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New Cosmic Powers, Flares and Other Cards

From: Gerald Katz <>


Keeps Own Flares

You have the power of Eon.  You need not discard any wild flare that you play.
You may instead keep it to use in another challenge.  However, the following
flares follow the immortal words of use once and discard : Aristocrat, Darwin,
Demon, Disease, Doppelganger, Dragon, Fate, Filth, Immigrant, Insect, Magnet,
Praw, Replicant, Serpent, Vacuum, Vampire, Void, Wabbit.

HISTORY: Eons ago, an alien power dominated the universe during an old Cosmic
Encounter.  After millennia of rule, they retired to the West End.  Out of
nostalgia for their history, they have returned to reconquer the universe only
to find the universe once again at war.  While the Ancient ones recognize some
old foes, they are also met with new ones, and even though the rules of war
have changed, their retention of the old ways will surely mean their ultimate

Discards Own Hand

You have the power to discard.  As offensive player, you may discard your hand
to get a new one after playing any appropriate cards.  You may do this upon
winning your first challenge but lacking a challenge card with the hope of
getting one to do your second challenge.  If you then do not get a challenge
card, your turn ends.  As soon as you are determined to be defensive player,
you may play any appropriate cards, discard your hand, and get a new one.

HISTORY: The Wastrels have no sense of conservation.  They wantonly use what
they need and rid themselves of excess.  Quickly depleting their own reserves,
they seek to exploit the resources of the cosmos.

Uses Other Players' Lucre

You have the power to panhandle.  You start off the game with no lucre and do
not receive any during the game.  However, when you are required or have an
opportunity to spend lucre because of a card, moon, another person's power
etc., you ask another player to pay for you, which he must.  If no player has
enough lucre, what ever you need the lucre for is free.  If for some reason you
receive lucre during the game, you must immediately spend it.  Any left over is
saved until you can buy something, which you must.

HISTORY: An alien battle over the Beggars world almost completely destroyed
their planet.  Left in utter destitution with no hope for an economy, the
Beggars have no choice but to ask for handouts from others.  Unfortunately, the
Beggar's do not have the wisdom to save what little they receive.  Only by
cosmic rule will the Beggars finally have financial security.

Use only in a game with Lucre

Enforces The Rules

You have the power of red tape.  Whenever another player breaks a rule he is
not entitled to, you put any one of his tokens into the warp.  Some common
illegal rule breaks are: not putting tokens into the cone before pointing it at
planet to be challenged, defensive player asks for allies first, token
retrieved from warp is placed on the cone not a base, forgetting to return
tokens to bases or discarding played cards, etc.

HISTORY: Bureaucrats always have a conniption fit whenever people don't follow
the most simplest of procedures because it always leads to confusion and
delay. Once everyone follows the Bureaucratic way, then there will be
happiness, and it will be mandatory!

Settles Game Play Disputes

You have the power of arbitration. This is an extra power a randomly selected
player receives at game set up.  Whenever there is a disagreement among the
players concerning game play, even if you re involved, you make the final
decision for the solution.  If zapped, all players must vote but you still
break ties.  This power is not effected by the number of home bases a player
has.  In any case, after the decision has been made, give this power to the
player who lost out on the decision.  If you decide against yourself, you keep
this power.  If Silenced, the player may still speak but only to use this

HISTORY: Tired of the silly arguments of inferior races, the Continuum take it
upon themselves to determine the rules of conduct for all.

Changes Colors Of Tokens

You have the power of camouflage.  When ever you are attacked on a planet where
you share a base with other players, including offensive player, or in your
home system even if you re attacked where you have no tokens, all other tokens
change to your color.  You then defend all tokens normally.  Players whose
tokens you defend may not ally voluntarily, except Parasite as per his power.
However, their tokens retain any special characteristics.  Ex: Macron tokens
are still worth 4.  If you lose the challenge, all defensive tokens go to the
warp.  If you win, owner's of other tokens do not receive any rewards.  If you
fail to deal, you lose 3 of your own tokens.

HISTORY: The Chameleons, at the bottom of the food chain, developed the ability
to hide in natural surroundings for survival.  Since their enemies could not
find them, their numbers grew until they overpowered their foes.  Paranoid to
the core, the Chameleons now hide among the Cosmos, waiting for their new
enemies to destroy each other.

Do Not Use With Reverse System Hexes

Destiny Determines Offensive Player

You have the power to fool.  Instead of the destiny pile determining the
defensive system, it determines the offensive player who attacks the player
whose turn it is in his own system.  Clown does not come into play on wild cone
or special destiny cards.  On your turn, the destiny pile determines the
defensive system as normal.

HISTORY: Laughter is the best medicine, and the Clowns excel at it.  Adept at
the practical joke, the Clowns easily turn the tables on everyone.  As everyone
laughs at the Clowns antics, some begin to wonder why they feel they just got
hit in the face with a pie.

Do not use with Machine or Pod

Opponents Cannot Use Flares or Edicts

You have the power to handicap. As main player, your opponent may not use any
edicts or flares except to stop you from using this power.

HISTORY: A genetic disease rare among the Cosmos had nevertheless infected the
Cripples.  Horribly malfigured, aliens have no choice but have pity and do not
have the courage to take advantage of them.  The Cripples hate this pity, but
they ll show everyone they re just as capable as they are.  In fact, they re

Rolls Dice In Challenges

You have the power of chance.  As main player, instead of playing challenge
cards, you may have the challenge be determined by rolling dice.  You roll
three 6 sided dice and your opponent rolls two.  Conclude the challenge
normally.  Any card, power, moon, or rule that effects challenge cards effect
the dice as well.  If necessary, players may write down dice rolls for future
use instead of rolling where applicable.  You need not get a new hand as main
player when out of challenge cards.

HISTORY: The Dice have no patience to wait for defense contractors to build
their weapons.  Instead, the Dice mastered the theory of numerological
mechanics to do the work for them.  While other aliens can grasp some of the
laws, the Dice's knowledge of how wearing green can win a battle gives them the

Do not use with Freak

Uses Opponent's Challenge Cards

You have the power to haunt.  In the beginning of the game, you do not receive
a 7 card hand nor receive one during the game.  Whenever you are main player
and must play a challenge card, you may ask any one player for his highest
Attack card and a Compromise card.  If he only has one that's all he gives.
Instead, you may draw from the deck until you get a challenge card, discarding
all others.  After the challenge is over, if given 2 cards, return the second
card to the original owner.  If you somehow receive cards during the game by
other means, discard all challenge cards, but you may keep all others for later

Uses Flares As Powers

You have the power of evolution.  At game set up, there will be 30 Flares put
into the deck.  When you get a Wild Flare, you may ignore its effects.
Instead, when you play a Wild Flare, you would get to use the power that is the
name of the Flare.  The Flare gets discarded as normal.  Flare Zaps have no
effect when you play a Flare in this way.  While you still must abide by any
time constraints of the various powers, you need not show you have a particular
Flare until you actually use it.  If there is a lien on your hand, you may
still play a Flare Power but only if the power is actually used.  Use of this
power is allowed when opposing Cripple. Under Sanity, if you decide to use this
power, you may play any number of Flare Powers you want.  Under Insanity, you
must as possible use at least one Flare power but you need not play all of them
nor use them as regular Flares.  You are permitted to use a Wild Flare normally
instead of using the power.  Should you get a Flare whose power can't be used
because of ambiguity, not allowed because of another power in the game, or has
a game artifact, you may exchange it with a random Flare drawn from the unused
Flare deck.

HISTORY: The Darwins believe that life forms develop from inferior
predecessors.  To prove their theory, they have perfected the science of
advancing the evolutionary stages of alien DNA.  However, the Darwins are eager
to try to evolve already developed creatures.  They ll just have to get
volunteers from the cosmos.

Not Bound By Timing Rules

You have the power of relativity. You are not bound by normal timing rules for
game actions.  You may place tokens into the cone out of order though not after
challenge cards are revealed.  You may also play all edicts, flares, moons, and
powers at any time provided all conditions except for timing are met.  Ex
Playing a Mobius Tubes when another player asks for allies is ok.  You may not
take a turn or challenge out of sequence, thus Queue will still determine your
turn order.  However, a Timegash in the middle of a challenge is ok.  You may
play cards when there's a lien on your hand.  Obvious powers must still be
played before cards are revealed, such as Loser and Mirror.  You may play a
Cosmic Zap at any time.  You need not be offensive player to play a Mobius

HISTORY: When the Einsteins failed to grasp simple mathematics, they determined
it was due to the subjectiveness of their professors.  They therefore created a
New Math, freeing them from the stoic laws of the rest of the universe. Now
they want to supplant those laws with their own.

