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Hazard Cards

Date: 02 Mar 89 08:45:32 EDT
Status: R

Instructions for Hazard Cards:

Hazard Cards can be used with any standard deck of cards.  There are enough
for two sets - either pick one of the two to use each game - or use two decks
with different backs and decide which is deck 1 and which is deck 2.

The Spades in deck 2 are intentionally left out for you to make up your own

How to use:

I  Order of turn.  When using Hazard cards, a turn goes as follows:
    A. Draw new hand (if needed).
    B. Take Lucre.
    C. Draw Hazard Card and carry out instructions (if appropriate).
    D. Retrieve token from warp.
    E. Play "before challenge begins" cards.
(D & E should be reversed according to Matt and normal rules. ADF)
    F. Flip destiny Pile.
    G. Carry out challenge.

Remember, a turn consists of up to two challenges.

II  What happens when card is drawn.
    A. Match card to list and read.  There are silly stories on the cards, and
       it is fun to read them out loud.
    B. If exact situation described on card can happen, it does.  Carry out the
    C. If the exact situation can not happen, continue the turn normally.

Note: "Exact situation" means for example that if the card talks about an
      external base on the system to the left and the player has external
      bases on the system to the right, nothing happens.  In all cases, moons
      are specified as such and are not counted as bases for purposes of
      Hazard Cards.  Home bases and External bases are different, as is the
      distinction between powers and Power Cards.  A player who has lost the
      use of his power(s) can be affected by a Hazard that refers to "Power
      Cards" but is not affected by ones referring to "powers".

If after the effects of the card you no longer have challenge cards, your turn
is over.  If you are left with no tokens, you may still take one token from the
warp to make a challenge unless either (1) the card specifically says "play
passes" or (2) the token will not give you enough available tokens to meet
the criteria of the card.

If the Hazard Card refers to something that is not currently in your set
(The Nothing Power, or "Revolt" or "Anti-Zap" Edicts for example) nothing
will happen as a result of the card.

III  Safeties.  Safeties are used to nullify the effects of Hazard cards at a
     later time.
     A. "Wild Cards" and "Draw another Hazard" cards must be safetied as they
        happen.  You can not wait to see what the next Hazard will be.
     B. You can not use a Safety to nullify another Safety.

That should just about do it.  If you enjoy using these cards, let me know.
If you come up with any interesting cards of your own, I'd like to hear about


Subject: Hazard deck From: Date: 02 Mar 89 08:46:04 EDT Status: R DECK #1 CLUBS A. SAFETY. Hold on to this card. Turn it in to prevent a Hazard from occuring at a later time. 2. YOUR LUCRE HAVE BEEN DISCOVERED TO BE COUNTERFEIT. Return them to the bag. 3. YOUR ALIEN POWER DIES. Replace your power with one taken at random. In a multiple power game, the player to your right chooses which power is replaced. 