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Skill Tokens

From  Sun Aug 13 01:12:19 1995

New Expansion--Skill Tokens


None, though some modifications to existing equipment are required. For
each of the 6 colors, label 5 tokens with the letter "E", another 5 with
"L", 5 "S", and the remaining 5 "W". A token's letter label identifies its
"skill"--E for "Escort", L for "Leader", S for "Shield", and W for


Set up is as usual, except players may initially distribute their tokens
among home planets however they wish, so long as each planet is occupied
by at least one token.


When playing with Skill Tokens, all existing Cosmic Encounter rules
regarding tokens--including the effects of powers, edicts, flares, moons,
etc.--still apply, except as noted here. Each token now has a particular
"skill," however, which must also be taken into account.

Escort Tokens--

In a challenge, after tokens (main players and allies) are committed but
before cards are played face down, Escorts are called. Starting with the
offensive main player and proceeding clockwise once around the board,
players with tokens already in the challenge may add some or all of their
Escort tokens to their respective sides.

Once called, Escorts are treated as any other tokens in the challenge
(e.g., adding to their side's total, sharing in the rewards or other
consequences, etc.). Escorts are not subject to the 4-token-per-player
limit; one could, for example, ally with up to 4 tokens and still call in
5 Escorts (assuming all 5 are available).

Only Escorts on bases can be called into a challenge. Phantom [Mayfair]
and Wraith [Mayfair] may also call Escorts from their ghost tokens and
reserve tokens, respectively. Escorts already in the challenge, in the
warp, removed from the game (e.g., via Void), or held captive by another
player (e.g., Assessor [Eon], Fungus, Vampire [Mayfair]) cannot be called.

If an ally calls Escorts, Crystal (as main player or ally) may determine
how many (up to the number available). Macron cannot call more than 1
Escort (unless the Super Macron flare is played). Magnet is used after
Escorts are called; an attracted ally may call Escorts, a repelled ally's
Escorts are also repelled. Wraith [Mayfair] must publicly announce a
decision to call Escorts, but the actual number is kept secret.

You cannot call an Escort token of a different color (e.g., a captive
token or Symbiote [Mayfair] second-color token) as one of your own
Escorts, even if it is under your control for all other purposes. If you
are Fungus, you may call a stack containing different colors if your token
(i.e., the one on top) is an Escort.

Leader Tokens--

You must have at least 3 "active" Leader tokens to use your Alien Power.
If you have fewer, you lose your power until you meet the 3-Leader
minimum. (You still need home bases to use your power, too--3 active
Leaders AND 3 home bases.)

A Leader is considered active if it occupies a base (or, during a
challenge, is on the cone). Leaders among Phantom [Mayfair] ghost tokens
and Wraith [Mayfair] reserve tokens (including any invisible tokens
committed to a challenge in progress) are also active. Leaders in the
warp, removed from the game, or held captive by another player are not
active. Leaders petrified by Gorgon [Mayfair] are still considered active.

Whenever another player explicitly selects one or more of your tokens for
any reason (e.g., Assassin, Butler, Flux Moon), he cannot pick a Leader
unless there is no other choice. Note this restriction applies only to
rules involving specific token selection; your Leaders may be targeted by
more general rules (e.g., challenging a base, Force Field, Implosion
Moon). You are always free to pick your own Leaders when selecting tokens
yourself, of course.

You cannot count a Leader token of a different color as one of your own
Leaders, even if it is under your control for all other purposes.

Shield and Weapon Tokens--

In any challenge, after all tokens (including Escorts) are committed but
before cards are played, compare the total number of Weapon tokens on the
offensive side (main player plus allies) to the total number of Shield
tokens on the defensive side (main player plus allies). If the number of
Shields is greater than the number of Weapons, the challenge ends
immediately--all tokens in the cone return to bases, there are no winners
or losers, and play passes to the next player. Otherwise, the challenge
proceeds normally.

Only one such comparison is made per challenge; if the offensive player
passes muster but the balance changes later (e.g., after Amoeba oozes or
Wrack tortures), the challenge still goes on. During the comparison,
Wraith [Mayfair] may reveal some or all invisible tokens committed to the
challenge that might affect the outcome (i.e., Shields or Weapons).

Each Shield (or Weapon) token counts as 1 Shield (or Weapon), even if the
token has a value other than 1 (e.g., Fungus stack, Macron, Mini Mac
Moon). Tokens adding to but not directly involved in the challenge (e.g.,
Defense Moon, Phantom [Mayfair]) and tokens of a different color than the
player controlling them (e.g., captive tokens, Symbiote [Mayfair]
second-color tokens) cannot be counted as Shields or Weapons.

Bryan Bowe