Controls Token Movement

You have the power to transport.  When any player returns tokens to bases for
any reason, you decide to which bases they will go.  Tokens must go to already
existing bases.

HISTORY: A long time ago, the Enterprises were interested in nothing but
exploring new worlds and new civilizations.  However, the newest generation
would only deliver people they already knew to places they ve already been.
However, this does leave Deep Space outposts poorly defended.

Takes Back Game Actions

You have the power of inexperience.  Once per challenge, you may take back any
one game action that you did regardless of how long ago you did it provided it
was in the same challenge.  Other players may not take back any reactions they
may have done.  For example, if you play a Flare but it gets zapped, you may
put it back into your hand for use in another challenge, but the Flare Zap
remains discarded.  Perhaps as an ally you decide to take back your tokens
after cards are revealed, unless forced by Magnet or Glue.  You cannot take
back any action that is mandatory.  For example, as offensive player, you
cannot take back your tokens after cards are revealed since committing tokens
is mandatory.  Even though the number you commit is voluntary, you still may
not take back any tokens since it involved a mandatory procedure.  It
multi-power games, you may take back the use of another power after cards are
revealed such as with Calculator or Mirror.  If this power is zapped as you
attempt to use it, deciding to take back that action would mean you decide not
to use this power at all.  It is the same as taking back your decision to use
the Calculator or Mirror power. Therefore, the Cosmic Zap works anyway.

HISTORY The Rookies only recently developed space travel and thus are
inexperienced in knowing how things work in the Cosmos.  When they realize they
made a mistake, they call for a do-over to make things right.  While this does
cause complications for everyone else, they ask for understanding and say they
are just learning.  They promise that next time they will do things correctly.
However, the Rookies know how to take advantage of always looking for new next

Has A Hand Of Ten Cards

You have the power ten. Your hand consists of 10 cards.  At the beginning of
the game, and whenever you get a new hand, you receive 10 cards.  If you have 3
or less cards, even if you have challenge cards, you may proceed as if you have
no challenge cards at the appropriate time.

HISTORY: Like most aliens, the Exponents have ten digits at the end of each
extremity.  In fact, the first thing Exponent babies learn is how to count on
them.  Their own self-fascination dominates their lifestyle.  They now seek to
benefit the universe with their rule of ten.

Determines Destiny

You have the power of destiny.  Before the game starts, after the first player
has been determined, you arrange the destiny pile as you wish.  You also select
the special destiny cards.  During the game, when the destiny pile must be
reshuffled, except by Super Crystal, repeat this process.  You may look through
the destiny pile at any time.

HISTORY: Many an alien has bemoan his luck when enemies attack at the most
inopportune time.  Is it truly bad luck, or is there some sinister intelligence
behind it?

Uses A Reverse System Hex

You have the power of advantage.  At game set up, you may choose any one of the
reverse system hexes to be your home system for the entire game.  This power is
immune to anything that would prevent you from using this power.  You are
immune to the Wild Schizoid Flare.

HISTORY: There is a vast region of space that defies the known laws of physics.
Any alien who occupies it has a great advantage over those who live in the more
common of solar systems.

Use in games with multiple powers
Do not use with Changeling, Gorgon, Insect, Link, Plant, Terrorist, or Reverse
System Hexes

Opponents Play Lowest Attack Card

You have the power of low.  As main player, your opponent must play his lowest
Attack Card in any way he plays Challenge Cards.

HISTORY: While many aliens can be considered ugly, the Freaks give them a run
for their Lucre.  Because of their pathetic appearance, their enemies feel
overconfident and don't want to waste their more powerful weapons upon them.
Naturally, the Freaks have no desire to inform them of their error.

Do not use with Dice

Moves Other Players Tokens

You have the power to stick.  From any place where you move tokens where other
players have tokens, you must take with you as possible one player's token for
each token you move.  Different tokens may stick to different players tokens.
If it causes a player to be an ally, he must despite Force Field or
Magnet. Players may add tokens normally in a challenge, even for the opposing
side.  You may force a player to ally against himself.  You cannot stick to

HISTORY: The Glues fear isolation.  Through out their lives each Glue has
someone to be with.  When they learned space travel, they saw how all the
worlds were far from each other.  The Glues want to save them from their
isolation by being all over the place.

Do not use with Sting

No Allies Or Deals

You have the power of inferiority.  Because aliens look down upon you, the
following happens: You may not be asked to ally.  As main player, neither you
nor your opponent may ask for allies.  Your opponent cannot collect consolation
cards from you except per Ethic's power.  You cannot make deals with other
players unless it is by a power, card, or moon.  Discard all Compromise Cards
that you receive.

HISTORY: After millennia of warfare, Humanity developed a world government and
jump started their space program to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Their lack of any nifty abilities bring scorn and laughter from the more
advanced alien races.  Having to explore space alone, the clever Humans will
show who is the true master race.

Shares Bases With Other Players

You have the power to assimilate.  If you win as offensive player for a
planetary base, your opponent's tokens remain on the planet.  As a losing
defensive player for a planetary base, your tokens remain on the planet.
Consolation is still taken as appropriate in either case.

HISTORY: As the great cosmic war develops, countless refugees travel among the
stars.  While they have no desire to force others from their homes, neither do
they want to leave their own.

Keeps Or Discards Compromise Cards

You have the power of vice.  As main player, you may either collect all
Compromise Cards from all players or else give away all your Compromise Cards
to other players.

HISTORY: Pranksters to the core, the Imps delight in playful torturing.  More
then willing to take upon themselves other people's handicaps, they are just as
quickly to bombard others with handicaps of their own.

Makes Private Deals

You have the power of conspiracy. You may have at your discretion a secret
meeting with each player once during a challenge.  Player status in a challenge
is irrelevant, and a meeting may take place after challenge cards are revealed.
Players may decline a meeting request.  You and that player may have the
meeting at some distance away from the game area, including another room.  You
both take with you all your cards, Lucre, unoccupied home system Moons, Power
Cards, and anything written down like Terrorist's bomb list or Schizoid s
winning conditions.  In this secret meeting, you and the other player may try
to develop a strategy for the current challenge and/or future challenges.  You
may also freely exchange any Lucre, cards, Moons, Powers, and/or written
information as desired and agreed upon.  Miser may exchange cards from his
hoard.  Neither of you are obligated to show the other player any of your
cards, Moons, or written information.  Other players are not told what gets
exchanged unless and if such a change is noticeable when you return to the game
area.  Fnord example, it will become obvious if Powers are exchanged.  Any
deals agreed upon other than what gets exchanged are not binding.  No one may
gain a base through this secret meeting.  However, the defensive player can
agree to purposely lose the challenge in exchange for keeping his tokens on the
base if not a Moon challenge or vice versa with resect to the offensive player
keeping his tokens for purposely losing any challenge but again, it's not
binding to let him keep his tokens should he lose.  However, you would have to
be a main player.  Other players may not initiate any private meetings even if
they are normally permitted through house rules or custom except with you.  You
may initiate a meeting with a player just after he does some action with the
hopes of getting him to take back his action which he may do if he agrees.

HISTORY: Ahem.  Are you sure you are feeling all right?  You mustn't be so
paranoid.  There is no conspiracy.  It is a figment of your imagination.
Please come this way.  Ignore the men in the white coats.  This is fnord your
own good.  Trust me.

Purposely Loses Challenges

You have the power to self destruct.  As main player with tokens at stake in
the challenge, after cards are played but before they are revealed, you may
declare the attack to be a suicide mission.  The cards are discarded and all
your tokens and all your opponent's tokens go into the warp.  Both you and your
opponent are considered to have lost the challenge.  However, all allies are
considered to have won the challenge and get the base or rewards as

HISTORY: A deeply religious race, the Kamikazes do not fear death for they know
that through martyrdom, they will truly be the universal ruler.

Controls Other Players Thoughts

You have the power of political correctness.  Before each turn, you may
secretly declare a word offensive to your feelings.  For the rest of the game,
any other player who says any of the offensive words or their derivatives must
lose 2 tokens of their choice to the warp after announcing the offending word
he uttered. Players may use alternative words even if an offensive word is
necessary for their power.  You may write down a list to help remember which
words are offensive.

