You have entered the HALL of FIRE

Image of a fire in a hearth.

"..people come here who wish for peace, and thought. There is always a fire here..." -J.R.R. Tolkien

The Hall of Fire looks just like it did in Elrond's time and immediately makes you nostalgic for the simpler times of the past. The room has no tables at all in it and is dominated by a huge hearth flanked by carven pillars. On most evenings, the room is full of people singing, dancing, reciting poetry and just relaxing before the beautiful fire lit every evening in the hearth. You feel very at peace here and are quite content to just relax and engage in deep contemplation.

Aaron usually spends a little while each day here pondering Musings of the Hearth, his blog.

Rivendell Valley Song has a huge and comprehensive set of links to literature, poetry, history, etc...

Poet's Corner is a library of more than 6000 poems.

Poem of the Week chooses a new poem weekly and archives all their past choices. The Cremation of Sam McGee, #22 is particularly recommended.

Music of Patrice Deceuninck, inspired by Tolkien.

Artwork of John Howe, Tolkien artist.

View the graphics design work of Berkeley native David Lance Goines.

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