ARMADA Help Page

Objective of the Game

Sink your opponent's ships before he sinks yours!

How to Play

Phase 1: Placing your ships To have the computer randomly place your (remaining) ships, click on Place Ships Randomly. Alternatively, to manually place your ships, do the following. Select a ship name from the list to the right of the playing board. Click on a open square on the board to place one end of that ship (). Click on one of the now highlighted squares () to place the other end of this ship. Repeat until all your ships have been placed. You can remove a ship already placed and have the opportunity to replace it by clicking on any part of the ship. Also, the instructions below the board will change to indicate what actions are availalble to you at a given moment.

As soon as the REGISTER NAME button appears at the bottom of the applet, you should click on it and enter your name in the window that appears in order to be eligible for the High Scores List (added 7/24/96). You will not see your name appear until you enter your name and hit return in the Name Registration popup window and then taken an action within the main applet.

Phase 2: Playing the Game: Click on open squares () on the opponent's board to try to kill his ships. You will either hit () or miss (). Once you have hit every part of an individual ship, the destroyed ship will appear and the ship will be listed as Sunk. The computer will, of course, be shooting at you at the same time trying to sink your ships. You move first and then turns alternate. The first player to sink all of the opponent's ships is the winner.

Phase 3: Starting a new game: When you win or lose, an image will appear indicating that. Click on that image to start a new game. Also, when you lose, all the surviving computer ships will be revealed (feature added 5/21/96).

Version Information

There are two versions of ARMADA available. In one of them, your ships are automatically randomly placed. In the other (the default version), you have the option of placing your ships manually.

Game Development

This game is the third Java(tm) applet I have written and is a Beta applet written for Netscape 2.0. I am not currently making the source code available.

Written by Aaron Douglass Fuegi (, proprietor of the Last Homely House.

Acknowledgments: Thanks to Doug Edmundson ( for drawing the great images of all the ships and to Russ Wolf ( for suggesting the idea to me to write ARMADA and for playtesting help. Also thanks to Jeff "Teker" Fink for the images of the ocean, hits and misses. Finally, thanks to Robert Putnam for his help with recording and finding the sound effects.

Version History
5/1/96 Version 1.0 Released
5/10/96 Credits screen added
5/20/96 Computer ships shown at end of game when computer wins.
5/22/96 Fixed major bug in automatic placement version.
7/24/96 Added High Scores List feature.
6/20/97 Renamed to ARMADA.
11/19/98 Added sound effects with the help of Robert Putnam.

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