HISTORY: The Liberals place the utmost value on good self-esteem.  They view it
distasteful for anyone to consider themselves better than others in any way.
To ensure that no one feels bad, the Liberals seek to eradicate all insensitive
thoughts.  Of course, all thoughts that disagree with theirs are always

Uses Allies' Powers

You have the power of comraderie.  As main player or ally, you may use one
power of one player on your side of the challenge.  Players maintain use of
their own powers and timing conflict rules apply.  You may use a power only
available earlier in the challenge using the Insect vs. Loser rule.  If linked
to Changeling, you must swap this power with the opposing main player's power.
If you lose the challenge when linked to Reincarnator and its incarnation, you
must discard this power and get a new one.

HISTORY: Lacking their own initiative, the Links borrow ideas from their
friends.  They spread among the cosmos so that they can learn from everyone.

Uses Attack Cards As Lucre

You have the power of business.  You may use any Attack card from 1 to 7 as
Lucre.  If paying to the bank, the card is discarded.  If paying to a player,
give him the card.  Any change due is payed back in Lucre.  You may spend
regular Lucre with the card.  Using a card this way does not count as playing a

HISTORY: We are just a loving family. Family is important.  We are just humble
businessmen, but you know something?  It really would be a shame if anything
bad happened to you.

Use only in a game with Lucre

Tries To Lose Own Tokens

You have the power to hurt yourself.  You are not bound by normal winning
conditions nor Schizoid.  Instead, you win the game if all your tokens are
lost.  This includes tokens in the warp, out of the game, or held by other
players.  This power is not bound by the number of home bases you have.

HISTORY: The Masochists suffer from a neurological disorder where they derive
pleasure from self-flagellation.  However, some are beginning to wonder if it's
really a religious ritual to bring forth their dominance in the universe.

Gets Paid To Ally

You have the power to be hired.  If only one main player asks you to ally, if
you agree to ally, he must pay you 4 Lucre.  If he doesn't have enough, you may
look through his hand and take any one card.  If both main players ask you to
ally, and you agree to ally, they must have an auction.  You must ally with the
highest bidder who must pay you his bid.  You do not get paid in a forced
alliance, but you may keep the Lucre if you are forced out of the challenge or
delegated to main player.

HISTORY: The Mercenaries hire themselves out to the highest bidder for they
love to fight.  However, their ultimate plan is to establish such an
indispensable position in the universe so that they can turn the tables and
force their former employers to fight each other in their arenas for their

Use only in a game with Lucre

Changes Rules Of Game

You have the power to change the rules. In the beginning of each challenge, you
may add, remove, or change any one game rule.  This rule is made public and
bound by all players.  The rule may not duplicate any power currently in the
game nor essentially nullify such a power.  Changing the number of home bases
to be able to use your power is ok.  Also, you may not alter any conditions in
winning the game.  That perogotive is for the Schizoid.  You may not change
card values or instructions.  You may not have a player essentially
automatically win a challenge or the game.  The rule may not single out any one
player for better or for worse. You may not repeat a rule change.  The rule
change only lasts until the end of the challenge.

HISTORY: When the Mayfairs came onto the cosmic scene, it brought utter
disaster and chaos to the space/time continuum.  Some alien races could not
handle hit, being forced to change their way of thinking and doing things.  One
alien race even changed color!  Only through a temporary truce could they stop
the Mayfairs from completely ruining everything.  However, while the Mayfairs
have been contained, they still seek to change the universe to their reality.

Has Pre-selected Bases

You have the power of embalming.  At game set-up, you set aside any number of
your tokens off the board.  You also select a number of bases equal to the
number of players in the game where you will have entombed tokens.  Divide your
set aside tokens among those bases secretly written down somewhere.  When any
player establishes a base on a planet as a result of winning the challenge or
making a deal where you have a tomb, place the appropriate amount of set aside
tokens there and establish a base.  When you have no more tombs, if and when
you have tokens in the warp, take them out, set them aside, and choose two more
bases as tombs, and divide those set aside tokens as before.  If you lose the
use of this power, tombs will still open, but your tokens would then go into
the warp.

HISTORY: Before the current cosmic war, the Mummies explored the universe.
Those brave souls who unfortunately passed away were buried among the alien
worlds.  Excelling in mummification, they knew that under the right
circumstances, they can bring back to life their dead ancestors.  What better
way to honor them then by giving them the universe to rule?

Spends Less Lucre

You have the power of bargains.  When you spend Lucre for a fixed price, even
to another player, you need only pay half the amount rounded up.

HISTORY: Always looking for bargains, the Merchants have excelled in being able
to purchase items they need at the best price.  Their excess cash will
certainly help in buying off the cosmos.

Use only in a game with Lucre

Forces Players To Lose Bases

You have the power to devour.  When the destiny pile is flipped, if you share a
base in the system indicated, and you have more tokens there than another
player, you may put all of his tokens on that planet into the warp.  The number
of tokens other players have on that planet do not matter, but you may only use
this power on one player on one base.  For a wild or special destiny, if a
system gets attacked, that is where you use the power.

HISTORY: The Piranha are always eager to lend their fin in the spirit of
friendship.  However, their so called friends learn too late that they are
actually the Piranha's prey.

Uses Other Players' Tokens

You have the power to impersonate.  You do not have a system hex, tokens, or
destiny color.  Through out the game, if you have no tokens as offensive
player, just point the cone as normal.  Whenever you win the challenge as main
player, flip over all losing tokens.  They go/remain on the base and are your
tokens for the rest of the game.  Players can only get them back if they beat
their own tokens in a future challenge.  They would still go to the warp.
Other of your losing tokens would also go to the warp but remain yours.  Void
and Fungus, for example, are forced to use their powers on their own tokens.
Whenever you have tokens involved in the challenge, you may use any of the
powers corresponding to the powers of the original owners of the tokens
involved in the challenge, if the original players still have use of their
powers.  If any power combination causes a conflict of interest, you decide
which power shall prevail, the other being ignored. A Cosmic Zap stops you from
using those powers or collecting tokens should you win.  You cannot be
reincarnated.  If this power somehow gets transferred to another player, you
essentially switch everything.  You get his powers, tokens, cards, home system,
etc, and he gets whatever is yours.  In games with Lucre, you will collect 4
Lucre plus 1 Lucre for each base you have on your turn.

HISTORY: Many a general will get reports of unrest at a remote colony only to
find everything is peaceful upon investigating the matter.  Assuming everything
is fine, the general leaves, ignorant of the fact that intelligent
microorganisms have taken over.

Do not use with Insect or Link

No Specific Player Status

You have the power of no status.  As main player, you may play cards and other
of your powers only available as an ally.  As an ally, you may play cards,
except challenge cards, and other of your powers as a main player.  Use normal
timing rules in case of conflict.  Your power works even for cards which are
stricter.  For example, you may play cards only available as an offensive
player not only as an ally but also as defensive player.  If you are playing
with Lucre, you may purchase items with Lucre as an ally.

HISTORY: The Nerds have become an outcast of the cosmic clique, never welcomed
among the cool parties and celebrations.  However, the highly intelligent Nerds
use this forced segregation to their advantage by ignoring the accepted rules
of etiquette and do anything they want.

Other Players Must Wait For Cards

You have the power of slowness.  When any other player is entitled to cards
from the deck, discard pile, another player, or unused flare deck, he does not
receive it immediately.  Instead, the cards are set aside out of play.  The
player does not receive them until the corresponding step in the next
challenge.  If the offensive player has no challenge cards, his turn ends, even
if he must lose his entire turn.  There are certain conditions which supersede
your power: game set-up, Mutant using his power, Miser getting cards for his
hoard, defensive player getting a new hand for lack of a challenge card, and
any power where cards exchange hands but only if by use of power it must be
carried out for challenge to continue.  For example, if Trader trades hands,
the cards are exchanged immediately because cards are needed to play challenge
cards; however, Philanthropist's gift can be set aside until next challenge
since even though the gift must be sent, it doesn't have to be played.

