Game Sites

Recommended by SGS Members

Site Description
Web Grognards The premier site for wargame information on the web. Reviews, errata, etc...
The Game Cabinet Incredible site for game translations, reviews, letters and more by Ken Tidwell.
The Game Report Online Quarterly magazine edited by Peter Sarrett with reviews of English and German Games. Online version is somewhat behind.
Kulkmann's G@mebox Reviews of English and German Games
Brett & Board The premier English language site for information on German style games. By Mik Svellov. FAQ Frequently Asked Questions list for the excellent newsgroup.
Avalon Hill The premier manufacturer of war games also produces other board and card games. Avalon Hill used to host AvalonCon, the premier event for war games. This has now been taken over by the Boardgame Players Association (BPA) which runs the World Boardgaming Championships (WBC). The BPA's Chair is SGS's own Alan Applebaum and a number of the members regularly attend the WBC.
Steve Jackson Games Makers of Illuminati, Ogre/GEV, GURPS, Car Wars, Hacker, etc...
Doris & Franks's Small German company that makes Ursuppe and other games. Doris is also the premiere artist for boardgames from many companies in Germany.
Game Groups
Billabong Boardgamers Australian gaming group. Reviews, variants, etc...
The Westbank Gamers New Orleans gaming group. Reviews, variants, etc...
Individual Games
Titan Lots of useful information, put together by Bruno Wolff.
Cosmic Encounter Variants, suggestions, house rules, etc... by SGS member Aaron Fuegi.
Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage Nice Hannibal Review at Web Grogrnards written by Peter Card.
Local Links (Boston area) Boston area gaming news.