Live Python Tutorial Instructions

What do I do?

  1. Login to your desktop
  2. Go to the page you are seeing by opening a browser to this link:

  3. Follow the check list below
  4. Ask for help if you're having trouble.

Check list

(Follow the video or text based instructions)

Video Instructions

Text Based Instructions

If you get stuck, please raise your hand and ask for help.
  1. Login to desktop
  2. Double click the 'Training Files' folder (near the top of desktop)
  3. Double click the 'SCV_Tutorials' folder
  4. Double clikc the 'START PYTHON TUTORIAL' shortcut (with star icon)
  5. Wait several minutes for Python 3 to be installed
  6. Type 'activate py3' (without quotes) and hit Enter
  7. Type 'python' (without quotes) and hit Enter
  8. When Chrome opens ipython notebook, click the link for your corresponding tutorial
  9. Go through the check list.