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RCS examples

RCS examples are provided to assist you in learning the software and the development of your applications on the SCC machines. The instructions provided along with the code assume that the underlying OS is Linux. If these examples are run on a different architecture, the user might need to make some changes to the code and/or the way the program is built and executed.

Each directory contains a sample program, makefile (if necessary), script file (if necessary), and README file that describes the files contained in the directory and commands needed to build and execute the program.

  • call_c an example of calling c function from R
  • input_args passing arguments to R script from a command line
  • io_append writing results to multiple files
  • io_scratch using scratch space for reading and writing files

  • optimization a collection of various tips and tricks to speed up R code

  • par_domc parallel execution of R code using doMC package
  • par_mclapply parallel execution of R code using parallel package
  • par_rmpi parallel execution of R code over multiple nodes using rmpi package
  • par_snowfall parallel execution of R code using snowfall package

  • Contact Information:

    Research Computing Services:

    Note: Research Computing Services (RCS) example programs are provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind. The user assumes the entire risk of quality, performance, and repair of any defects. You are encouraged to copy and modify any of the given examples for your own use.