MIT Strategic
Games Society

The MIT Strategic Games Society (SGS) is a group of people loosely affiliated with MIT who meet at least weekly in Cambridge, MA to play boardgames, wargames, role-playing games and card games. Some of the most commonly played games are Titan, Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage, Victory In the Pacific, Advanced Squad Leader, Settlers of Cattan, 1830, Iron Dragon, Axis& Allies, Advanced Third Reich, Acquire and Civilization. SGS has a large collection of games available for playing at the club and for members to check out. Members are almost always open to trying new games as well.

Meetings/Location - The SGS office, at MIT Bldg. 50, Rm 316, is almost always open Fridays at 7PM and often on Saturday afternoon until late at night. See here for detailed directions.
Basic Information - membership, meetings, MtG, contact information, etc...
Games - owned and played by/at the club.
Members - meet the gamers.
Variants/Reviews/Events - Variants developed, reviews written and events attended by SGS members.
Links - other useful gaming sites on the WWW.

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