Wonderland Trail: Planning and Preparing

The Wonderland Trail is a 93 mile trail circling Mount Rainier, the highest peak in the state of Washington. The trail is entirely contained within Mount Rainier National Park. We initially planned the hike as an 11 day hike (it ended up taking 10) starting and finishing at the Longmire Ranger station (in the southwest corner of the circuit) and traversing the trail in a clockwise direction. We cached food at the Mowich Lake and Sunrise ranger stations, respectively in the northwest and northeast corners of the circuit. The map below shows the entire trail, the route we ended up taking, and which camps we stayed at.

Theoretically, the west side is the "wet side" and the east side the "dry side" but it turned out the opposite way for us. We had very good weather for the first part of the trip and very poor weather the last few days.

Our Route

This is a full detailed map of the park.