Wumpus News

In the past, several Web clients/viewers could not be used to play Hunt the Wumpus. In particular, with some versions of Lynx and some versions of NCSA Mosaic for Mac/Windows you would always get the message "You died of natural causes" no matter what you tried to do. Some players could not shoot arrows because their viewers (e.g. NCSA Mosaic 1.0 for the Mac) do not support fill-in forms). If you have had these problems, you can try out these new versions of the game:

You will be in the same cave as all the other players, no matter which version you run. In the versions for viewers without forms support, you will only be able to shoot an arrow into an adjacent room. That will put you at a disadvantage, so you will need to be extra quick and clever to win!

Watch out for arrows!

There are more instructions on playing.

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