Boston University

From: Glenn Bresnahan, IS&T/Director Scientific Computing and Visualization (
Subject: SCF Web Forms Access Change on July 15, 2013
Date: July 1, 2013

Dear Researcher,

We would like to notify you of a change in the way we are handling passwords on the Scientific Computing Facilities (SCF) as of July 15, 2013.  As of that date, BU Kerberos password access will become the primary means of access to all of our systems and web materials with the exception of the Blue Gene, which will still only be accessible using your old local SCF Unix password and only to those who have been granted access to it by special request.  This change is being made to try to simplify things for almost everyone, requiring you to need to remember and deal with one less password.

Note that despite this change, you will still be able to log in to either the Katana Cluster ( or or the SCC ( through using either your Kerberos or your local SCF password as has been the case until now.  Thus, if all you do is log in to and use the Linux clusters, you can largely ignore this message.

However, for Principal Investigators and users who use our password-protected project and individual web pages linked from and, as of July 15 all of these forms will only be accessible through your BU Kerberos password.

Some people, particularly the recent new users to our systems from the BU Medical Campus LinGA systems, only have Kerberos passwords.  This change will give you access to our web materials you did not have previously.  For these people and any others who have a Kerberos password but either do not have or can not remember your local SCF password, you can set/change this password at: Most of you will not have any real reason to do this, however, after July 15.

A different significant group of people is those from outside of BU that ONLY have local SCF passwords.  If you are in that group and wish to get a Kerberos password, you can send mail to to request one.  This is only needed however if you wish to access the web materials linked to above.  If you just need to use the systems, your local SCF password will continue to work fine.

Going forward, all new users will not be asked to set local SCF passwords at all.  External collaborators will be required to set BU Kerberos passwords if they do not already have one.

Please send any questions you have about this change to