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Cosmic Dune

From: Marcus Porter <>

Cosmic Dune is a varient Jack Reda wrote a few years ago. It draws it's 
inspiration from Avalon Hill's Dune game and CE but it is a separate 
game. We found that you can integrate it with normal CE powers but to 
start you should just use the Cosmic Dune powers.

************************ Cosmic Dune ************************

Copyright (C) 1993 by Jack Reda. Distributed as Freeware. Permission
is given to copy and distribute this material freely provided this
notice is retained.

This a self contained game consisting of six powers, their flares and
several new edicts (some of these edicts may not be suitable for use
with normal Ce). Throughout these instructions and on the power cards,
Lucre is referred to as Spice. You may use the two terms
interchangeably. For added chaos, you can play normal Cosmic Encounter
powers in addition to the Cosmic Dune powers. In a six player game,
each player has one Cosmic Dune power. In a five player game omit the
Guild and in a four player game omit the Emperor as well. In a 3
player game, each player should have two powers; Atreides/Fremen,
Harkonnen/Emperor or Bene Gesserit/Guild. Cosmic Dune is played as
regular CE with the following changes:

At the start of the game (and any time thereafter when a player draws
a new hand) each player draws a 5 card hand from the challenge
deck. Each player may hold a maximum of 5 cards in their hand with the
exception of the Harkonnens who may hold 7. If a player somehow gains
more than their maximum, they must immediately play or discard any
extra cards. During each Interphase, the top cards from the deck are
auctioned (as many cards as there are players). Bidding; starts with
the player whose turn is next, going clockwise. The next bid starts
with the next player. Bidding opens at 1 Spice (or pass), and each
player must increase the bid by 1 Spice (max.) or pass. If a player
passes during the bid, they may not bid on that card again. If all
players pass on a particular card, the bidding round ends
immediately. A player may NOT bid on a card if he/she already has
their maximum number of cards. Any Interphase cards must be played
before or after bidding. Each power has a special bidding power which
is printed on the power.

Normal Lucre rules do not apply to spice.  Spice may be used for the

1. Buy cards during the bidding round. (Cards may not be bought at
any other time)

2. Main players may Enhance their tokens by paying 3 spice per
token.  The token is now worth double it's normal value. Tokens must
be enhanced before cards are played. Any tokens brought in after cards
are played remain at their original value. Players may not enhance
more than their number of tokens. Allies tokens may not be
enhanced. (Enhancement is done instead of buying points with lucre)

3. Any player may pay five spice to see what the top card of the
deck is after the bidding round is over.

4. At the end of a player's turn, they may buy up to 4 tokens from
the warp at a cost of two spice per token.

5. Spice may be traded in a deal.

At the start of their turn, each player collects the amount of spice
printed on their power.
Consolation may be collected in the form of cards and/or spice from
the player.
Spice may be collected for rewards.
Cosmic Zaps do not work on bidding powers.
Players may not have more than their maximum number of cards,
except when collecting consolation or as rewards. They must
immediately play or discard the cards drawn after they exceed their
Players may Punt; at the start of their turn rather then taking a
turn. They then draw a new 5 card hand (discarding or playing any
cards in their old hand), and collect 10 spice.  No bidding takes place.
Play passes immediately.
Moons should not be used in Cosmic Dune.

************************ EDICTS ************************
These Edits Should be placed in the Challenge deck.

CHOAM Boon: Collect 5 spice from every player. Play between

Family Atomics: Both main players lose their tokens to the warp.
Play before allies are invited.

GHOLA: When another player removes tokens from the warp, you
may remove an equal number of your own.

Gom Jabbar: Send one token from anywhere to the warp. Play at any

Hunter Seeker: Send one of your opponents tokens to the warp. Play
as a main player before cards are revealed.

Kwisatz Haderach: One token in a challenge is worth 15 (for
calculating totals only).This token may not be enhanced. Play any
time before cards are revealed.

Landsraad: Draw a random power from those not in use and add it to
your own for one challenge.

Lasgun: Remove all allies from one side. Their tokens go to the
warp. Play before cards are revealed.

MENTAT: As an ally you may look at the opposing main player's
challenge cards before any are played, and advise your ally without
naming any specific cards.

Shai Hulud: If you win as the main player collect half the lucre
(rounding up) of the losing player.

Shield: Nullify any edict or wild flare played against you.

Still Suit: Retain one token when you must lose more than one to the
warp. You choose which token to keep. Play after you must loose

Thumper: Cause the offensive player to reposition the cone.
Play before cards are revealed.

Tleilaxu: You may negotiate to return from the warp some or all
tokens of another player for one Spice/Lucre per token.

Water of Life: Expose the card currently under bid.

Weirding Way: Transforms your attack card into the same value as
your opponent. Play as a main player.

