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One-Shot Powers (Use once and discard)

From: (Ben Holiday)
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 23:28:36 -0400

One-Shot Power Variation

This variation allows newer players to get a good feel for what each of
the powers in Cosmic Enounter can do.  Instead of choosing powers in
whatever "normal" manner used, shuffle the powers and have each player
draw one power at random.  The remaining powers are placed in a pile off
to the side.  All the flares are shuffled into the deck.  A player's power
is kept face down until it is used.  Then, it is discarded and a new power
drawn from the top of the unused powers.  A player may, at hte very
beginning of his turn, choose to discard his current power, unused, and
draw a new power from the stack.  The player may use that power in that

Of course, this method provides some difficulties for some powers that are
meant to have a continuining effect, such as Fungus and Schiziod. 
Therefore, some powers should either not be used or have the following
clarifications made to them.

Aristrocrat--Use this power when you must discard your hand.  Search
through the deck and draw a hand of seven cards, as specified on the
power.  Shuffle the deck.

Boomerang--After using boomerang, a player may draw a new power to use in
challenge B.  When challenge A resumes, this power may not be used.

Changeling--Use after another player uses his power.  The effect still
occurrs, but you get the power afterwards for use in another challenge. 
Changeling is discarded.

Doppleganger--This power allows you to discard your hand and draw two
cards from your opponent, as per the rules on the power.

Fungus--After using the power, the stack counts as a Fungoid stack until
it goes to the warp.

Industrialist--This allows to to set aside your losing challenge card
until a battle of your choice, in which you may use it as a positive or
negative reinforcement.

Insect--This power lets you copy a power when someoned else uses it,
whether you are a main player or not.

Machine--This lets you take just one extra challenge.

Pentaform--Draw five powers.  Use each of them once, in any order that you

Plant-- Use this power and swap it for as many random unused powers as you
have outer systems with bases in them.  Choose one of these powers, which
you may play immeadiately or keep it hidden.  All other powers are

Reincarnator--When revealed, draw a random power and keep it as a normal
one-shot power.  Reincarnator is not discarded until you decide to play a
power that you wish to keep for another time.  Other powers of yours may
be used/discarded without the Reincarnator taking effect.

Symbiote--Each of your tokens counts as two; you may put only two tokens
in the cone.  They count as two tokens each for the purpose of rewards,
consolation, etc.

Terrorist--The Terrorist gets to plant one bomb, which will explode under
normal conditions even after the Terrorist is discarded.

Warrior--The point(s) you earn can be set side as a reinforcement, as per

Wraith--As offensive player, put one token on the cone, and then secretly
write down the locations of one to three additional tokens that you wish
to place (locations determined as per Terrorist planet naming).  This is
revealed after the challenge cards are flipped, and the appropriate tokens
are moved.  As defensive player, write down how many tokens will not be
involved in the challenge and the location of other bases where these
uninvolved tokens will go.  After the challenge cards are revealed, these
tokens go to the bases indicated.  They do not activate terrorist bombs. 
You may leave no tokens in the challenge.

In addition to these powers, the Schzoid should plain and simply not be
used.  Its power makes no sense in this version.

"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat.  "We're all mad here.  I'm mad,
you're mad."
"How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, "Or else you wouldn't have come here."
        --Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,  Lewis Carrol