HISTORY: Many a customer complain about late deliveries of packages, but the
Postmen always say that it can't be helped due to the huge demand of their
services.  Their true motive, of course, is to get into a position where
everyone would have no choice but to depend on the Postmen to be in charge of

Creates A Second Warp

You have the power of abyss.  When there are 15 or more tokens in the warp,
they all leave the warp and go into the Praw.  If any of those tokens are
yours, you return them to bases.  Anything that can take tokens out of the warp
will also take tokens out of the Praw into the warp.  However, if this puts the
token count in the warp at 15 or more, they all go back into the Praw.  If you
lose your power, tokens remain in the Praw but are considered in the warp.

HISTORY: Deep within the warp, unknown to the wisest of sages, exists another
dimension where the remains of the departed go, unaffected by the latest
warp-resurrection technology.  What is even more dangerous, they don't even
know it is expanding.

Has A Second Home System

You have the power to uplift.  You have a second system hex complete with its
own tokens, cards, destiny color, powers, etc.  You decide where to place it on
the board.  You play this system like a player normally would.  Both system
tokens may ally with each other but may not share cards.  To win the game,
either you or your second system must have 5 foreign bases, but not
collectively.  Bases in each other's system do not count.  If you lose your
power, everything regarding your second system is frozen until you get your
power back, but players bases there still count for the win.  If you or the
second system draws the other in destiny, draw again.  The second system is
considered a game artifact.

HISTORY: Much to everyone's denial, the Progenitors claim to be the first alien
race of the universe, having created all the others.  Ignoring their children s
denial, the Progenitors continue their life-giving ways.  They would be so
proud if their child race gained dominance over the cosmos.  Naturally, though,
that child would always do what its parent says.

Main Players Discard Attack Cards

You have the power of disarmament.  As main player, before cards are played, if
you have an Attack Card, you may call out disarm.  Your opponent must discard
his highest Attack Card, and you must discard any one of your Attack Cards.
If, as a result, the offensive player has no Challenge Cards, his turn ends and
tokens return to bases.  If the defensive player has no Challenge Cards, he
gets a new hand as normal.

HISTORY: Long ago, the Salts were on the verge of destroying themselves.
Through a necessary trust of their enemies, the Salts began a disarmament
program.  Finally able to breathe with a sigh of relief, the Salts now seek to
disarm the universe.

Copies Same Player's Power

You have the power to duplicate.  On each challenge, you may use this power as
one of your other powers.  That power can then be used twice in the challenge
if appropriate.  Ex: Negate twice, Snivel twice, Assassinate twice.  Should the
original power be stopped, you may still use it.  To use this power as
Changeling, swap this power with one of your opponent's.  When replicating a
power with an artifact, you are only replicating the power, not the artifact.
Therefore, you get 2 of that artifact.  Ex: Replicant/Schizoid means you have a
set number of bases (both Replicant and Schizoid would have to be equal) but
two different extra conditions that must both be fulfilled.
Replicant/Progenitor allows the player 2 extra home systems.
Replicant/Pentaform, Replicant has its own set of 5 powers.  In games of 3 or
more multi powers, you may switch between powers, but not in the same
challenge.  Any Replicant artifacts are frozen and not in play.  You are not
forced to replicate a power.  You may replicate a power at game set up.

HISTORY: Left by themselves, Replicants sit around and do nothing, but give
them any attention, they will hug you, and love you, and call you George, and
do everything you can do to have you like them.

Use only in a game with multiple powers

Makes Defensive Player Win Challenges

You have the power to rescue.  When not a main player, after challenge cards
are revealed, if the defensive player loses, you may replace his challenge card
with one of your own so that the defensive player wins.  You may then take a
token out of the warp or card from the deck.

HISTORY: Faster then a speeding Edict!  More powerful than a 40 Attack Card!
It's a Comet!  It's a Flare!  It's Superhero! A strange creature from another
planet who seeks nothing but to save the innocent and the helpless.  Of course,
the Superhero can better protect everyone if they would all do what the
Superhero wants them to do.

Takes Cards From Discard Pile

You have the power of recovery.  When you are to take consolation or rewards,
you may instead take them randomly from the discard pile.  You may use your
power when opposing Human.

HISTORY: Knowing that one alien's garbage is another alien's treasure, the
Scavengers scrounge around the refuse of wasteful civilizations, hoping to find
the goods necessary to force the entire universe to be their own garbage dump.

Commits Alliances

You have the power of contracts.  As main player, you always invite allies
first.  Your opponent may not invite to ally any player whom you invited to be
an ally, regardless of whether or not that player allies with you.

HISTORY: Always rushing to get the story first, the Scoop entice people to give
them the exclusive.  The Scoop use their privileged information to establish
themselves in a position where nothing can happen without their knowledge, or

Helps Another To A Shared Win

You have the power to kowtow.  As soon as you get this power, you announce
another player to be your lord.  When your lord is main player, you may ally
with him without being invited, but may not voluntarily ally against him.
Also, before cards are played, you may show your lord any of your cards.  He
may take them as a group if he wants.  As main player, if you pick your lord s
color in destiny, you may only attack a different player in his system.  If not
possible, flip again.  If your lord wins the game, you share the win.

HISTORY: The Toady recognize that they lack the skills to make excellent
leaders.  However, they know how to placate the most irritable of people.
While anyone would welcome such willing servants, they soon find it bittersweet
when they realize they have no choice but to share their authority.

Keeps Lost Tokens

You have the power of replacement doubles.  When you lose tokens to the warp,
instead, flip them over.  If they were on a planet, they remain, else they
return to other bases.  These flipped tokens count as your tokens in every way.
When flipped tokens must go to the warp, they then do so reflipped.  The act of
flipping can effect things like Terrorist's bombs.  Also, anything that can
release tokens from the warp can reflip flipped tokens.  Glue's power can't do
this, but tokens glued to the warp are not flipped and remain in the same
condition upon leaving the warp.  When applicable, losing unflipped tokens go
directly into the Void.

HISTORY: Aliens do a double take when they see their enemy whom they just sent
to the warp alive and well as if nothing has happened.  The Twins are
determined to never leave.

Risks Another Player's Tokens

You have the power to throw your voice.  As offensive player, instead of
putting tokens into the cone, you select another player, not defensive player,
to risk his tokens at a number you specify.  That player chooses the tokens.
Those tokens then count as yours in every way.  The dummy is not considered
involved in the challenge in any way at this time.  He may not ally normally.
However, if you win the challenge, you must put the same number of tokens on
that base as well.  Only you get the base in moon challenges.  The dummy
returns his tokens to other of his bases.

HISTORY: Aliens go about their business in their cosmic struggle for universal
dominance.  Some are beginning to wonder, however, if there is really someone
else who is pulling their strings.

Opponent's Tokens Help Win Challenges

You have the power of treachery.  As main player, if both you and your opponent
reveal Attack Cards and you lose, if the difference between the challenge
totals is less than or equal to the number of tokens your opponent and his
allies have in the challenge, then you win the challenge.  This comes into
effect after all other challenge manipulations, including Loser.

HISTORY: The Traitors are adept at convincing the lower ranks of their enemies
at how under appreciative they are.  They thus learn their enemies secrets and
win all battles.

Gains Many Tokens

You have the power to breed.  At the start of each of your turns, for every 2
tokens you have on all your bases, rounded down, you may place one token there
from those not in the game.  This is immune to effects such as Terrorist s
bombs.  When there are no more tokens, use Lucre counters.  The added
tokens/counters are now considered your tokens for the rest of the game.

HISTORY: They re cute.  They re fuzzy.  They re disgustingly affectionate.
They breed profusely.  They just keep going and going and going.  Soon there
will be no room for anyone else in the universe, not that they ll ever notice.
That is why many an alien will sing, Kill the Wabbit! Kill the Wabbit!  Kill
the Wabbit! Kill the Wabbit!

Moons Help Towards Win

You have the power of moons.  All moon bases that you have outside your system
count towards the win.  You are still bound by Schizoid.  Moon Base Omega
counts as only one base.  You may also recycle moons.  That is, as offensive
player, if you have a moon base in the defensive system, you may abandon the
base and reestablish it in that challenge and have the moon's effect take place

HISTORY: Normal people by day, at night, the Werewolves undergo a painful
metamorphosis into horrible creatures on site of a full moon.  Achieving space
travel, they are in an eternal night with full moons all over the place.  Now
permanently transformed into those horrible beasts, the Werewolves ravage the
cosmos, making everyone loony.