4. COME ON SEVEN, COME ELEVEN. WILL YOU GET LUCKY OR WILL YOU CRAP OUT? ROLL THE DICE AND HOPE YOUR TOKENS DON'T HAVE SNAKE EYES. If you have 11 or more tokens in the warp, take 7 out to bases; if you have 11 or more tokens out of the warp, put 7 in. 5. THE ANSWER IS 42. THE QUESTION IS HOW MANY MORE CARDS MUST BE PLAYED OR DISCARDED BEFORE YOU CAN WIN THE GAME. You may not win the game, even if you have enough bases, until at least 42 more cards have been played or discarded. 6. SUFFERING TEMPORARY AMNESIA, YOUR POWER THINKS IT IS THE DOPPLEGANGER. Your power becomes the Doppleganger for this turn. In a multiple power game, you choose which power becomes Doppleganger. 7. A SECRET RAY GUN YOUR SCIENTISTS HAVE BEEN WORKING ON BACKFIRES AND DISINTEGRATES YOUR HIGHEST ATTACK CARD. Discard your highest Attack card. 8. AFTER THE HUMILIATING DEFEAT YOUR TOKENS HAVE RECENTLY SUFFERED UNDER YOUR COMMAND, THEY REFUSE TO GO INTO BATTLE WITHOUT FULL BACKUP. You must use 4 tokens on each challenge of this turn. 9. WARNING! THIS CARD CAN BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING THE GAME. Vacate on base you occupy in every system. T. YOUR HOME SYSTEM HAS BEEN CONDEMNED. YOU NEED HELP TO FIX IT UP OTHERWISE IT WILL COLLAPSE INTO A PILE OF COSMIC GARBAGE. Return five tokens from external bases to home bases that you already have tokens on. J. BOY IS THIS YOUR UNLUCKY DAY! YOU HAVE NO POWERS, NO EXTERNAL BASES, AND THIRTEEN TOKENS IN THE WARP! GUESS WHAT - YOUR LUCK JUST CHANGED!!! If you have no powers, no external bases, and exactly thirteen tokens in the warp, you win the game!! Q. TWO OF YOUR TOKENS ON A MOON ARE BORED SO THEY CHALLENGE EACH OTHER TO A DUEL. THEY KILL EACH OTHER. Place two tokens from a moon into the warp. K. BOY ARE YOU FORGETFUL. IN ORDER TO PICK UP THIS CARD, YOU PUT DOWN ALL OF YOUR CARDS AND YOU CAN'T REMEMBER WHERE YOU PUT THEM. Discard your hand, play passes. DIAMONDS A. SAFETY. Hold on to this card. Turn it in to prevent a Hazard from occuring at a later time. 2. THE GALACTIC FEDERATION HAS JUST APPROVED A REBEL AID AMENDMENT TO THE UNIVERSAL CONSTITUTION. YOU ARE TO BE THE FIRST RECIPIENT. Take five Lucre from the bag. 3. WHILE TRYING TO FIND THEIR WAY OUT OF THE WARP, TWO OF YOUR TOKENS DISCOVERED WHAT THEY THOUGHT TO BE AN EXIT. IT WASN'T. THEY HAVEN'T BEEN SEEN SINCE. Remove two of your tokens in the warp from the game. 4. ASKED TO REPEAT A FAMOUS QUOTE, YOU ARE NERVOUS AND MISTAKENLY SAY, "FROM SOMETHING NOTHING COMES." TAKING YOU LITERALLY, THE PLAYER ON YOUR RIGHT EXCHANGES YOUR POWER FOR THE NOTHING. Your power is exchanged for the Nothing even if it is already in the game. In a multiple power game, the player on your right chooses which power is exchanged. 5. A SUDDEN GUST OF COSMIC WIND JUST BLEW ACROSS THE SOLAR SYSTEM, CAUSING A SECRET MOON YOU OCCUPY TO BE REVEALED. Reveal a secret moon you occupy. 6. YOU HAVE A SAFETY. NO HAZARD CAN HARM YOU. EXCEPT THIS ONE. Discard your Safety. Take another Hazard. If you have more than one Safety, discard them all. If you have none, take another Hazard anyway. The next Hazard is yours. 7. A BLINDING FLASH OF LIGHT NEARLY BLINDS YOU. YOU BECOME TEMPORARILY COLOR BLIND AND ALL DISKS IN THE DESTINY PILE APPEAR TO BE YOUR COLOR. You must attack your home system if a challenge is possible there. 8. WHILE YOU WERE READING THIS CARD, THE PLAYER ON YOUR LEFT STOLE ALL OF YOUR LUCRE. Give the player on your left your Lucre. 