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New Powers from Sonic

Subject: New Power descriptions I promised...
From: (Brandon Freels)
Date: 12 May 1994 23:08:46 -0700
Message-ID: <sonic.768809122@coyote>

(Retrieves Discards)

(Discard pile icon) 
YOU HAVE THE POWER TO FETCH.  When the cards are
being sent to the discard pile, you may retrieve one of them being
sent and offer it to another player.  If he does not accept the card,
you may keep it. If he does accept the card, give it to him and take 1
token from the warp or 1 card from the deck as a reward.

WILD:  (Infinity icon) Works as a Space Junk edict.

SUPER:  (Discard pile icon) You may fetch ALL of the cards going to the
     discard pile and offer them one by one to other players.


(Regenerates Tokens)

(Interphase icon)
YOU HAVE THE POWER TO REGENERATE.  During the interphase between each
challenge, you may take one of your tokens from the warp and put it on any
of your bases.

WILD:  (Interphase icon) Works as a Warp Break edict.

SUPER:  (Interphase icon) You may regenerate bases on the planets in your
     home system. Put a base on any planet in your system where you do not
     have one. (Effectively a Rebirth for up to 2 home planets at once).


(Can use reinforcements as kickers)

(Put cards face down icon & Reveal cards icon)
YOU HAVE THE POWER OF KICKING.  As a main player in a challenge, when the
time comes to play kickers, you may play a reinforcement card face down
just as if it was a kicker. When the cards are revealed, your
card acts just as if you had played a X2 kicker. The reinforcement card is
susceptible to KICKER ZAP. If you are COSMIC ZAPPED when using this power,
you may return the reinforcement to your hand and use it as an ordinary
reinforcement for that same challenge.

WILD:  (Reveal cards icon) You may double the attack card you just played 
     in the challenge before any other modifiers are taken into account.

SUPER:  (Reveal cards icon) You may change the kicker you played (or
     reinforcement played as a kicker) to any other kicker value in the
     deck (i.e. from 3 to -2).


(Buys viewed cards from the deck)

(Infinity icon)
YOU HAVE THE POWER TO SHOP.  Once per challenge when you are a main
player, you may take the top 3 cards from the challenge deck and look
at them. You may purchase any or all of them at 4 lucre each. Any
cards you do not purchase will be sent to the discard pile.


WILD:  (Infinity icon) When making a lucre purchase, receive double the
     amount of tokens, cards, flares, or attack bonuses for that purchase.

SUPER:  (Infinity icon) You do not have to pay for any of the 3 cards you
     pick up and look at.


Originally an idea from David Greenebaum (

(Colonizes unoccupied planets)

(Pointing the cone phase)
YOU HAVE THE POWER TO SETTLE.  If there is an unoccupied planet in the
system which you are attacking, you may occupy it without pointing the
cone or going through the attack sequence. Occupy it as you would an
unoccupied moon. This does count as a successful challenge.

WILD: (Revealed cards icon) As a main player or ally, you may place
one token on any unoccupied planet in the system in which you have
just won a challenge (offensive or defensive). The token you place
must be one of those involved in the challenge.

SUPER:  (Destiny flip icon) Instead of flipping the destiny card, you may
     occupy ANY unoccupied planet in the game. This counts as a successful

Lemme know what you think...

Domo.  Ja na.

Brandon Freels
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