Use only in a game with Moons

Switches Revealed Challenge Cards

You have the power to double-cross.  As main player, if you reveal a Compromise
Card, you may do one of the following: exchange it with an Attack Card from
your hand, exchange your opponent's Attack Card with a Compromise Card from
your hand, exchange your opponent's Compromise Card with an Attack Card from
your hand.  No other power can prevent the replacement.  Also, as main player
or ally, you may take any Compromise Cards discarded by other players.

HISTORY: Upon first reaching space, the Xx made peace with an alien race, who
immediately betrayed them and conquered their planet.  After centuries of
resistance, the Xx overthrew their conquerors.  Once again in space, they
remember the lesson their oppressor taught, and teach it well.

Bases Provide Extra Income

You have the power of discovery.  When you collect Lucre for income, you
receive three Lucre plus two Lucre for each home base you have and one Lucre
for each foreign base you have.  When other players collect Lucre for income,
they must pay you two Lucre for every base they have in your system else lose
the base.  Tokens return to other of owners bases.

HISTORY: The Archeologists are able to dig up the ruins of other civilizations
to learn from them.  However, they have also learned that many an alien are
willing to pay for the various old relics that they find.  Who are the
Archeologists to deny others their quest for knowledge?  They really (snicker)
aren't in it for the money, after all.

Use Only In A Game With Lucre

Edicts And Flares Add To Challenge

You have the power to explode.  As main player, after challenge cards are
revealed, for every Edict you discard from your hand, add 5.  For every Flare
that you discard, add 10.  You may not also play the Edict or Flare.  You may
use this power when opposing Cripple.

HISTORY: After millennia of nuclear warfare, the Atoms have become quite
radioactive.  Now even their most conventional of weapons can be used to ensure
mass destruction.

Can Beg Opponents To Reconsider

You have the power to plead.  As main player in a challenge, you may beg any
player to modify his actions immediately after he takes them.  You may ask him:
to point the cone at a different planet in your system, not to use a card just
played (You may only plead about each type of card once.), not to use an
optional Alien Power; not to invite allies, and if your opponent wins the
challenge, to allow the tokens you lost in the challenge to return to other of
your bases instead of going into the warp.  If he agrees to your request, you
may plead once more in the challenge.  You may no longer plead once your second
request is granted.  If a request is refused, the refusing player must put one
of his tokens into the warp.  You may plead later on a different subject.  If
refused again, that player must also put a token in the warp, and so on.

HISTORY: Overawed by the vast power of other Aliens, the Grovels adopted an
attitude of excessive, even subservient, politeness.  When attacked, they beg
their opponents to show mercy.  When their requests are met, the Grovels are
placated, but when refused, they strike out violently and increase their

Commits Tokens Later

You have the power of timidity.  Whenever you put tokens onto the cone, only
put in one token.  When challenge cards are revealed, evaluate challenge totals
normally.  You may then put up to three more tokens into the cone and
reevaluate challenge totals.  You need not put in the extra three tokens at
once.  You may put in one and wait to see if anyone is going to play a Flare,
for example.  When all players have declared they will not play any more cards,
you may put into the cone any of the extra tokens you have left.  At this
point, no other player may play any cards unless it is to stop you from using
this power until the challenge is concluded.

HISTORY: The Canaries are an extremely terrified race.  While they must be
brave enough to encounter the vast dangers of the cosmos, they prefer to test
the waters before finally committing themselves to take action.  They'll only
feel completely safe when they are in total control.

Do Not Use With Crystal

Plays Flares For Other Players

You have the power of chivalry.  You may take the top Flare from the unused
Flare pile, look at it, and put it aside.  In between challenges you have the
option of discarding it, but not onto the discard pile, and select another
Flare.  Once per challenge, at any time and special conditions that particular
Flare allows, you may play it for another player, regardless of your
involvement in a particular challenge.  That player would then get the benefit
of that Flare.  He cannot refuse and must abide by it.  If the Flare requires a
particular target for it to take action, the player who is getting its benefit
decides.  You are permitted to offer a suggestion.  However, you may override
his decision if it causes you to lose tokens, a base, Lucre, a challenge,
cards, etc. unless you don't particularly mind.  You would then select the
target.  Ancients does not get to keep the Flare, Darwin cannot make it a
power, and you may play the Flare for a player opposing Cripple.  After the
Flare is played, you may put it in your hand for your own future use.  You
would then select another Flare from the unused Flare deck as before.  Your
Paladin Flare is immune to the Flare Zap only.  A Cosmic Zap not only prevents
the Flare from being played, but also get discarded onto the discard pile.
However, you would then select another Flare when your power is available
again.  Should you get the Human or Masochist Flare through your power, you
immediately discard it, but not onto the discard pile, and select another

HISTORY: The gallant Paladins travel the Cosmos in a holy quest to do good.
Their hearts and souls pure, they are content with the knowledge that their
unselfish acts bring delight upon all they encounter.

Chooses Consolation Cards

You have the power of pity.  As main player, when you collect consolation
cards, you may look through your opponent's regular hand and choose the cards
you want.  When your opponent collects consolation cards from you, you select
the cards he gets.

HISTORY: When something goes wrong for the Violins, they play music to enhance
the effect to impress upon others the sadness they feel.  They use the music to
distract their enemies as they take away their strengths for themselves to use.

Do Not Use With Insect

Tries To Get Back Home Bases

You have the power to go home.  At game set up, take 5 moons and place them
over any 5 bases in other players home system and place 4 tokens on each.
These are not moons.  They are treated as bases in every way.  Therefore, you
are sharing the bases with other players.  These bases are considered your
homebases in terms of collecting Lucre, being able to use your power, and any
card that specifies home bases.  As offensive player, if you draw your system
color, proceed as any other player normally would when drawing your own color.
Upon drawing another player's color, if you have a home base there but had lost
it, you may challenge the defensive player there to get it back or instead,
challenge him on a planet in his system as in a regular challenge.  When
another player draws his own color in destiny and you have a home base there,
he may attack you as normal.  If he draws your system color, again he attacks
you as normal.  However, if you win the challenge, you may establish a base on
any planet in your home color system.  You have two ways of winning the game.
Either gain 5 foreign bases where your original home bases do not count,
subject to Schizoid, or have all 5 of your home color system bases, not subject
to Schizoid.  You have use of your power by having at least 3 home bases of
either your originals and/or home color system.  If the Wild Void Flare is used
on a planet in your home color system, you may still win the game by having
bases on the other four planets.  You cannot be reincarnated.

HISTORY: Eons ago, the Galacticas home world was detroyed, forcing them to live
among others in the cosmos.  However, their legends tell of a lost tribe who
left for the stars long before then.  They hope to one day reuinite with that
lost tribe for surely they ll have the power to ensure no one can harm them

Do Not Use With Changeling, Insect, Link, Plant. Or Reverse System Hexes

Leaves The Game

You have the power to quit. At the end of your turn, you may quit the game.
When you quit you must discard your hand. All other players with tokens in your
system must return them to bases.  Your color is ignored in the destiny pile,
but will be reshuffled in when applicable.  No other player may benefit in any
way from your tokens. All your tokens are returned to your home system
including from Fungus, Vampire, and Void.  Your tokens and home system are out
of play.  Other players may not effect them in any way.  After one round of
play when it would have normally been your turn, you reenter the game.  You get
a new hand.  You also establish a number of foreign bases equal to the least
number of foreign bases another player has, not counting moons.  You may
establish these bases anywhere.  Play then resumes starting with your turn.
You do not have to quit if you do not want to.  You can only be zapped when
attempting to quit, not reentering the game. When you are not in the game, you
may not interfere in any way.

HISTORY: The Quitters are always more than willing to join in fun and games,
but when they realize they are in last place with no hope to win, they leave in
disgust complaining about the unfairness of it all.  However, they soon forget
what they didn't like, miss the activity they were in, and return.  As hard as
Aliens try, no one can spot the Quitters until it's too late.  The best they
can do is placate them and hope the Quitters don't rub it in should they win.

