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RCS sample R code

This directory contains a simple "Hello, World!" R script.

Interactive execution:

Start an Interactive R sessions by typing R at the SCC prompt:
scc1% R
To execute the code in your R session, type:
> source("helloWorld.R")
To exit an interactive R session, type:
> q()

Batch execution:

At the SCC prompt execute:
scc1% R CMD BATCH helloWorld.R
The output will be written to the file helloWorld.Rout

Submit R job:

This directory contains a simple Rjob script that, when submitted to the batch system, will execute the helloWorld.R script. To submit the job, type the following command at the SCC prompt:
scc1% qsub Rjob
Users who are members of any Medical Campus projects must also include their project group name:
scc1% qsub -P scv Rjob

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