9. THE CONE HAS BEEN INVADED. YOU MUST USE YOUR FIRST CHALLENGE TO DESTROY THE INVADERS. IF YOU WIN, YOU CAN USE THE CONE AND TAKE YOUR SECOND CHALLENGE. Place 1-4 tokens on the cone. Play a challenge card, then take the top card from the deck. Pick until you get a challenge card,; discard the rest. This is the aliens' card. Add 4 - their tokens on the cone. Play as a challenge. If you win, only your tokens in this challenge can be used in your second challenge. If you lose, play passes. T. AFTER SEEING A VERY SCARY MOVIE, A TOKEN OF YOURS WHICH IS OCCUPYING A BASE ALONE IS FRIGHTENED TO DEATH BY HIS OWN SHADOW. Remove a token that is alone on a base and put it into the warp. J. YOU HAVE JUST MOVED FROM ONE CITY TO ANOTHER ON YOUR HOME SYSTEM. UNFORTUNATELY, YOU TRUSTED THE AIRLINES. YOUR LUGGAGE WAS SHIPPED TO THE WRONG PLANET AND HAS NOT YET ARRIVED. YOUR ALIEN POWERS WERE STOWED AWAY IN ONE OF THE SUITCASES. You nay not use your power(s) for this turn. Q. TREASURE CHEST!!! A MASSIVE CACHE OF LUCRE HAS BEEN DISCOVERED. UNFORTUNATELY, WHILE YOU HAVE BEEN READING ABOUT IT. ALL OF THE OTHER PLAYERS DIVIDED IT UP AMONG THEMSELVES. All other players take five Lucre form the box. K. THIS IS THE INFAMOUS DUKE OF HAZARD CARD. LOSE ONE TOKEN TO THE WARP FOR EACH ATTACK CARD YOU HOLD, TWO FOR EACH EDICT, THREE FOR WILD FLARES, AND FIVE FOR EACH SUPER FLARE YOU HOLD. Total the tokens lost and put them in the warp. If the total exceeds your number of available tokens, they all go to the warp and your turn ends. HEARTS A . SAFETY. Hold on to this card. Turn it in to prevent a Hazard from occuring at a later time. 2. HERE'S A FAIR CHANCE TO GET BACK INTO THE GAME. RETURN ALL OF YOUR TOKENS TO THE POSITIONS THEY OCCUPIED AT THE START OF THE GAME - EVEN THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM THE GAME. OH, YOU HAD FOUR EXTERNAL BASES?!? SORRY!! Return four tokens to each home base. 3. YOUR ALIEN POWER HAS DEFECTED AND JOINED FORCES WITH THE PLAYER ON YOUR LEFT. Give your power to the player on your left - his choice in a multiple power game. 4. THE UNITED WORLDS, CITING THE GENEVA II CONVENTION, ORDERS YOU TO RELEASE ALL PRISONERS OF WAR. All tokens held on your star disc are freed to the warp. 5. OOPS! YOU JUST MADE A BIG MISTAKE. YOU PICKED UP THIS CARD. NOW I BET YOU'RE SORRY. DO YOU KNOW WHY YOU SHOULD BE SORRY? NO? WELL, I'LL TELL YOU. GET READY TO START CRYING. THIS CARD CONTAINS COSMICOGLUTAMATE WHICH IS HAZARDOUS TO YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. All other players draw an extra power at random to add to those they already have. 6. HAVING DISCOVERED A WATERHOLE ON A HOME BASE HE WAS EXPLORING, A TOKEN OF YOURS DECIDED TO GO FOR A SWIM. UNFORTUNATELY, HE WASN'T THE FIRST THING TO HAVE FOUND THE WATER APPEALING. HE IS TORN TO PIECES BY A SEA SERPENT. Place a token from a home base into the warp. 7. SPIES HAVE INFILTRATED YOUR ORGANIZATION AND HAVE DIVULGED YOUR SECRETS TO YOUR OPPONENTS. Reveal any secret powers you hold or any secret moons you occupy. 