share their perspectives of the course taught at Walatowa in 2007-2008.
  9. 3:30pm: Wrap-up