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The Rebellion

Subject: Added Player Expansion
Date: 14 Jun 1995 19:05:22 -0400
Message-ID: <3rnpvi$>

The Rebellion:
This is an expansion to allow another player into the game without 
having an extra system hex, or if a game is already in progress. A set 
of tokens of a color not already in the game is required.
The rebellion player takes his turn after the player who goes last (or 
as an option, directly after whichever player currently has the most 
external bases). The Rebel tokens are kept in a pile out of play. The 
Rebel may only use his or her power if he or she has at least one base 
established somewhere in the game (note the Rebellion is not a power in 
itself). Tokens lost go the warp normally. Tokens freed may go to any 
established bases, or out of play if there are none. Tokens out of play 
can not be affected by other players in any way.
The rebellion does not use the Destiny Pile (unless he is currently the 
player with the most bases). Instead, he simply makes a challenge 
against any base belonging to the player with the most external bases 
(in case of a tie, the Rebellion may choose). The Hyperspace cone is 
pointed at any of that player's bases, and he or she is the Defensive 
Main Player regardless of where the base is.
The challenge proceeds normally. If the first challenge is successful, 
the Rebellion may make a second, recalculating which player is winning 
(flipping the Destiny Pile if necessary).
The Rebellion may make alliances as normal.
If lucre is being used, the Rebellion collect three plus the number of 
external bases that the winning player has (even if it is them).
The Rebellion may not play the Rebirth edict. If they play the Schizoid 
wild flare, they may take another player's system, forcing that player 
to become the Rebellion.

Subject: Re: Added Player Expansion
Date: 8 Jul 1995 18:19:35 -0400
Message-ID: <3tn09n$>

	When the rebellion player is required to lose tokens for any
reason, it must be from those existing on the board.  The outer space
tokens are uneffected.  This works in two ways- it gives the rebellion
player the freedom to always attack with four fresh tokens and not
risk those on the base- but it also limits him from engaging in other
ways (allying for example).  When not the offensive MP, the Rebellion
may only use tokens in the game.  
	As far as the turn order- the optional turn sequence was
intended to rotate each turn.  Meaning: If player A is winning on turn
1, then Rebellion goes 2nd.  Once everyone has had a turn, you see who
is winning.
	If now it is player B, then Reb has to go after him, even if B
went into the lead in the middle of the previous turn.  It works like
the Q power as far as determining the order of play each round.  And
yes, it is only a hex substitute, not a power in itself.  Some players
prefer we not use it unless everyone is using alternate hexes, but I
don't feel it gives that player an unfair advantage if you are playing
normally.  Jack Reda aka