Tokens Come Back Later

You have the power of the future.  When ever you lose tokens to the warp,
instead, set them aside and out of play.  Write down the number of tokens you
lost, from where you lost them, and the order in which you lost them compared
to later tokens you may lose.  For all such tokens, whenever a special destiny
or comet is flipped in the destiny pile including Power Rewop or Power Outage,
return those tokens that were gone the longest to exactly where they were
before they had to go to the warp.  If they return to the cone, they effect the
challenge for the appropriate side they are on.  You may still ally normally on
either side.  If they were offensive tokens, they become offensive allies
unless you re the offensive player when they return.  Tokens that would return
to a moon occupied by another player return to your bases instead.  However, if
they return to an empty moon, that moon's effect takes place again.  You can
only be zapped at the time tokens would go off board, not upon returning.  If
for some reason you do not have your power, lost tokens go to the warp as
normal but returning tokens still appear where they were lost.

HISTORY: The Bucks have an uncanny ability to avoid the dreaded warp.  They
lose their way.  The only thing they can do is go home, not realizing that a
long time has passed and are now in their future.  They don't know what to
expect upon their return. They might even hurt their descendants, but at least
they ll be there to pick up the pieces and return home to a hero's welcome.

Do Not Use With Fate Or Serling

Ends The Game

You have the power to party poop.  At game set up, select any card in the
bottom half of the challenge deck and turn it face up, leaving it in the
challenge deck.  During the game, when any player gets that card, the game ends
and you win, despite the Schizoid.  When any player is entitled to cards from
the deck but not from the top of the pile, he may not select that card.  If
zapped or somehow don't have your power when someone gets that card, select
another card from the bottom half of the remaining deck when you get your power

HISTORY: It never fails that when everyone is having fun, there is always
someone who has to leave right in the middle because it's getting late .  This
ruins the fun for everyone else, but the Spoiler doesn't care.

Chooses Power

You have the power of planning.  At game set up, after everyone has chosen
their powers and you know what they are, you may select any power from the
unused powers to be your power for the game.

HISTORY: The DMs ability to know the strengths of their enemies before battle
even starts will surely mean their victory because they can then select their
own strength that others cannot cope with.
Do Not Use In games With Hidden Powers

Compensated For Losing Tokens

You have the power to sue. You may force a player to pay you one Lucre for
every token you lose to the warp, two Lucre for every token lost to another
player's control but not the Praw, and four Lucre for every token permanently
removed from the game.  If no player has enough Lucre, get the Lucre from the

HISTORY: The Lawyers are quick to follow the injured to file a complaint
against those who caused them their injury.  Their greed is such that they now
emasculate themselves to get the quick cash.

Use Only In A Game With Lucre

Prices Increase

You have the power of inflation.  On each of your turns, when all players gain
Lucre through income, they get 1 Lucre more, cumulatively.  On each of your
challenges on your turn, all Lucre prices, including powers, increase by one,
cumulatively.  All other players pay the inflated prices.  You may pay the
regular price as normal.

HISTORY: The Economists are masters at the art of interstellar commerce.  They
use that knowledge to direct markets for their own economic advantage.

Use Only In A Game With Lucre

Game Play Mistakes Remain

You have the power to go wrong.  Through out the game, if a mistake has been
discovered, you may prevent its correction even if a rule is broken.  If a
player wants to change his mind for a game action already done or mentioned,
you may force him not to.  If a player realizes he could have done something
but it is too late, you may prevent him from doing it even if other players
would allow him or it was a mandatory power.  In case of Terrorist forgetting
there was a bomb on a planet, the bomb would remain.

HISTORY: Many an Alien curses himself when something goes wrong in their daily
routines or plan of action.  While they try to recover from their errors, some
are beginning to wonder if there is really an unseen force behind it all.

Uses Compromise Cards As Kickers

You have the power of muscles.  As main player, you may play Compromise Cards
as if they are times two Kickers.  If zapped, you must discard the Compromise

HISTORY: The Hulks are a peaceful race, but when angered, transform into
powerful monsters destroying everything in their path.

Allies Don't Go To Warp

You have the power to campaign.  As a main player, if you lose the challenge,
your allies do not go to the warp or other players as in Fungus or Void.  They
may return them to bases. If you win the challenge, for every token you have in
the challenge, you may take a token out of the warp or card from the deck,
immune to the Cosmic Gas.  You need not have had allies for this ability.

HISTORY: The Politicians travel the cosmos promising security for the votes of
confidence of others.  In the meantime, they secretly dip into the cosmic pool
of resources for their own corrupt plans of domination.

Loans Lucre To Players

You have the power to mortgage.  Any other player may borrow Lucre from the
bank by putting their tokens up for collateral. They must give you one of their
tokens for every 4 Lucre, minimum 1 token at least, that they borrow.  Put the
tokens off board and out of play.  A player may borrow as often as he wants,
even if you already have one of his tokens.  However, players do not get back
any of their tokens until they pay back in full their entire loan plus 25%
interest, rounded to the nearest Lucre, minimum of 1.  If Economist is in the
game, the interest remains at 25%.  The loan is paid back to the bank, but you
collect the interest.  Once a player has paid back his entire debt he will get
back all of his tokens.  A player need not pay back the entire loan at once; he
may pay in installments.  You may only be zapped at the time the loan is made.
If you lose your power, you may not loan out any more Lucre, but players must
still pay back outstanding loans, and you still collect the interest due.  A
player cannot win the game if he owes Lucre.

HISTORY: The Bankers loan out money to cash starved Aliens who need it to
finance their war plans.  However, the Bankers use this leverage upon them to
control the war effort for their own ends.

Use Only In Games With Lucre

Warp Counts As A Base

You have the power of limbo.  When you have tokens in the warp, it counts as a
base towards the win.  You must have tokens in the warp to win the game.  You
may only move tokens into and out of the warp as any player normally would.
Other players may challenge your warp tokens on any Wild Destiny or the Warp
Challenge Special Destiny, ignoring its directions.  If you win the challenge,
proceed as if you won defensively on a regular base.  If you lose the
challenge, your opponent and his allies get a base anywhere in your system, and
all your tokens are released from the warp.  Return them to bases.

HISTORY: The Gith know that everyone winds up in the warp. They utilize this
eventuality by preparing the warp as their headquarters for universal

Players Choose Defensive Player

You have the power of the twilight zone.  At game set-up, the destiny pile
consists of four colors of each player, the two wilds, one comet for each
player plus one, and one special destiny for each player plus one. Shuffle the
destiny pile and deal 6 to each player.  You get the extra four.  These destiny
cards are not part of anyone's regular hand in any way.  Now, when the
offensive player would normally flip the destiny pile, he instead plays one of
his destiny cards, with a comet is optional, to determine whom he will attack.
A player may play a destiny card of his own color only if he would be making a
challenge in his own system. Destiny based powers proceed as if that destiny
color was normally flipped.  If for some reason the offensive player does not
have a destiny card that allows him to make a challenge he does not get one,
though he may still take a token out of the warp and collect Lucre if
applicable.  His turn then ends.  When you do not have a destiny card that
allows you to make a challenge or you are the only player who has such a
destiny card after finishing your turn, choose new special destiny/comet cards,
shuffle all destiny cards, and redeal six destiny cards to each player, again
keeping an extra four.  You may cancel any destiny card played by another
player by playing one of your own.  That player would then have to proceed as
if the destiny card you played is the one the player had played.  You may also
play a comet on someone else's challenge or even to override a comet another
player has played.  A Cosmic Zap can stop you from cancelling another player s
destiny card, your play of a comet on another player's turn, or reshuffling the
destiny cards when you re out of them on your turn provided at least one other
player has playable destiny cards.  The destiny pile only returns to normal
when this power is permanently removed from play or you don't have it for lack
of home bases.  However, when you get your home bases back, reshuffle and deal
the destiny cards as before.

HISTORY: There's a fifth dimension between an Alien's mind and his imagination.
You never know just when you cross over, but when you do, expect the

Do Not Use With Dictator, Fate, Hex, Pod, Or Reverse System Hexes

Shares Tokens With Other Players

You have the power to abduct.  As offensive player or ally, take one token on
the defensive base (it does not have to be the defensive player) and put it on
your star.  At the beginning of each of your turns, wherever you share bases
with players whose tokens you have taken, you must return them to among those
bases but flip them over to designate their new status as hybrid tokens.  These
hybrid tokens are to be considered as your tokens in every way for the rest of
the game.  However, those tokens still count as regular tokens for their
original owners. Therefore, you both get to use the tokens in every way tokens
are used.  Use the timing conflict rule with the Insect vs. Loser clarification
when it becomes necessary to determine who may move and get the use of a token
first.  For purposes of play, that token then only counts for that particular
player, such as getting defensive rewards as a winning defensive ally for
example, but it still counts as occupying a base for both players.  If you lose
the use of your power, you do not get the use of these hybrid tokens, but you
do regain their use when you get your power back, but you keep any tokens still
held on your star.  If a token should have a special characteristic because of
another power, that token only has that characteristic when that other power is

HISTORY: Many an Alien claim to have been kidnaped by flying saucers and
subjected to horrible experiments.  While their friends laugh at such a
preposterous story, those experiments prove fruitful in the birth of new life.

