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BU's Interactive WWW Games (non-Java and Java)

Games that do not require Java

  • pegs Pegs

    Try to outwit the computer in this game of strategy. The rules are simple, but it is trickier to win than it might first appear.
    vibe A VIBE Magazine 12 Best selection.

  • wumpus Multi-player Hunt the Wumpus

    Hunt the Wumpus monster in another exciting BU WWW first: an interactive Multi-player game. If you have a slow network connection, there is a text only version.

    News for Wumpus players
    Several Web client could not be used to play this game in the past. In particular, there were problems with Lynx and NCSA's Mac Mosaic. If you always "Died of natural causes" or couldn't shoot arrows (i.e. you did not have support for fill-in forms), try these new versions:

    Watch out for arrows from other players!

  • minemMinesweep

    A Web version of the popular Windows games. If you are using a slow link, you will want to play the non-graphical version. You can also look at the current high score list.

Games that do require a Java-enabled browser

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