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Home-made Eon Cosmic Encounter

From: Erich Schneider <>
Date: 30 Jul 2001 10:29:44 -0700
Organization: California Institute of Technology

After I heard that the AH CE expansion was "on hiatus", I decided to
make my own fully expanded (minus Moons) Eon CE set. 

General printing: Aaron Fuegi's mirror of the old CE archive 
   ( has Postscript files
   for printing cards, pwoers, and hexes.

Rules: Aaron's main CE page ( has links
   to the full Expansion Set 9 rules as PDF files.

Challenge Deck: The Expansion 9 rules has the distribution of cards. 
   I constructed my own Edict text by modifying the descriptions 
   of the Mayfair edicts at Jack Reda's The Warp 
   ( to bring them into line
   with the descriptions in the Expansion 9 rules. I printed the cards
   out and then photocopied them onto full-sheet labels, which I then
   cut up and stuck to the faces of some old CCG cards I happened to

Flare Deck: I got the Eon flare descriptions for most of the Eon
   standard powers from The Warp's Amazing Power Thingy 
   ( However, it doesn't have
   all 75 standard Eon powers, and some of the text in some items is
   truncated, so I double-checked against Cedric Chin's CE power 
   collection (
   Once I had the text, I manufactured the cards as like did the Challenge

Hexes: I printed them out onto full-sheet labels, cut them out, stuck them
   to the cardboard backs of some legal pads I bought, and then cut
   out the cardboard hexes. 6 Eon planet hexes (with reverse planets)
   plus one Warp hex (with Praw on the reverse side).

Cone: The PS files have a file to print out a cone and reverse cone, so
   I built my cone as I built the hexes.

Star Discs: I figured I'd make a Destiny Deck, so I only needed Star
   Discs for system identification + the Space Dust reverse power.
   I used a punched-out Diskwars flat as a template and just drew 
   circles of the right size on the leftovers from the full-sheet
   labels that had hexes printed on them. I then cut out the circles, 
   stuck then to cardboard, cut out the cardboard circles and colored them
   appropriately with markers. I have one Star Disc for each color
   except red, which has 3 (if I ever play with reverse planets, Space
   Dust will have to be red).

Destiny Deck: printed out 3 standard destiny cards + 1 reverse cone
  destiny card for each color with an inkjet printer onto regular paper,
  then stuck the cut-out card images into sleeves on some more of the
  aforementioned CCG cards.

Powers: Got the power text from The Warp and Cedric Chin's collection.
  I printed them out onto regular paper, had a copy shop copy them
  onto heavy cardstock, which I then cut up. Six powers to a sheet,
  because I didn't have the alien art.

Tokens: The most challenging part of the set; the tokens had to be 
  stackable and have indistinguishable backs for them to work with
  certain powers. I ended up buying a Mickey Mouse-head shaped hole
  punch at a craft store, the "head" part of which is a 3/8 inch circle.
  I then stuck pieces of full-sheet label to cardboard, punched out
  120 mouse heads, cut off the "ears" with scissors, and colored in
  the colors on the label side with markers.

Lucre: If I ever play with Lucre I'll use the money chips from my late-'80s 
  edition of Deluxe Illuminati.

I just printed the Destiny cards today, so it's finally done! 

Erich Schneider  Caltech Information Technology Services