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From  Sun Aug 13 01:13:19 1995

New Expansion--Tech

(Note: This is NOT the fabled "Technology" expansion!)


Thirty Tech markers--six for each of the following fields: Attack Tech,
Edict Tech, Flare Tech, Moon Tech, and Power Tech.

A Tech marker is a two-sided game piece used to indicate a player's Tech
level--0, 1, or 2--in a particular field. Appropriately labeled 3" x 1"
cardboard rectangles work nicely as markers. Each Tech marker has a "Level
1" side and "Level 2" side; both sides identify the associated field.

[Example: An Edict Tech marker has "Edict Tech Level 1" printed on one
side and "Edict Tech Level 2" on the other.]


Sort the Tech markers by field and set them aside.

During the game, players place Tech markers on the table in front of
themselves (in full view of others) so as to display their current levels
in each of the five fields. A player at level 1 or 2 in a field has a
marker for that field with the corresponding side ("Level 1" or "Level 2")
face up. A player at level 0 in a field has no marker for that field.

[Example: Alice is at Attack Tech level 0, Edict Tech level 1, Flare Tech
level 2, Moon Tech level 0, and Power Tech level 1. She has three Tech
markers on the table in front of her--an Edict Tech marker ("Level 1" side
up), a Flare Tech marker ("Level 2" side up), and a Power Tech marker
("Level 1" side up).]

Since every player begins the game at Tech level 0 in all fields, no
markers are distributed during setup.



You advance one Tech level in the field of your choice at the start of
each of your turns. You may also advance when another player uses Tech
against you (see "Wielding Tech") or as part of a deal (see "Trading
Tech"). To advance in a field:

* If you are currently at level 0 (no marker), draw a Tech marker for that
field and place it in front of yourself with the "Level 1" side face up.
You are now at level 1.
* If you are currently at level 1, turn your Tech marker for that field
over to the "Level 2" side. You are now at level 2.
* If you are currently at level 2, turn your Tech marker for that field
over to the "Level 1" side. In addition, all other players must discard
their markers for that field. You are now at level 1, and everyone else is
at level 0.

You can never have more than one marker for the same field.

[Example: Bill is at Attack Tech level 1, Edict Tech level 2, Flare Tech
level 0, Moon Tech level 0, and Power Tech level 0. At the start of his
next turn, he chooses to advance in Power Tech. He takes a Power Tech 
marker and places it in front of himself, "Level 1" side up. Had Bill
chosen Attack Tech, he would have flipped his Attack Tech marker to the
"Level 2" side. Had he chosen Edict Tech, he would have flipped his Edict
Tech marker to the "Level 1" side, and Alice and Cathy would have
discarded their Edict Tech markers, dropping to Edict Tech level 0 (Dave,
already at Edict Tech level 0, has no Edict Tech marker and would not have
been affected).]

Wielding Tech--

Each of the five Tech fields is related to a specific game action:

* Attack Tech--winning a challenge as offensive main player.
* Edict Tech--playing an Edict card.
* Flare Tech--playing a Wild Flare card.
* Moon Tech--using (or otherwise activating) a Moon.
* Power Tech--using an Alien Power and/or playing a Super Flare card.

When another player attempts to take one of these actions, and your Tech
level in the associated field is HIGHER than his, you may "wield" your
Tech in that field against him, with the following results:

* Attack Tech--All offensive tokens return to bases instead of landing on
the challenged planet or moon. (Losing defensive tokens are disposed of as
usual, and the challenge still counts as a win for the offensive player.)
* Edict Tech--The Edict has no effect and must be discarded.
* Flare Tech--The Wild Flare has no effect and must be discarded.
* Moon Tech--The Moon has no effect. A "Discard after use" [Eon] or
"One-Shot" [Mayfair] Moon is discarded, a "Continuing" Moon resumes its
effect at the start of the next challenge, an "Immediate" [Eon] or
"Intermittent" [Mayfair] Moon does not take effect until it is reoccupied
in a later challenge.
* Power Tech--The Alien Power and/or Super Flare card have no effect, and
neither can be used for the remainder of the challenge. (The Flare card is
not discarded and may be reused as a Wild Flare during the same challenge,
or as a Super Flare in a later challenge.)

When you wield Tech against a player, that player advances one level in
the field you wielded (see "Advancement"). A wield can be nullified by an
Advocate (see "Advocacy").

[Example: Alice, at Edict Tech level 1, plays The Plague (Edict) on Dave.
Bill, at Edict Tech level 2, wields Edict Tech against Alice, saving Dave
from The Plague. Alice discards The Plague card, without effect, and
advances to Edict Tech level 2.]


When another player wields Tech (see "Wielding Tech"), and your level in
the field being wielded is the SAME OR HIGHER than the wielding player,
you may declare yourself an Advocate of the intended target. The wield is
then canceled.

However, a player at a HIGHER level than the Advocate may "re-wield" Tech
against the same target. This second, higher-level wield can be stopped by
another Advocate.

If an Advocate successfully blocks a wield, the game action which prompted
the wield is carried out normally, and no one advances a Tech level as a

[Example: Cathy, at Power Tech level 0, wins a challenge as Macron (Alien
Power). Alice, at Power Tech level 1, wields Power Tech against Cathy,
preventing her from using Macron and thus reducing her total in the
challenge below that of her opponent. Seeing that Cathy would now lose the
challenge, Bill, at Power Tech level 1, declares himself an Advocate of
Cathy, allowing her to use Macron to win the challenge. Dave, at Power
Tech level 2, could wield Power Tech against Cathy again, causing her to
lose the use of Macron and the challenge, but he chooses not to. Note that
Cathy does not advance one level of Power Tech.]

Trading Tech--

When making a deal with another player, if your Tech level in a particular
field is HIGHER than his, you may allow him to advance one level in that
field (see "Advancement") as part of the deal. A player cannot advance
more than one level from a single deal.

[Example: Dave (Edict Tech level 0, Flare Tech level 2) is trying to make
a deal with Cathy (Edict Level 1, Flare Tech level 0). He suggests giving
her one level of Flare Tech in exchange for her giving him one level of
Edict Tech. Cathy insists on a base, though, and they finally agree on
these terms: Dave gives Cathy a base in his system, Cathy gives Dave one
level of Edict Tech and three cards from her hand.]

Bryan Bowe