************************ Powers ************************

The powers are in Ken Cox's CE-Convert format.  Use the CE-Convert
program and the Postscript Headers found at the GNU.AI.MIT.EDU
anonymous FTP to print them.

--------Cut here-----
#DN Dune

ATREIDES	[O:D:D] Paul Muad' Dib
You have the power of prescience.
As a defensive player, any player your invite (except the Harkonnen)
must ally with you with at least one token.  Whenever you win as a
main player you collect one spice for each of your tokens
Bidding Power: You may look at the card that is being bid upon without saying 
what it is. 
Collection: 2 spice per planet each turn.

History: You are the Kwisatz Haderach.

Restriction:  Use only in Cosmic Dune.

Wild: You may prevent Atreides from looking at the bidding card.

Super: You may force your defensive allies to bring four tokens into
the challenge.

HARKONNEN	[O:D:D] Baron Vladimir Harkonnen
You have the power of treachery.
As a main player, before cards are revealed, you may give 10 spice to
an opposing ally and force them to switch sides.  Whenever you win as
a main player you collect one spice for each token (from the player)
that goes to the warp. 
Bidding Power: When you buy a card, you get the next card free.  Atreides 
may not look at it. 
Collection: 2 spice per planet each turn.

History: You are determined to control Arrakis for your own twisted

Restriction: Use only in Cosmic Dune

Wild: You may prevent Harkonnens from receiving a free second

Super: You may fill your hand with cards from another players hand.
Each card you take, you must replace with one spice.

BENE GESSERIT	[O:D:D] Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam
You have the power of mind control.  
As an ally, you may force one side to play a compromise card if
possible. If both sides play compromise, you may be involved in the
deal (at risk of suffering losses).  
Bidding Power: You may immediately trade a purchased card to another player for
a random card from their hand.
Collection: 10 Spice plus one per planet each turn.

History: You have influenced the other houses to advance your own

Restriction: Use only in Cosmic Dune.

Wild: You may prevent Bene Gesserit from trading a purchased card.

Super: As an ally, you may make both sides play compromise cards.

FREMEN	[M:D:D] Liet-Kynes
You have the power of the Fedaykin.  
Your tokens count double as allies, even for collecting rewards (when
coerced by the Harkonnen your tokens count normal). If your ally
loses, you only lose half your tokens (rounding up). You may also look
at the next card in the destiny pile before the Interphase.
Bidding Power: You may immediately give a purchased card to another player, 
and receive one spice from that player.
Collection: 5 Spice plus three per planet each turn .

History: You are native to the planet Arrakis and know it's ways.

Restriction: Use only in Cosmic Dune.

Wild: You may prevent Fremen from giving away their purchased

Super: You may cancel the first flip of the destiny pile on any
player's turn.

EMPEROR	[B:D:D] Emperor Shaddam IV
You have the power of the Sardaukar.  
Any compromise card you play, automatically becomes the same card as
your opponent.  You may also give spice to your ally.
Bidding Power: Any player purchasing a card must pay you half the spice
(rounding up).  You pay the bank. 
Collection: 1 Spice per planet each turn.

History: You rule the known universe.

Restriction: Use only in Cosmic Dune.

Wild: You may pay the bank for a purchased card rather than the

Super: You may enhance your side's tokens after the cards are

GUILD	[B:D:D] Stage four navigator
You have the power of Hyperspace.
You collect one spice for each player that enters the
offensive end of the cone.  You do not have to pay to enter it.  As the
offensive player, after the outcome is determined, you may pay 10
Spice (to the bank) to reposition the cone. You are not required to
take your turn in sequence.  You may instead go between any
other player's turns (but not between challenges). 
Bidding Power: Before a card is auctioned, you may discard a card from your
hand (but you may not do this twice consecutively).  
Collection: 1 Spice per planet each turn.

History: You transport everyone throughout the known universe,

Restriction: Use only in Cosmic Dune.

Wild: You may prevent the guild from discarding a card (still
counting as if it was discarded).

Super: As defensive main player you may pay ten spice to reposition
the cone after the outcome is determined.

--------Cut here-----

In my copy of FONTS I have added an Icon for the Dune powers and
moved the Special Destiny icon from D to S.  If you don't want to go
through the bother just leave off the D restriction (a power should
say [B:D] or [M:D] instead of [M:D:D]).  If anyone REALLY wants my
Icon I can post it, but it's just a bunch of crisscrossed lines that's
supposed to represent sticks of spice.
We found that the Leader Disks from Avalon Hill's Dune game
expansion set, The Duel provided great pictures for the blank
circles on the powers.  We blew them up with a Xerox, cut
them out and taped them on our powers.  We then copied them onto
stiff paper.  That is why the description of each power is a name. The
name sits right under the picture.  Dune is no longer in print but you
can order any parts (including the leader disks) from Avalon Hill.

Marcus Porter |