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New Edicts

From: Marcus Porter <>

The following is a list of most of the new edicts that we play with in our CE 
group. I have not included edicts relating to unpublished expansions, Cosmic 
Dune, the original Mayfair and Eon edicts or other edicts published/posted 
elsewhere. Most of them are by Jack Reda though a few are my own 
contribution. If anyone wants to print them up using the postscript routines
at  the FTP site, I have a version of this list in the format they expect
which I will be happy to send. (PostScript version and instructions on use.)

ABORT: Remove your tokens from the challenge. They return to bases. Play 
        before cards are revealed.

Aggressor: Attack a player instead of a system. Point the cone to any base of
        the player whose color was revealed by the Destiny Pile. That player is
        the defensive player regardless of where you challenge. Play on your
        challenge after the Destiny Pile is flipped.

ANARCHY: Take all the tokens from two planets in your system and mix them 
        together. Then re-populate the planets randomly using the same tokens 
        in the same ratio. Play between challenges.

BACK ZAP: Cause the player of a cosmic zap to be zapped as well.

Bad Zap: (BAD) Zap ALL BAD powers in the game for the duration of the 
        challenge. Play at any time.

BLACK MARKET: (Lucre) Trade in any or all of your cards for Lucre from the 
        bank. One Lure for challenge cards, two Lucre for non-challenge cards.
        They are then discarded. Play at the end of your turn.

Black plague: Force a player to discard 2 of each card, 6 Lucre and 4 tokens
        OR take half this loss and pass this card on. The next victim may offer
        their infector a bribe (any legal deal). If the infector accepts, he
        must take the full loss and discard this card. The first player is
        immune until all have had it, and no one may catch it more than once a

CIVIL WAR: All players challenge each other on one planet that they share a 
        base. No alliances. In case of a tie, all players involved lose. Play
        between challenges.

Communion: ANY OR ALL players may use the power(s) of any or all other 
        players in a challenge. Players use their own powers first in 

Conscientious Objector: One player's tokens do not count towards the total in
        a challenge. They still gain rewards. Play after cards are played.

COUP D' ETAT: SWITCH POWERS of any two players permanently. Play between 

GRID LOCK: Mobius Tubes or Warp break is nullified. Play after one of those 
        cards are played.

Juxtapose: BRING an equal number of tokens into a challenge. They count 
        towards the win but are not at risk. These token must go to the newly 
        established base or defending base if a main player.

Kicker ZAP: Nullify the effect of any kicker. The kicker must be discarded.
        Play at any time.

LOOTERS: (Lucre) The losing main player must pay you one lucre for each of 
        your rogues in a chal-lenge. Play after the challenge is resolved.

LUNAR TUBES: (moon) Free tokens of all players in the warp to occupied moon 
        bases. Any player without a moon must remain in the warp. Play between 

NEBULA: NO POWERS may be used this challenge. Play when the destiny pile is 

PHOENIX: Regain all home bases. Play after losing a base in a home system.

PROCESS: Take the hands of all players and separate the cards into challenge 
        cards and non challenge cards. Shuffle each stack and distribute to all
        players one stack at a time starting with yourself. Play between

REPEATER: COPY EDICT last played. Play after an edict is played. This edict 
        behaves exactly like the last edict.

RERUN: Make a challenge in the system you just challenged. Play after making
        a challenge.

ROUND ZAP: Cosmic Zap a power of the player to your right, then hand them
        this card. They must play it immediately. Once all players have played
        this card, it is discarded. An unzap only effects the last us-age. Play
        at any time.

RULING ZAP: (PRISONERS) Nullify the effect of any Prisoner Ruling, just as a 
        player attempts to play it. The Ruling must be discarded. Play at any

SNL SCANDAL: (Lucre) Take half a player's Lucre (rounded down) and place in 
        your own treasury. Distribute the rest, one Lucre at a time, to all
        players, starting with the recipient of the card and moving clockwise.
        Play at any time.

STAR GATE: (Worm Holes) The offensive player is transported into the other 
        dimension. Continue the challenge in the corresponding system. Play 
        after the destiny card is flipped. Use only in a game with worm holes.

STOLEN TECH: (Technology) Take a Tech card from any one player and place it
        in front of you. Play between challenges.

SUMMIT: NO TOKENS are lost as the result of the outcome of a challenge. Play 
        after challenge is re-solved.

SUPER NOVA: Your system star explodes. All of your planets and moons are 
        permanently destroyed. All tokens in your system go to the warp. Play 
        at the start of your turn when you have fewer than three bases.

SUPER ZAP: REMOVE A PLAYER from the game for one turn. This player may take
        no action and may not be involved in a challenge. This players system 
        cannot be attacked in any way. Re-flip the destiny pile if necessary. 

Ubiquitous: You may ally on both sides of a challenge. Play when accepting 

WARP LEAK: Free one token of each player from the warp. Tokens return to 
        bases. Play between challenges.

WILD ZAP: ZAP ANYTHING someone does. Cancel the effect of any one element. 
        i.e. power, card, moon, hex, etc.

Marcus Porter (

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