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Best Power Combinations

(Note: many of these break the Illegal Power Combinations rules listed in More Cosmic Encounters)
My own personal favorite (
Vulch, Mesmer, Silencer - I just love all three powers. Vulch-Mesmer makes me super-powerful and Silencer lets me cancel out a lot of other people. I just love the Vulch-Mesmer Hand Zap trick in Mayfair on anyone with a bunch of cards (say 10+ which pretty much guarantees they will have at least 1 edict to replace the one you spend zapping them).
From Ben Holiday (
This is easy. I always go for the "annoyance factor." I usually don't win, but it's fun to play.
SNIVELER--with the part played out to the extreme.
TERRORIST--tokens go bye-bye!
STING--I may be losing, but I'M not going to the warp.

Or, alternately, for complete control of my hand, just about.

From Christopher Wood (
For Eon powers, I still have a strong preferene to Judge-Machine. If you go with three powers, you can add Zombie (so you never run out of tokens) or Clone (so you never run out of challenge cards). The deal I usually have judge dictate is "Loser gets a base anywhere where the winner has a base"; on the offense, win or lose, I get a base. Machine lets me keep on going... and going... and going... regardless of whether I win or lose...
From Randy Martens (
Easy: Machine. Philanthropist. Mutant.
From Mike ( and others
Terrorist Healer - Blow up an entire system at once in a domino effect and then pick a new system to do it too. Only works until the person gets an external base. Also likes Delegator-Magnet.
From Mike Hutton (
Win - Doppleganger / Machine / Zombie
Win quickly - Parasite / Zombie (possibly with Prophet as well)
Just be plain unpopular - Filth / Disease or Filth / Prophet
Be a nasty opponent - Witch / Void. You don't want to win, you don't want to lose...