8. YOU'RE REAL SURE OF YOURSELF AREN'T YOU? YOU ARE GOING TO WIN THE GAME ALL BY YOURSELF. YOU DON'T NEED ANY HELP. WELL YOU BETTER HOPE YOU'RE RIGHT BECAUSE YOU AREN'T GETTING ANY ON THIS TURN. You may not ask for allies on this turn. 9. FAMINE. DROUGHTS. WHEN WILL IT END? YOU CAN'T SUPPORT YOUR PEOPLE. ONLY THE STRONG WILL BE ABLE TO SURVIVE THIS MASSIVE DISASTER. Place one token from each base where you have more than one into the warp. T. WWHHIILLEE YYOOUU WWEERREE TTRRYYIINNGG TTOO DDEECCIIPPHHEERR TTHHIISS CCAARRDD A MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE STRUCK. FRIGHTENED BY THE NOISE, EVERYONE'S POWERS FLED. WHEN THE COMMOTION DIED DOWN, THEY FORGOT WHERE TO GO. SINCE YOU WERE STILL READING THIS CARD, YOUR OPPONENTS DECIDED FOR THEM. The player on your left takes your power cards and may exchange one of his for one of yours. He then passes the cards to the next player who does the same. When the cards get back to you, what is left is your new set of powers. J. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! THAT SHRIEK YOU JUST READ CAME FROM YOUR TOKENS ON A BASE THAT JUST BLEW UP. WHILE YOU READ IT, ANY OTHER TOKENS ON THE BASE ESCAPED AND REBUILT THE PLANET. Place all of your tokens on a base outside of your home system into the warp. All other tokens there remain. Q. AFTER GETTING INTO A PHILOSOPHICAL DISCUSSION WITH TOKENS BELONGING TO THE PLAYER ON YOUR RIGHT THAT CO-OCCUPY A BASE WITH THEM, YOUR TOKENS THERE DECIDE TO DEFECT. Place your tokens in the warp and replace them with his tokens from the warp. K. THERE'S NO BAD JOKE ON THIS CARD. JUST A SIMPLE WORD OF ADVICE. YOU SHOULD HAVE PICKED A DIFFERENT CARD. THE JOKE'S ON YOU. Discard a Flare, an Edict, your highest Attack card, and your power - one picked by the player on your right in a multiple power game. SPADES A. SAFETY. Hold on to this card. Turn it in to prevent a Hazard from occuring at a later time. 2. TEN OF YOUR TOKENS ARE AFRAID TO GO INTO BATTLE BECAUSE THEY FEEL THEY ARE NOT PREPARED TO FIGHT. THEY ARE WILLING TO OCCUPY AN UNOCCUPIED MOON, HOWEVER. You must leave 10 tokens on bases or moons if you want to make an attack. 3. SURPRISE! THIS CARD IS SAFE. IT CAN NOT HURT YOU. BUT THERE IS A CATCH. YOU KNEW THAT DIDN'T YOU? YOU MUST NOW CONTINUE TO DRAW HAZARD CARDS ONE AT A TIME UNTIL ONE TAKES EFFECT. Take another Hazard. If it can take effect, it does. If not, take another, and another until one does. Discard any Safety that you draw in this manner. 4. YOU ARE TIRED. YOUR EYES ARE HEAVY. YOU ARE SLEEPY. YOU WANT TO REST... (POOF!) ... YOU JUST SLEPT THROUGH YOUR TURN. Play passes. 5. WHO SAID THESE CARDS WEREN'T FAIR? THIS CARD GIVES YOU AN EQUAL CHANCE. Flip this card in the air. If the front side lands face up, lose your turn, play passes. If the back side lands up, keep this card and use it later as a Safety. 6. ACAC MURF DWAOAZWAH MUGWUMPH SCVAGHNSM. WHILE YOU SIT HERE TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT THIS MEANS, EVERYONE ELSE TAKES ALL OF THEIR TOKENS OUT OF THE WARP. THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR TAKING LATIN INSTEAD OF MAJORING IN ALIEN LANGUAGES. All other players take their tokens out of the warp. 7. A CHEMICAL SUBSTANCE ON THIS CARD HAS BEEN TRANSMITTED THROUGHOUT YOUR ENTIRE BODY. WHEN YOU PICK UP YOUR HAND, ALL OF YOUR FLARE CARDS DISINTEGRATE. Discard all of your Flares. 8. YOU THOUGHT THAT YOU COULD WIN THE GAME ON THIS TURN, DIDN'T YOU? WELL, MAYBE YOU STILL CAN, BUT IT WON'T BE SO EASY. If you have three or more external bases, vacate one. Tokens disperse. 