Bases Have Weather Conditions

You have the power of weather.  At the start of each challenge, all players
roll a 6 sided die to determine what weather condition will effect their home
system for that challenge.  You will have some immunity on the particular
weather condition.  1 - Sunny - The challenge is carried out as normal. 2 -
Rainy - All Offensive tokens are half their value unless you are on the
Offensive side.  3 - Hail - All Offensive tokens are worth twice their value
unless you are on the Defensive side.  4 - Foggy - All Defensive tokens are
worth half their value unless you are on the Defensive Side.  5 - Blizzard -
All Defensive tokens are twice their value unless you are on the Offensive
side.  6 - Hurricane - No player may get a base in this system for any reason.
Destiny is flipped again if necessary.  You may ignore the Hurricane.  Tokens
worth twice their value allow the player double the amount of rewards or
consolation.  Tokens worth half their value limit the player to half as much
rewards or consolation, rounded down.

HISTORY: Nature has a way of helping or hindering Aliens in their quest for
dominance.  The Meteorologists can shape it for their own advantage.

Flares and Other Cards


Power Of Advantage

Wild: You may use your power regardless of the number of home bases you have.

Super: You may use this card as an Attack 20, though it remains a Flare.If
zapped, discard this Flare and select another Challenge Card. You may get a new
hand if necessary.


Power Of Treachery

Wild: As a winning ally, you may have your side lose the challenge.

Super: As an ally, your side wins the challenge if the difference between the
challenge totals is less than or equal to the number of tokens on the opposing


Power Of Embalming

Wild: When you get a new hand, you may randomly take the cards from the discard

Super: You may open any one of your tombs and establish a base now.


Power Of Replacement Doubles

Wild: You may retrieve all your tokens from the warp, Void, Fungus, etc. and
return them to bases.

Super; You may reflip all your flipped tokens immune to effects like Terrorist
s bombs.


Power Of Camouflage

Wild: If your color is flipped in the destiny pile, you may change it to

Super: You may change your power to be the same as another power in the game
for one challenge. Your power takes precedence at your discretion.


Power To Uplift

Wild: As main player, you may use a randomly chosen power from the unused
powers deck for one challenge.

Super: If you and your second system collectively have 5 foreign bases, you win
the game, despite Schizoid.


Power Of Red Tape

Wild: As offensive player, if you won your first challenge but have no
challenge cards, you may get a new hand and have your second challenge.

Super: The offending player loses three tokens of your choice to the warp.


Power To Panhandle

Wild: As main player, you may prevent your opponent from spending any Lucre
unless he's forced to.

Super: As main player, you may ask any one player for all his Lucre which he
must give you.


Power To Assimilate

Wild: Swap bases with any one player. All tokens are exchanged. You choose the

Super: As a winning defensive ally, you may also establish a base on the
defensive planet.


Power To Hurt Yourself

Wild: As soon as this card enters your hand, lose a base. Tokens go into the
warp. Do not discard this flare. When you must get a new hand, even by a Hand
Zap, gives this card to a player who didn't just give it to you.

Super: Put 4 tokens into the warp.


Power Of Vice

Wild: You may give away all your cards among the other players.

Super: You may collect all cards from all player's except the Miser s
Hoard. Extortionist may not extort.


Power Of Bargains

Wild: You may purchase cards randomly one at a time from another player. Pay him
2 Lucre per card.

Super: Pay 1/3 the price for a fixed amount, rounded down at a minimum of 1
Lucre, for the rest of the challenge.


Power Of Evolution

Wild: You may use your power as if you had it's Super flare.

Super: You may use the Super of all your flare powers.


Power Of Comraderie

Wild: As main player, your allies may give you any of their cards. Any you don t
use return to original owners. If not given any cards, you may keep this flare.

Super: As main player or ally, you may use one power of each player on your
side of the challenge.


Power To Handicap

Wild: As main player, you may prevent your opponent from using one of his

Super: As main player or ally, your main player opponent may not play any
Edicts or Flares nor use his powers.


Power OF Relativity

Wild: You may have the defensive player go before the offensive player in
timing order.

Super: If invited to ally, you may wait until after cards are revealed before
committing tokens.


Power To Stick

Wild: For every token another player moves where you have one, you may move up
to an equal number with them. You may ally against yourself.

Super: One of your tokensmaystick to as many tokens as you want, not
necessarily of the same player.


Power Of Low

Wild: As main player, your opponent may not play his highest attack card if he
has another.

Super: You may give your opponent your lowest attack card. If it's lower than
his lowest, he must play it.


Power To Rescue

Wild: When another player loses tokens to the warp you may have that player
keep his tokens.

Super: When not a main player, you may come to the rescue of the offensive


Power To Be Hired

Wild: You may sell any of your cards.

Super: After collecting the Lucre or card, you need not ally at all. If both
main players invited you to ally, you may ally on the other side but for free.


Power To Transport
Wild: You may redistribute all your tokens among your bases.

Super: After a player has put tokens onto the cone, you may return them to his
bases. You then select an equal number of his tokens to put back onto the cone.


Power To Throw Your Voice

Wild: If both main players invited you to ally, you may ally on both sides.

Super: If you win the challenge, your dummy does not get the base. He returns
his tokens to his own bases.


Power Of Moons

Wild: You may randomly select a moon from the unused moons and put it in your
system hex.

Super: You may exchange the moon you re about to occupy with any moon of your
choice from the unused moons. You may see the original moon first.


Power To Haunt

Wild: When you are not a main player, you may play the hand of a player who has
a base in your system. Return his hand at the end of the challenge.

Super: You may take any one player's regular hand and make it your own. Discard
all Challenge cards.


Power To Scavenge

Wild: When someone takes consolation cards from you, you choose the cards he

Super: You may discard your hand and take any 7 cards you want from the discard


Power Of Contracts

Wild: If you invited allies but receive none, your opponent's allies must
return their tokens to bases.

Super: You may prevent your opponent from inviting allies.


Power Of Disarmament

Wild: As main player or ally, you may force your opponent to reveal his highest
Attack card.

Super: When you calldisarm , you may announce any number of Attack cards up to
what you have. You discard that many and so does your opponent but from his
highest Attack cards.


Power To Devour

Wild: As a winning ally, you may put all tokens in the challenge of other
winning allies into the warp. They do not get the base or rewards.

Super: You may use your power now on all shared bases for all players where you
have more tokens.


Power To Discard

Wild: You may have a player discard his hand.

Super: You may keep any non-challenge cards when using your power.


Power Of Destiny

Wild: You may remove any one destiny card from the destiny discard pile to out
of the game.

Super: You may reorder all the destiny cards now.


Power Of Guilt

Wild: When you take new cards from the deck into your hand, you may feel guilty
and give away any or all of them.

Super: You may collect consolation when you lose a challenge even you played an
Attack card.


Power To Breed

Wild: Take a moon from the unused moons, put it on your hex, and put some of
your tokens on it. It is not a moon. It is forever more a 6th planet in your home

Super: You may breed your tokens in the warp.


Power Of Slowness

Wild: You may force someone to wait until the corresponding step in the next
challenge to take tokens out of the warp.

Super: The set aside cards get lost into the discard pile.


Power Of Abyss

Wild: When someone tries to take tokens out of the warp, they must instead put
the same number of their tokens into the warp.

Super: All tokens in the warp and those going there this challenge go
immediately into the Praw.


Power To Change The Rules

Wild: You may win the game with 4 foreign bases, despite Schizoid.

Super: You may have your rule change last until the end of the game. It is in
effect when ever you have use of the Mayfair power.


Power Of Eon

Wild: You may keep any one flare you play for use in another challenge unless
it was zapped.

Super: You may keep all non-challenge cards you play for use in another


Power Of Inferiority

Wild: You may not use your powers. Do not discard this flare. It must be taken
out of your hand by some other means.

