Mine Sweep Instructions

This is a Web version of the popular Windows game minesweeper.

The objective of the game is to discover the location and mark all of the hidden mines. The game is played on a two dimensional grid. Initially, each cell in the grid is represented by two icons, a green square on the left and a red flag on the right. If you are playing the non-graphics version the two choices will be indicated by o and x. Briefly, clicking on the left icon, the square, clears the cell. Clicking on the right icon marks the cell as containing a mine. If you are familiar with the PC version of this game, the left icon is equivalent to clicking with left mouse key, while the right icon is equivalent to clicking with the right mouse key.

Specifically, here is what happens. Clicking on the green square clears the cell, in other words you are guessing that no mine is located there. If you are wrong and a mine is hidden in this location, it explodes and you lose. If you guessed correctly, the number of mines which are located in adjacent cells is displayed. If there are no adjacent mines the entire adjoining area of empty cells, those that have no adjacent mines, is cleared. Once a cell has been cleared further clicking on the cell does nothing but waste time.

If you think a cell contains a mine, you should click on the red flag instead of the green square. This causes a large flag to be displayed over the entire cell and the count of mines left, which is displayed at the top of the screen, is decreased. This happens whether or not this cell actually contains a mine. If you later change your mind, you can click this cell again, which causes a question mark to be displayed in the cell. This indicates that you are unsure if there is a mine there or not and this cell is not included in determining the number of mines left to be discovered. Clicking a third time causes the cell to revert to its original state with both icons, the small square and flag, showing.

In the non-graphical version of the game letters are used to represent the various states of the board. At the start of the game all the cells are marked with ox. Click on the o to clear the cell and on the x to flag the cell as containing a mine. Flagged locations will be displayed with the uppercase letter F. As in the graphical version of the game, cells which have been uncovered show the number of adjacent mines or are empty if that number is zero (Note, however, that an empty cell may look more like - than a blank space).

In this game you must race against the clock. At the top of the page, the number of unmarked mines and the time left on the clock are displayed. If you run out of time you lose.

Good luck. If you do well you can get your name on the list of high scores.

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