New Voices and New Visions  

Project Timeline

This NSF BPC grant is funded from March 1, 2006 through February 28, 2009. During the Spring of 2006 collaborators at Boston University and University of New Mexico began planning curriculum and recruitment strategy, and all parties gathered for a meeting in June 2006 to kick off the project. A college course was delivered at the University of New Mexico, during the first full academic year, culminating in a project combining the cultural themes and technical skills the students had gained. A summer workshop was convened at Jemez Pueblo in July 2007, bringing together participants from Boston University, University of New Mexico, Jemez Pueblo, and the Walatowa High Charter School. The second year is building on the first, bringing a modified version of the college course to the Junior class at the Walatowa High Charter School, and introducing a follow-on class for UNM students to work on more ambitious projects using their new expertise. During the last year of the grant, collaborators will compile evaluation data and disseminate course materials and lessons learned for other educators to use and expand on.

March 2006

  • Grant period officially starts

June 2006

  • Kickoff meeting in Albuquerque
  • Installation of DVD Wall at the UNM High Performance Computing Center

August 2006

  • First semester class at UNM begins
  • Felix Vigil leads sand painting project

September 2006

  • Pre-course evaluation with UNM students

October 2006

  • Class trip to Chaco Canyon National Historical Park

November 2006

  • Supercomputing 2006 SC Global Panel

December 2006

  • Show of first semester project to wider community

January 2007

  • Second semester class at UNM begins

February 2007

  • Class trip to Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Guest lecture by storyteller Bruce King
  • Guest lecture by artist Raven Chacon

April 2007

  • Guest lecture by artist lecturer Larry McNeil
  • Guest visit by actor Max Gail
  • Class presentation at UNM Undergraduate Research Symposium (won award)
  • Post-course evaluation with UNM students

May 2007

  • Visit by Jemez HS students and teachers
  • Public showing of full-year final project to wider community

July 2007

  • Installation of DVD Wall at Jemez Pueblo
  • Summer workshop at Jemez Pueblo

August 2007

  • First semester advanced class at UNM begins
  • First semester class at Walatowa begins

September 2007

  • Pre-course evaluation with Walatowa students

October 2007

  • UNM and Jemez students give presentation at National Indian Education
  • Association annual conference in Hawaii

November 2007

  • Supercomputing 2007 Education Program poster presentation

January 2008

  • Second semester advanced class at UNM begins
  • Second semester class at Walatowa begins

February 2009

  • Grant period officially ends