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CE Optional Rules Complexity Classifcation list

Suggested Classification of different Cosmic elements by complexity
Originally suggested by (Jay Rudin), modifications
suggested by (Sebastian), (Mike Arms)
and (Aaron Fuegi).  Final decisions made based on my
opinions of complexity levels for new players by Aaron Fuegi.

Class I                  Class II            Class III
Kicker Cards             Lucre               Cheese Moons
Reinforcement Cards      Punt Option         Reverse Planet Hexes
Special Destiny Cards    Crescent Moons      Warp Fan
Comets                   Half Moons          Full Moons
Two Powers               Secret Powers
                         Punt Option

Power selection method is a somewhat different issues and is addressed

Also, note that Secret powers can mean 1 of 2 things (clearly variation 2
makes Secret powers much more powerful):
	1) Power must be revealed the moment it is applicable if it is a
mandatory power (example: Anti-Matter in a challenge resolution when he is
a main player).
	2) Power can be kept Secret as long as the player wishes (example:
Filth can be kept secret until someone has 4 bases and potentially wipe all
of them out at once).