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Cosmic Encounter Titan - Cosmic Encounter-like powers for Titan players.
Setup - always use opposing towers in 2-4 player games. For example, in a 2 player game, if one player is in tower 2, the opposing player is always in tower 5. Also, in games with less than 5 players a random player goes first, not the person in the higher tower.
Settlers of Cattan
2-12 rule - Special additional rule. On a roll of a 2 or a 12, the Thief automatically returns to the Desert (after shutting down production on the 2/12 space).
In the basic game, the Thief is extremely powerful. This rule lessens his effect slightly. Also, on the basic board there is only one 2 and one 12 space while there are two spaces for every other non-7 number - this rule makes these two numbers a bit more important.
AvalonCon '97
Event report
TNT '97
Event report for the 1997 Titan National Tournament
AvalonCon '98
Event report
World Boardgaming Championships '99
Event report