9. YOU ARE A ROTTEN, LOUSY SCUMBAG. YOU DO NOT LIKE OTHER PLAYERS. YOU WILL NOT GIVE IN TO THEM. EVEN IN THE BLEAKEST SITUATION, YOU'D RATHER DIE THAN ADMIT DEFEAT. You may not play a Compromise card on this turn unless you have no choice. T. THERE'S SAFETY IN NUMBERS - FOR EVERYONE BUT YOU. All other players take a Safety from the Hazard deck. Start with the player on your left. If there are not enough left, give each player who does not get one a card of his choice from your regular hand. J. A STRONG MAGNETIC FIELD HAS CAUSED YOUR EDICTS TO BACKFIRE. You must play your Plague and Revolt Edicts on yourself. Plagues can not cause a Revolt or another Plague to be discarded without being used. Q. WE INTERRUPT THIS HAZARD FOR AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. NUCLEAR WAR HAS JUST BROKEN OUT ON A HOME BASE YOU ALONE OCCUPY. THERE ARE NO SURVIVORS. THIS PLANET WILL BE UNINHABITABLE FOR EONS. Vacate a home base you alone occupy. Tokens go to the warp. This base must remain vacant for ten turns, starting with the next player's. K. SO YOU THINK YOU CAN RULE THE GALAXY? YOU HAVE BEEN THE OPPRESSOR, DESTROYING WEAK AND DEFENSELESS PLANETS. NOW SEE WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE OPPRESSED. If you have a base on another player's system and he has none on yours, vacate a home base and he occupies it. Your tokens disperse. You must give a base to each player these conditions apply to, and must vacate a different base for each player. JOKERS B. WILD CARD WILD CARD WILD CARD WILD CARD WILD CARD WILD CARD The player on your left chooses which Hazard will occur. He may look at them all if he wants, but if he doesn't choose in one minute, he must take one at random. Hazards are then reshuffled. C. WILD CARD WILD CARD WILD CARD WILD CARD WILD CARD WILD CARD The player on your right chooses which Hazard will occur. He may look at them all if he wants, but if he doesn't choose in one minute, he must take one at random. Hazards are then reshuffled. DECK #2 CLUBS A. SAFETY. Hold on to this card. Turn it in to prevent a Hazard from occuring at a later time. 2. ATTEMPTING TO CREATE A POWERFUL NEW EXPLOSIVE, A BUMBLING SCIENTIST ON A HOME BASE THAT YOU ALONE OCCUPY ACCIDENTALLY DETONATES IT, BLOWING ALL INHABITANTS OF THE PLANET TO SMITHEREENS. Place all tokens from a home base you alone occupy into the warp. 3. THE GALAXIAL FEDERATION WANTS TO BREAK UP MONOPOLIES. IF YOU HAVE A MONOPOLY ON MOONS OR BASES, THEY WANT YOU TO DISPERSE. If you are the only player occupying Moons or external bases, you must vacate one of them. If you have a monopoly on both, you must vacate one of each. 4. A COSMIC ZAP CARD FALLS OUT OF YOUR HAND. BEING THE SLY CHEATERS THAT THEY MUST BE IN ORDER TO BEAT YOU, YOUR OPPONENTS FORCE YOU TO USE THE CARD ON YOURSELF. Cosmic Zap your power - your choice in a multiple power game. 5. IN AN ACT OF COMPASSION (AND STUPIDITY) YOU AGREE TO GIVE UP YOUR TURN TO THE PLAYER WITH THE FEWEST NUMBER OF BASES OUTSIDE OF HIS HOME SYSTEM. This player gets your turn. In case of a tie, or if you have the fewest bases, you keep your turn. 6. THE GRAVITY FIELD ON YOUR HOME SYSTEM GOES HAYWIRE AND ONE OF YOUR MOONS IS EJECTED OUT INTO SPACE, WHERE IT IS PULLED INTO THE SYSTEM OF THE PLAYER ON YOUR RIGHT. Move a moon from your home