Super: You may be invited to ally and ask for allies yourself. Your opponent 
may still not ask for allies. Do not discard this flare. It must be taken out
of your hand by some other means.


Power Of Political CorrectnessWild: All players who say your token color lose a
token of your choice to the warp.

Super: You may add 4 words to your list.


Power Of Conspiracy

Wild: You may look through any one game artifact, including what another player
has written.

Super: You may take any cards, Lucre, and/or your tokens from anywhere to
places where you have tokens at any time, even when not normally permitted. If
you are caught, you must return what you have stolen.


Power Of Business

Wild: When required to give consolation, you may instead pay your opponent one
Lucre per card.

Super: You may use any one positive Attack Card as Lucre.


Power Of Chance

Wild: Roll a 6-sided die and take that many tokens out of the warp or cards
from the deck, collectively.

Super: You may roll four 6-sided dice. You may have dice rolls immune to effects
that deal with Challenge cards.


Power To Self Destruct

Wild: As main player, before playing a challenge card, you may put all your
tokens in the challenge into the warp.

Super: All allies are considered to have lost the challenge and go to the warp
when you self-destruct.


Power To Fool

Wild: After agreeing to a deal, you need not fulfill your part of the
bargain. You do not lose tokens.

Super: You may discard your power and take any power you want from the unused
powers deck.


Power Of No Status

Wild: When someone wins the game, all players get one more challenge, in
turn. If no one can win afterwards, the game continues. Otherwise, who ever can
win does so.

Super: If the total number of home and foreign bases that you have is exactly
5, you win the game, despite Schizoid.


Power To Impersonate

Wild: You may use any power of any one player.

Super: Take 1 token from all players and make them your own. Put them on a base
you have. If you have no bases, establish one anywhere.


Power ToDuplicate

Wild: When any Edict or Wild Flare is played, you may play this card and
duplicate the effects, not necessarily on the same target or immediately, just
in the same challenge. Any special conditions must be met.

Super: You may replicate a power a third time.


Power Of Arbitration

Wild: You may take the Continuum to be your power.

Super: You may keep the Continuum power after announcing your decision.


Power Ten

Wild: You may make any Challenge card revealed become an Attack 10.

Super: You may either fill your hand up to ten cards or else discard your hand
and take 10 new cards from the deck.


Power To Kowtow

Wild: As main player, if your losing the challenging results in another player
winning the game, you share the win.

Super: You may change lords. Announce the new lord to all players.


Power To Double-Cross

Wild: As an ally in a challenge, you may switch sides after cards are revealed.

Super: You may exchange cards as an ally in a challenge.


Power To Plead

Wild: When not a main player, if a player does not invite you to ally, show him
this card. If he still refuses, put two tokens he has in the challenge into the

Super: If a player refuses your request, he loses three tokens to the warp,
instead of one. You choose the tokens.


Power Of Timidity

Wild: As offensive player, before cards are played, you may chicken out. All
tokens return to bases, and your turn ends.

Super: You may return your tokens to your bases from the cone even if another
player has a lien upon them for some reason.


Power Of Discovery

Wild: When you collect Lucre for income, each foreign base you have adds 1
Lucre, including moons.

Super: As soon as you get this card, collect 1 Lucre for every token you have
not in the warp, out of the game, or held by other players.


Power To Explode

Wild: As main player, after challenge cards are revealed, for every Compromise
Card you discard, add 1 to your challenge total.

Super: After using your Edicts and Flares as per your power, you need not
discard them.


Power Of Chivalry

Wild: As an ally, you may play a Kicker for the main player on your side of the

Super: When you take a Flare from the unused Flare deck for your power, you may
look through it and select the particular Flare you want.


Power Of Pity

Wild: You may prevent your opponent from collecting consolation cards from you.

Super: You may use your power while collecting consolation from you opponent's
allies as well.


Power To Go Home

Wild: You may release all your tokens from the warp and return them to bases.

Super: You may establish a base in your home color system.


Power To Quit

Wild: As an ally, you may quit the challenge after cards are revealed. Return
your tokens to bases.

Super: Play this card when you quit. Upon your return, you will establish a
number of foreign bases equal to the player who has the most foreign bases not
counting moons.


Power Of The Future

Wild: You may look through the challenge deck and name a specific card you
see. Should any other player get that card, he must give it to you. This flare
can only be zapped as it is played, not when you get your named card.

Super: When a Special Destiny or Comet is flipped, you may return all your


Power To Party Poop

Wild: When not involved in a challenge, you may look at one of the main
playerschallenge card and truthfully announce what it is. His opponent may then
change his card, still subject to any applicable powers.

Super: You may move the turned over card in the challenge deck 20 cards


Power Of Planning

Wild: When another player takes cards from the deck, you may look through it
and select the cards he receives.

Super: You may switch your selected power for another power of your choice from
the unused powers deck.


Power To Sue

Wild: As main player, if you lose the challenge, your opponent must pay you 5
Lucre else you win the challenge.

Super: When another player wins the game, you may sue him for 12 Lucre. If he
cannot pay, you win instead of him.


Power Of Inflation

Wild: When another player pays you Lucre for any reason, he must pay an
additional 50%, rounded up. If he doesn't have enough, he pays what he can.

Super: You may have playersincome decrease by 2 with a minimum of what the
rules normally allow.


Power To Go Wrong

Wild: You may cancel a deal other players have made. They each lose three tokens
to the warp. This counts as losing a challenge for both players if applicable.

Super: You may cause a player to lose his turn.


Power Of Muscles

Wild: As main player, you may play a Kicker after cards are revealed, subject
to the Kicker Zap. Your opponent may now also play one.

Super: You may have your Compromise Card be a times four Kicker.


Power To Campaign

Wild: As main player, you may show an ally opposing you a card you will give
him to switch sides. If he does not, you may keep this card.

Super: Your allies go to the warp if you lose the challenge.


Power To Mortgage

Wild: You may loan the use of a power from the unused powers deck for 10 Lucre
to another player. You choose the power. If the offer is not accepted, you may
keep this card.

Super: You may demand a player pay back his loan now. If he does not have enough
Lucre, he pays what he can. You then get his power until he pays the 


Power Of Limbo

Wild: When your color comes up in the destiny pile, you may have the offensive
player attack yourwarp tokens. If you win, release them from the warp. If you
lose, your opponent gets a base in your system.

Super: If you have at least 10 tokens in the warp, it counts as two bases for
the win.


Power Of The Twilight Zone

Wild: You may take a Special Destiny Card from the unused destiny cards to
replace the destiny card drawn.

Super: When the destiny cards are reshuffled and dealt, you decide who gets
what cards.


Power To Abduct

Wild: All players take a random card from the regular hand of the player on
their right. If you get to keep this Flare for some reason, return it to your
hand before cards are drawn.

Super: You may convert any 4 of your hybrid tokens to become only your tokens
for the rest of the game.


Power Of Weather

Wild: You may have a tornado strike a base. All tokens there go to the warp. This
is a use once and discard Flare for Ancients.

Super: You may change the weather condition in the defensive system to any
other condition desired. The challenge ends and tokens return to bases if you
make it ahurricane.


Power Of Inexperience

Wild: As main player, you may take back your challenge card after cards are
revealed and play another one, still subject to applicable powers.

Super: You may take back a game action that was mandatory in addition to using
your power as normal. Replace that action with a new one.


You may benefit from the effect of any Super Flare instead of the Wild unless
the Super Flare is power specific.


All players challenge the player to their left. No Destiny is flipped. All 
powers as possible are available. The Will may still attack anyone anywhere.


All players must use all powers, edicts, flares, moons, reinforcements, and
kickers as possible this challenge.


You need not discard any one Flare that you play. You may keep it to play in
another challenge, even if it was zapped.


If a Flare gets discarded that is of your power, you may take it and put it in
your hand.


You may reflect any Edict or Wild Flare, as possible, played upon you back onto
the player as if you played that card on that player.


You may stop a player from spending Lucre as soon as he attempts to spend some,
unless he has no choice.


Nullify all powers of one player as soon as he attempts to use any one of his
powers. Do not use during game set-up.


You may use the Wild Flare instead of the Super when you play a Flare that is
of your power.


You may have any one player lose his turn. He doesn't even get a token out of
the warp.






Cause a player to discard his alien power and draw anew one as soon as he
attempts to use it. Mesmer may not use his power to change an edict into this


You may have this card be any card you want. The card must already exist.