system to the system of the player on your right. He chooses the moon. 7. WELCOME TO THE ALIENS' CHOICE CARD, THE HAZARD CARD WHERE YOU CHOOSE HOW BADLY YOU WILL BE DECIMATED. YOU MUST PICK THE DISASTER THAT WILL BEFALL YOU FROM THE LIST. YOU MAY NOT CHOOSE ONE THAT WILL HAVE NO EFFECT. Do one of the following: Give the player on your left one of your powers - his choice, put 10 tokens into the warp, give your hand to the player on your right - play passes, or give all of your Lucre, Flares, Edicts, Kickers, and Attack cards to the player of your choice. 8. A TAX WHICH YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO PAY HAS BEEN PLACED ON YOU FOR HOARDING CARDS. THE ONLY WAY TO AVOID A LONG JAIL SENTENCE IS TO REDUCE YOUR HAND. Keep the five cards of your choice; discard the rest of your hand. 9. YOUR STAR DISC HAS BEEN CONTAMINATED ALL TOKENS THERE WILL DIE IF NOT TREATED. YOU, BEING OF A COMPASSIONATE RACE, FREE THEM ALL TO THEIR HOME SYSTEMS TO BE VACCINATED. Release all tokens from your star disc to their home systems. If they have no planet to land on in their home system, they are removed from the game. T. YOU THOUGHT YOUR POWER WAS SAFE BECAUSE YOU HOLD AN UNZAP CARD, DIDN'T YOU? WELL IT ISN'T ANY MORE BECAUSE YOU NO LONGER HAVE THE CARD. Discard an Unzap or Anti-Zap Card. J. IN A SURPRISE MOVE, ALL OF YOUR OPPONENTS LAUNCH POWERFUL ATTACKS ON YOUR TOKENS IN THEIR HOME SYSTEMS. AS ALL OF THE ATTACKS OCCUR AT THE SAME TIME, YOU ARE CAUGHT UNPREPARED. BEFORE YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO REGROUP, ONE OF YOUR TOKENS ON EACH SYSTEM IS KILLED. Each of your opponents takes one of your tokens that is on his system and puts it into the warp. Q. YOU ARE ACCUSED OF CHEATING. RATHER THAN SPENDING THE TIME AND MONEY TO PROVE YOUR INNOCENCE (ESPECIALLY SINCE YOU ARE GUILTY), YOU OFFER A BRIBE TO THE OTHER PLAYERS. Every player gets a card at random from your hand, starting with the player on your left. K. FIVE OF YOUR TOKENS STRIKE FOR BETTER WORKING CONDITIONS AND REFUSE TO MOVE. You must leave five tokens where they are for the duration of this turn. if you can not make a challenge without these tokens, your turn ends. DIAMONDS A. SAFETY. Hold on to this card. Turn it in to prevent a Hazard from occuring at a later time. 2. THIS IS A TEST. FOR THE NEXT SIXTY SECONDS, THIS CARD IS CONDUCTING A TEST OF THE EMERGENCY CONQUEST SYSTEM. THIS IS ONLY A TEST...BEEEEEP! ALERT! ALERT! CONQUEST BEGINNING. THIS IS NOT AN EXERCISE. PREPARE TO BE INVADED! Place all tokens on home bases that are co-occupied with other players into the warp. 3. YOU ANSWER A WANT AD. YOU ARE TO BE PAID TWO LUCRE FOR PARTICIPATING IN AN EXPERIMENT. HOSPITAL BILLS COST YOU TWO LUCRE. YOU HAVE GAINED NOTHING, BUT WHILE YOU WERE RECUPERATING, YOU HAVE LOST SOMETHING - NAMELY TWO TURNS. Play passes. You also must miss your next turn. 4. LLA TAHT NOSAER EMAS EHT ROF ?SDRAWKCAB DEPYT DRAC SIHT SI YHW TSUJ EREW MEHT NO SNEKOT EEHRT NAHT SSEL HTIW SESAB EMOH RUOY FO .AEDI DOOG A SAW TI THGOUHT EW .DENMEDNOC Vacate all home bases with one or two tokens on them. Tokens disperse. 5. THE PLAYER TO YOUR RIGHT KIDNAPS ALL OF YOUR TOKENS FROM A BASE THEY OCCUPY IN HIS SYSTEM AND DEMANDS A RANSOM OF ONE LUCRE PER TOKEN TO PUT THEM BACK. Pay his demand, and he must put them back where they came from. If you can't or don't pay for all of them, he keeps them on his star disc and may offer them to you later in a deal. 6. WHILE EXPLORING A BASE THAT YOU ALONE OCCUPY ON THE SYSTEM TO YOUR LEFT, ONE OF YOUR TOKENS ACCIDENTALLY WANDERED INTO A MINEFIELD AND BLEW HIMSELF UP. Place a token from a base you alone occupy on the system to your left into the warp. 7. YOU DON'T FIND THESE CARDS AMUSING? TOUGH!!!!! JUST FOR THAT, LOSE A BASE! STILL NOT LAUGHING?!? LOSE A FLARE! NOT FUNNY ENOUGH YET?!? LOSE AN EDICT AND YOUR HIGHEST ATTACK CARD! NOW THAT'S FUNNY!!!!! Vacate a base - tokens disperse. Discard a Flare, Edict, and your highest Attack card. 8. WHILE THE TOKEN YOU HAD GUARDING A MOON YOU OCCUPY IN YOUR SYSTEM SLEPT, THE MOON WAS TAKEN OVER BY TERRORISTS WORKING FOR THE PLAYER ON YOUR RIGHT. Place your tokens from a Moon in your system into the warp. The player to your right now occupies the Moon. 9. ONE OF YOUR TOKENS IS A TRAITOR. WHILE HIS COMRADES SLEPT, HE KNOCKED THEM OUT, TIED THEM UP, AND BROUGHT THEM TO THE PLAYER ON YOUR RIGHT. NOT TRUSTING TRAITORS, THE PLAYER ON YOUR RIGHT IMPRISONS HIM ALONG WITH HIS FORMER FRIENDS. WHEN THEY AWAKE, THEY KILL HIM. Vacate a base where you have at least two tokens. Put one in the warp. Give the rest to the player on your right to hold on his star disc. He may release them in a deal. T. ALL TOKENS ON ONE OF YOUR MOONS CONTRACT LYCANTHROPY. IN A MAD BLOOD-LUST, THEY ATTACK ANOTHER MOON. You must use your first challenge to attack an occupied moon with tokens taken from a moon you occupy. All tokens there must be used. J. A TOKEN OF YOURS HAS HEMMERHOIDS. BEING NASTY PRACTICAL JOKERS, YOUR OTHER TOKENS WITH HIM ON A HOME BASE PUT CRAZY GLUE IN HIS PREPARATION H. HE RETALIATES BY REPLACING THE MILK OF MAGNESIA THEY ARE USING WITH ELMER'S GLUE. IN THE RIOT WHICH FOLLOWS, THREE TOKENS ARE KILLED. Place 3 tokens from a home base into the warp. Q. A BACTERIAL INFECTION WHICH YOU HAVE CONTRACTED BY PICKING UP THIS CARD RENDERS YOU TOO WEAK TO HOLD ALL OF THE CARDS YOU HAVE IN YOUR HAND. IN AN ACT OF COMPASSION, YOUR OPPONENTS AGREE TO LIGHTEN YOUR BURDEN. EACH AGREES TO HELP YOU BY REDUCING YOUR HAND. Starting with the player to your left, each player takes a card of his choice from your hand and discards it. K. WHY IS THIS CARD DIFFERENT FROM ALL OTHER CARDS? IT MAY ACTUALLY HELP YOU. THIS IS THE SUPER SAFETY! HOLD ON TO THIS CARD AND USE IT AS A SAFETY WHEN NEEDED. HOWEVER, ONCE YOU HAVE USED IT, DO NOT DISCARD IT. INSTEAD, GIVE IT TO THE PLAYER ON YOUR LEFT. HE MAY THEN USE IT AND PASS IT ON. Use this card as a Safety. Pass it to the left after use to be used again and again. HEARTS A. SAFETY. Hold on to this card. Turn it in to prevent a Hazard from occuring at a later time. 2. A NEW STRAIN OF TOKENITIS HAS CAUSED FIFTEEN OF YOUR TOKENS TO BECOME TOO ILL TO FIGHT. Fifteen of your tokens that are not in the warp may not participate in an attack. If you have fewer available tokens, your turn ends. 3. HAVING DEVELOPED A NEW BACTERIA FOR USE IN GERM WARFARE, FORMER COMRADES OF YOURS THAT ARE CO-OCCUPYING A BASE WITH YOU ON THE SYSTEM TO YOUR RIGHT EXPERIMENT ON YOUR TOKENS THERE AND KILL THEM. Place all of your tokens on a base that you co-occupy with someone on the system to your right into the warp. 4. YOU DID NOT WANT TO TAKE THIS CARD, DID YOU? YOU KNOW THAT IT WILL PREVENT YOU FROM WINNING THE GAME, RIGHT? WRONG, DOPPLEGANGER BREATH!!! THIS CARD WILL HELP YOU WIN. Hold on to this card. While you hold it, you may use your powers regardless of the number of home bases you occupy. This card may be nullified at a later time by the use of a Safety by another player. 5. THE SHOTS YOU GAVE TO THE LAST SET OF TOKENS WHICH ATTACKED A MOON WERE CONTAMINATED. THE BACTERIA ON THE MOON CAUSE THEM TO BECOME ILL. THEY MUST RETURN HOME FOR NEW SHOTS OR THEY WILL DIE. Return your tokens from the last moon you occupied to home bases. If you have no home bases left, they go to the warp. 6. PFFFFFT!! YOU JUST FARTED. IN ORDER TO GET YOU OUT OF THE ROOM BEFORE YOU KILL THEM, YOUR OPPONENTS AGREED TO HOLD UP THE GAME AND NOT TO CHEAT WHILE YOU WENT TO THE BATHROOM. YOU FOOLISHLY TRUSTED THEM. THEY ALMOST KEPT THEIR PROMISE. ALL THEY DID WAS LOOK AT YOUR CARDS. Reveal your hand. 7. DECIDING TO PUNK OUT, ONE OF YOUR TOKENS ON A MOON STICKS A SAFETY PIN I HIS NOSE. IN HIS ZEAL, HE PUSHES IT TOO FAR, AND IT RIPS THROUGH HIS HEAD, KILLING HIM. Remove a token from a moon and put it into the warp. 8. WHY ARE YOU SO UPSET? THIS GAME IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN! YEAH, WE KNOW YOU'RE IN LAST PLACE, HAVE NO POWERS, NO BASES, ALL OF YOUR TOKENS IN THE WARP, NO EDICTS, NO FLARES, AND NO FRIENDS! STILL IT'S FUN AND WE'LL PROVE IT. NOW YOU MUST LOSE YOUR TURN. THAT WAS FUN, WASN'T IT? WE THOUGHT SO! Lose your turn if any of the above conditions apply. 9. THE PHONE COMPANY IS HAVING A BAD DAY. CALLING ATARI ANONYMOUS, A TOKEN OF YOURS WAS CONNECTED WITH A BAD SAMARITAN WHO CONVINCED HIM TO KILL HIMSELF. A SADIST CALLING THE BAD SAMARITANS WAS CONNECTED TO ATARI ANONYMOUS. NOT HAVING A VIDEO GAME IN HIS HOME, THE SADIST WAS DELIGHTED. Place a token in the warp. T. YOU ARE A VERY NICE PERSON. YOU DO NOT WANT TO DOMINATE THE WEAKER SPECIES OF THE COSMOS WHO ARE OBVIOUSLY INFERIOR TO YOU. YOU DO NOT WANT TO ATTACK THEM. ACTUALLY THAT'S NOT TRUE. YOU CAN'T BE TRUSTED. NOW WE WILL TAKE AWAY THE TEMPTATION. Discard all of your Attack cards. J. DO YOU EVER FEEL THE NEED TO TAKE DRUGS TO REGAIN SOME LOST POWER? WELL NOW THERE IS NO LONGER ANY REASON TO. YOU CAN NOW REGAIN YOUR LOST POWER WITH ONLY A SMALL SIDE EFFECT. If you have fewer than three home bases, reclaim as many as you need to make three. The side effect is that you must vacate an external base for each home base you re-occupy. All tokens on the external base must come to the home base. Q. SPACE, THE FINAL FRONTIER. THESE ARE THE VOYAGES OF THE STARSHIP BOOBYPRIZE. UNFORTUNATELY, THE STRANGE NEW CIVILIZATION YOU CHOSE TO EXPLORE WAS PUT OFF BY YOUR ATTITUDE OF BOLDLY GOING WHERE NO MAN HAD GONE BEFORE. THEY WIPED OUT YOUR ENTIRE CREW. MAKE AN ENTRY IN YOUR LOG NOT TO EXPLORE THAT MOON AGAIN. Vacate a moon. Tokens go to the warp. K. IN THE HOTTEST PART OF THE DESERT WHICH MAKES UP 90 PERCENT OF A BASE IN YOUR HOME SYSTEM, A CLUMSY TOKEN SPILLED THE WATER CANTEEN HE WAS CARRYING FOR THE ENTIRE PARTY. HIS COMRADES ALL DIED OF THIRST. HE DIDN'T - AFTER REALIZING HIS STUPIDITY, HE RAN AWAY. HE RAN FAST, BUT THE SAND WAS QUICK. HE WAS SWALLOWED UP. Vacate a home base with at least three tokens. Put them into the warp.